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    “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced" - Soren Kierkegaard

    "A man can do all things if he will" - Leon Battista Alberti

    "I have concluded that there is nothing better for them than to rejoice and to do good during their life, also that everyone should eat and drink and find enjoyment for all his hard work. It is the gift of God" - King Solomon

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  1. Bach flower medicine is a form of organic medicine that uses flowers, herbs and alike to treat emotional ailments, and is considered as a form of Homeopathy. Better known today as the product "Rescue Remedy", which people swear by. A few people and some tests however, stated to think it was purely just "placebo" (when one thinking it works, so it simply works) as opposed to it being genuine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bach_flower_remedies However others counter such arguments with the position that "it works on animals and babies" of which would not be tricked by placebo, as they have no concept of what you're giving them. I also found a study, which is in support of Rescue Remedy, and states it is not just a placebo effect, as opposed to the statements made in other tests. https://www.science20.com/news/does_rescue_remedy_work_for_anxiety_yes_says_study So I found that quite interesting and encouraging. I myself have just got my hands on some from the local pharmacy when I asked for something to help me with travel (as I need to go to my ASD/ADHD assessment soon which is about an hour drive away, and traveling is very difficult for me). I have been testing it myself and it seems to work well, and I say this as a person who has tried other things before to help calm me, and they did not work (to adress the whole "placebo" claims"). I find interestingly that, it does not take my energy away, but only helps with the anxiety/negative thoughts, so I end up with "tigger syndrome" (feeling bouncy) after taking it, since the emotional filter of what my energy is passing through in my mind changes (and this usually only happens when my attention is stimulated by something, or if I'm having a day anxiety free). I found a few years ago I tried the spray version of Rescue Remedy, but it didn't work for me, but taking it in the form of drops seems to work for me this time around, and is much more potent. But that is my very small experience of it so far, thought I'd share!
  2. You can't in many European countries, as many weather stations compete with each other for views by having overly sexualised or even at times, naked female presenters.
  3. Addtionally, the ape was not moving in time to the music, but the player admitted he was playing the music in accordance to the ape's movements, to give the illusion is was dancing and clapping along with the beat. You can see how easily we can be decieved, as people think this video is proof of evolution and our "relationship", because they think they are dancing, where in reality humans are far removed from apes in many ways.
  4. @lovjahupepl Interesting video. I read that apes don't appreciate music as they don't have the capability like humans do (as well as other animals like birds), so I wonder what is going through the ape's mind here when he moves around to these sounds. (edit) According to someone in the comments of the video, the ape was not dancing, it was being confrontational (And it made sense as I noticed it grinned at one point, as apes don't show teeth to smile like we do, but more akin to dogs, they grin as a threat, unless trained otherwise).
  5. I'll just link this thread, as my results are already there https://jwtalk.net/topic/29535-my-ancestry-dna-results/
  6. To me, "govern" doesn't really conjure any emotion, it's a very neutral term that simply means to "organise and lead", to "watch over", or to "administrate", "manage".
  7. I watched it was a kid, when it first came to the UK in 1994 (I would have been 1, but.. I remember it, could have been reruns, but I was very, very young, I do recall I liked it because it reminded me of Star Wars I think, lol). I watched it again the other day after I remembered it, and I recall the sword in it, like a lightsaber. But I found out that the original series was only 6 episodes, and that was like an action adventure theme with an interesting story. After that, all the episodes (as I saw the other day) deviated. 20 or so episodes all revolving around the female characters fighting over the young protaganist! And then ends! I thought.. "what on earth? It devolved to this?" 😄 Only other animation I liked, but you could say this was "Western anime" was Avatar the Last Airbender. I really like the lore, setting and such as well as the characters. Though it's based off of Chinese mythology, and so could have some "questionble themes" for some now and again, and the "elemental arts" (Earth, Fire, Water and Air) are based on real life Chinese martial arts movements and a little of their philosophy, mainly when it comes to "inner energy".
  8. Belief Forebear (Some of these are really hard because people are using US phrases 😄)
  9. Addtionally, I find it striking how Buddhism has similarities to chronic depression. -Not caring about anything -Continual focus on a single thought until you can think of nothing else and desire for life is taken from you -Nihilistic outlook to life -Suicide
  10. It's strange isn't it? I've spoken to some Buddhists who were athiests, because Buddah is not seen as "God" to all Buddhists, but rather a man who unlocked immortality, and to other Buddhists, was just a philosopher who had an ideal life style. Ultimately they seek to be their own gods, by copying the "path" or way of Buddha (whether they see him as a man, immortal or form of god), in order to become immortal themselves in the next life, or to be "at peace" in this life (depending on their outlook). But really, the philosophy of this religion is a fancy way of saying "if I don't care about anything, and even eventually my own life, nothing will bother me", as they see attachments as the form of all suffering, and so seek to rid of all attachments, by means of meditation, isolation and so on. A systematic and advanced way of simply putting one's head in the sand, as it were. They seek to aviate the fear of death by removing their attachment to life, or for some they seek to remove their attachment to all things, so that if they end up in hell and not heaven (if they believe such), it won't matter, because they can detach themselves from the pain of eternal suffering by not caring about it, and as such, they unlock their personal "immortality" as it were, that they can be in a "personal heaven" even if put in hell. Trying to "outsmart the gods" as it were. But Satan's lies again of "you will certainly not die", all based upon the false concept of "sin does not equal death", the same deception from the very beginning.
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