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  1. @Bjern You might find this interesting. I figure the terms used here are a bit different as it's not used to refer just to Romani people, and is why when we use the term it's interchangable with "traveler". It touches on the subject here and the UK terms. https://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-gypsies-and-vs-travellers/ So it explains how, "Gypsy" is used all over the world, but here is used to refer to the "Travelers" we have. Hence why there is most likely a difference between the US use of the word, and why also it's considered derogatory over there. Here the Travelers for a long time have adopted the phrase Gypsy as an identifying name (whether they be the Irish, Scot or Romani travelers).
  2. I've heard this before, but only from people in the US. Typically in the UK the term is still used, and they often refer themselves to as such, we even have t.v shows such as "my big fat gypsy wedding".
  3. The Avalanches - Because I'm Me (Just would like to warn, that according to the " offical lyrics" written down, there is one bad word at the very end of the song, however it's not sang in this video version of the song, I've also listened over and over closely to make sure). What's cool about this is that the chourus is actually sampled from an old acapella song, "Why Can’t I Get It Too” by the Six Boys of Trouble in 1959, so it's not actually the boy singing in the video, but the voice of an old track placed into this song.
  4. True, it's also like "travellers" here also known as gypsies (not just including the Romani, but also of Irish decent, but are all now classed as their own ethnic minority). They live in caravans (trailers) and are always on the move. Some get a bad repuation as some of them leave a lot of mess behind, but not all of them. Some of them have been known to illegally take up residence in fields or even outdoor sports courts.
  5. Much appreciation who keep the site going, as well as clean!
  6. Northern Soul is a very rare dance style and is a small part of English culture originating in the 1960s, and is one of the very few exclusive dance cultures/styles we have (as most modern dance styles are derived from dances in the US today). This style could be said to be a precursor to certain forms breakdance as well as certain styles of disco steps and house. This style came about from a small counter culture against racism in the north of England, where White English men and women danced to Black Soul and Motown music, along with English Blacks (which was seen as very brazen back in the day), and a dance style formed out of it. It's interesting to watch. There is also a lot of potential in there I personally find for adaptation, as many moves can be adjusted in ryhthmic style to other forms of music. I personally like to dance some NS steps to 70s-80s funk, and it turns out looking very alike to some of Michael Jackson's early moves in the 70s-80s. But thought I'd share this tiny bit of culture of dance we have that very few (even in the UK) know about!
  7. All inspired by Satan too. What a sick individual. Even if he "could" offer everlasting life with "freedom from rules", would you really want it, knowing someone like that was your god?
  8. None taken I agree. It would seem a lot of you are "physically" tougher seemingly too. I get this image of a Russian man being shot, and him looking down then just turning around and walking himself into a hospital casually. 😄
  9. Why would "any" torture be withstandable for two hours? Does that include the suffocating, electric shocks and beating? If endurance for you guys for so long under such conditions is seen as "standard", Russians really are as tough as they say! (There is a reputation of the stereotype on Russians being "hard").
  10. I'm not reading now, as it's at my brother in laws, I'd likely do better with an audio book, as I really struggle with my attention span with long books, even if I enjoy them. But can expand here with my own understanding of some of the points he rasied on systems and structures. To further explain. Not one of the systems in the body, or "any creation" for that matter, are "primative", meaning each and every part of us, every molecule, cannot function independently, and have never been able to, so life starting from just a single protine evolving into complex structures, would not have happened, it would not have developed into these complex systems unless there was a "plan", as these systems require all the parts to be made for them "simultaneously" to even work and survive. You could make each part at a time, if you were a builder of course, but evolution is not intelligent, and yet the "foundational parts" of these structures are reliant on the latter parts, but the latter parts are in turn reliant on the foundational parts... so science is telling us, "any" one part alone if not on some planning table with an external intelligent hand, would never have been able to get off the ground, as each part alone would be dead. Like a cog in a watch, it needs other cogs and parts to then be a watch, but if a cog was made on its own, it would be useless, unless... there was a "plan" by someone to make other cogs and parts to then make the watch. Otherwise, a random cog being made out of thin air, with no "concious intelligence" would be meaningless and utterly dead.
  11. I can cover a couple of points we talked about that were in the book. For example one part it describes how cells act to heal wounds. It's like a complex machine, where several protines and such are needed, and it goes back and forth, certain pieces are cut in half, and then it brings in another piece to work with it, and so forth, like a delicate building project that looks like something "intelligent" was behind this structure. And all parts are needed, you can't have any one of these pieces missing,or the rest doesn't work. (More on that later). The body doesn't just crudely "pull itself together", to say such after reading just how the body works in this book, is an insult to the sheer "design" behind how our bodies work. To say there is no intelligence behind it, you'd have to be simple, or ignorant. (It reminded me of Paul saying "every house is constructed" and how people were "without excuse".) Another point was that, each structure down to the molecule level, has to be "fully complete" to even function, and as such evolution falls apart because each one of these cells cannot form through gradual proccesses, it makes no sense that they'd come about one by one to then build on each other as evolution tries to teach. Without one part, the entire machine does not work, and keeping in mind.. evolution is "not intelligent", it has no plans. So something cannot even evolve without intelligence in the way things are structured, since a lone "part" on its own is dead, and has no purpose at all, not even a group of parts when but a single one missing, it becomes a dead machine with no purpose, so how would the "mindless evolutionary proccess know in advance" that it needs x or y for this complicated machine to work? And this goes down to the most simplest atoms. To get where we are now, even if it was an evolutionary proccess, would require "planning", blueprints which is a form of intelligent imput. For an example, if you take a PC, it is nothing without a screen monitor, but at the same time the screen monitor is nothing without the PC, each part has no purpose alone, but they have to come together, which took planning of an intelligent mind for such a design. You wouldn't make a PC monitor if the PC didn't exist would you? And you wouldnt build a modern PC if there were no such thing as monitors. Each invention would be 100% useless. Cells are exactly the same, but far, far more complicated than any man made structure we have today. There is no point for things to evolve "individually" when each individual part is "inherently reliant on another part already existing" to work along with it as a system. These are just some of the parts of the book, I've not read the whole thing, but have skimmed, read some of these parts, and discussed with my brother in law over the topics covered in there, and it's very indepth.
  12. A book my brother in law recently shared with me, and it's one of the best scientific books you'll ever read on debunking evolution. It goes on to describe just how undeniable "intelligent design" is to the most detailed degree, as well as the flaws in evolution's framework, alongside the bias of the scientific community in how evolution is more of a "religion" in the science field than people realise. A few of the points written I actually even wrote about and thought myself, so it was also refreshing/validating for me to see a fully qualified professor with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, echo almost the exact the same lines of thought and reasonings that I did! https://www.amazon.com/Darwins-Black-Box-Biochemical-Challenge/dp/0743290313
  13. Perhaps I'm allergic to cats. If I touch them my eyes go purple, burn, and start foaming. I found this out as a child 😄
  14. Within reason. For example, the way some dogs are bred gives them health problems. Dogs with flat faces commonly have breathing problems because the snout is not long enough, but they were bred that way for appearance. For example, Shih Tzus have breathing problems. Pugs also have breathing problems, and on top of that their eyes are known to fall out, and some owners have to pop them back in. When it comes to pets though, what I'd love what I cant have now, is a pet fox. Would be great to home domesticate them over time! Some people have pet foxes now, but you need an enviroment that suits their wilder nature compared to household dogs.
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