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  1. Nice field service morning. Got a letter or 2 written. Had about 8 (?) people for the meeting for service and when everyone left it just left the host and his wife and me. 

    But the wonderful thing that happened close to noon, was the sister and I had a great conversation. It brought us together even closer as friends. 

    I told her how Zoom has brought me closer to the friends, where she is struggling with not having the physical contact. and struggles with conversation.

    We even made plans to get together on Zoom to get some association time.

    Friends, you’ll never know how much thus meant to me. But it meant a lot to her as well.


    She mentioned how she’d love to have a few sisters over for a bonfire, but with COVID, she’s not sure how that would go down.


    I then said how Ross and I have gotten together for a bonfire and camped out in her tent. I said Ross needs that friendship too. ❤️ ☺️ But I sure look forward to it as well. ☺️☺️☺️


  2. “Nobody’s telling me I have to wear a mask outside.” Yeah, it’s their right to breathe in that stuff. 😶‍🌫️
  3. Well, this summer continues to be deadly. 

    A 40 year old man (a local) left his home apparently to go hiking. He didn’t tell anyone how long he’d be gone or anything.


    They found his truck Tuesday morning and found his body this morning. Apparently, he fell from a cliff. 😢 


  4. Well, yes, we have “one” of them too. 😁😁 But we finally got our coordinator putting us in breakout rooms 😁
  5. Actually, myself and a few others in the congregation really like doing meetings and service via Zoom. For many reasons, but especially not having to deal with weather issues, rain, snow, road conditions, but also I find that I got to know the friends even better. 😍 I never did like driving in the dark even tho I only have about 3-4 miles to the K H. ☺️Call me a coward.
  6. Wow! Over 7,000 cases in only 3 days. I see us not going anywhere (spiritually speaking that is) for a long, long time.
  7. The U P of Michigan as of today has a total of 23,303 confirmed cases, 466 deaths. For Saturday-Monday there were 274 cases or about 91 cases each day. Alger county went up by 11 to 411 cases. Still only 3 deaths through all this. The highest county (Marquette), [no surprise here] went up 58 cases for a total of 4,855. Hardly anyone wears masks anymore, or keeps 6 feet from others.
  8. Bandit laying on his back and finally having his ears fully up. 😁😁😁
  9. There’s nothing like “fresh” air. ☺️
  10. This summer has been the deadliest tourist year. 

    First, we had a guy climb over a fence at the Pictured Rocks overlook and fall to his death.


    Then, in Marquette county not far from here, a guy wanted to take better photos so he climbed down a cliff they have there and fell to his death. 

    Last night, 2 people were out on Lake Superior. They never should have been out there on such a windy night. 
    Sometime last night during the search they found one of the kayaks. Sometime this morning they found a body. 

    When you’re not from the area, it’s best to check things out, or heed warnings because it can end very quickly

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    2. Loopy




      Both kayakers hve been found and are deceased. 😞


      Sorry couldn’t copy/paste any of the article. 

    3. happiness IS

      happiness IS





      Two are dead after going missing near Pictured Rocks. The two kayakers were reported missing Thursday evening.

      Well, system seems to be behaving this morning. Saturday 7.29 am. 

    4. Friends just call me Ross

      Friends just call me Ross

      And lets not forget the countless U.P. winter tourists who insist on excessive drinking and excessive speeds and end up plowing their snowmobiles into trees. :( 





  11. At our weekly service group meeting tonight, the brother said Michigan is now considered level 4 according to the branch. After checking the numbers the past week it’s certainly easy to say why.
  12. They must have a toy hat does that. The bird is copying it. 🤷‍♀️
  13. Got the numbers for Thursday, Friday, just for the Upper Peninsula. 😳 For just 2 days: 232 cases: Alger county up 7 to 372 Marquette shot up 78 to 4,602 Delta county up 34 to 3,826 The Branch still has Michigan rated 2 out of 4…..for now.

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