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  1. Watchtower Online Library is now in 778 languages, as well.
  2. Hey all, just letting everyone know that after much prayer and personal research on the matter, I'm making the personal decision to deactivate my account on JWtalk shortly (my own decision). Thank you to the staff here for your hard work taking care of this site; this is not a reflection on that at all, as I have the utmost respect for you. It's difficult for me to leave, as I have been able to meet some very cool brothers and sisters here that I wouldn't have if it wasn't for this site, which I am grateful for. I wanted an opportunity to say that I have genuinely appreciated my time here, and want to say goodbye to everyone, and to wish you all the very best!


    May Jehovah be with you all!




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    2. EccentricM


      See you around, Corben. I echo the same sentiments as Carlos. All the best. :)

    3. New World Explorer

      New World Explorer

      We will miss you, fly back as soon a possible :givehug:

    4. Dismal_Bliss


      May Jehovah continue to bless you offline even more than we've seen him bless you online. 

  3. Maybe, however there could be more to it than that. For instance, would there be consequences for someone to be seen communicating with an American soldier? Would someone feel confident doing that, even if they cannot speak a word of English? Would they live in more isolated and peaceful parts of the country where there they didn't see soldiers? There might be reasons that would have prevented them from making contact.
  4. Yep, at the very least there must be Pashto language groups outside of Afghanistan, and I know there are Farsi language groups.
  5. Yes, I suspected there might be some brothers and sisters living in secret in North Korea, as they do in many countries where we are under ban. It would be so hard to be a witness in North Korea and to stay safe! Must be similar to what it was like in Nazi occupied Europe, I think.
  6. True, I heard that as well. That being said, we still can't conclude that there are none at all. It's not impossible that there are a few we don't know about, but Jehovah knows. Those countries certainly are not safe for Jehovah's people, that's for sure. I have wondered if there have been any of God's people sent to North Korean death camps, for instance, as that is where the North Korean government would most likely send any witnesses, if they found some. Such ones could definitely use our prayers.
  7. A lot of people have been given a placebo instead of a vaccine...Apparently this is how they work out a vaccine's efficacy. Roughly one minute into the video it talks about this...
  8. That does sound like a much better explanation than other ideas I've heard, so I'll have to look into that further, though if the comet that caused the freeze was on the date of the flood, then the mammoths who froze wouldn't have adapted their woolly coats yet, as the pre-flood world was also what Scientists are calling the "greenhouse" world. The post-flood world conversely is called the "icehouse" world, where we have had many adapted species suddenly appear such as polar bears and musk ox (and for a time, woolly mammoths).
  9. Brother Bruce, this looks very interesting. I've long since been fascinated by the pre-flood and early post-flood world. I am wondering about your answer to the question about why wooly mammoths died while eating. I've heard some associate that with the flood itself, however wooly mammoths had adapted wool to cope with the ice age that directly followed the flood, so it would be good to hear an alternative explanation...Perhaps it was a storm that got so cold that even mammoths covered in wool froze? I'm also particularly interested in the comet idea, as most paleontologists believe that saurians (i.e. dinosaurs, pterosaurs, etc.) became extinct due to a comet that apparently hit the Yucatan peninsula.
  10. Glad they mentioned the Russian Orthodox Church's involvement, even if briefly. The Russian Orthodox clergy are the real extremists.
  11. Grew up eating it. Licorice is kind of a big deal in my culture. 😋
  12. Not surprisingly, they were found "guilty of 18 counts of untrue factual allegations." Our enemies never get us right.


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