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  1. Please be careful, and watch for danger ⚠️ signs. Hope everyone stays safe.
  2. Is that the one where the guy showed mushrooms that glow in the dark? By Stephen Axford?
  3. Well, friends, our dear friend & sister, 80 year old, Marion got stung again today. Her township ambulance should b at the hospital by now. Yep, heard it on the scanner again. It was 5 pm eastern when I heard the sheriff department here make the call. This is after she drove herself to the Munising E R yesterday because she had a rash. I guess they explained it was from all the drugs she was given, (Epi pen, Benadryl and than what the hospital gave her. Now the poor dear starts all over again.
  4. On the Wednesday count of numbers, for just 2 days, Alger county had 20 confirmed cases. As a whole, just the U P of Michigan had 335 cases for Tuesday-Wednesday.
  5. I had Moderna. First jab, just a sore arm. Second one, just exhaustion, I wouldn’t even cal, that a side effect. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. A dear ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ elderly sister (80 years old) who lives alone and is also some 60 miles from the congregation got stung by a bee 🐝 late yesterday. I heard over the scanner that this happened. She did all the right things, Epi pen, Benadryl, but was still having breathing problems. As soon as I heard this, I txt the sister who had studied with her to keep her in the loop. (Having an elder husband helps too.) After she was treated in the ER, because she was still itching they put her in the hospital overnight. Very scary. She does try to be very careful about this.
  7. I worked almost 36 years with worldly people. Those were the longest days/years of my life. Retired now for 13 glorious years….not much money, but free of selfish worldly people. 🤣 😂 🤣
  8. In Satan’s world, to solve any problem, just use a gun. I hope any youngsters who are witnesses are safe. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/timberview-high-school-lockdown-active-shooting-mansfield-isd/287-4ce27e61-6326-4b6b-988b-bed9193a94a1?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=american+medical+response&utm_content=&utm_campaign=default_preset&utm_term=8b59c4b4-9165-4811-b282-2d0f66cb8002 ARLINGTON, Texas — This article will be continually updated as new information is released. Four people were injured in a shooting Wednesday morning at Timberview High School in Mansfield ISD, police said. The suspect is in custody and he will be charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a gun, police said. Most students have been safely evacuated from Timberview High School. The school has been given the "all clear." There is no threat to the public. Timothy George Simpkins, 18, was taken into custody. Police say he turned himself in to police with a lawyer.
  9. If we ever get back to knocking on doors and someone identifies as a Catholic, I’m going back to the car with a bloody🩸tongue. 🤣 😂 🤣
  10. I probably shouldn’t have but I posted: “I’m sorry even I have to laugh at the thought of that. Ooooo, I’d better not do anything violent or those cones will arrest me and put me in jail. For crying out loud.”
  11. https://www.lawofficer.com/portland-city-councilmember-jo-an-hardesty-traffic-barrels-instead-police-solve-city-violence/?fbclid=IwAR1qwyn2pdnyB4W0aUkzcELuzc5gsfwe2heAqovYTncAWVujOpqUnWcAOgw PORTLAND, Ore. – In a move that will leave clear thinking people scratching their heads, Portland officials are attempting to solve a spike in city gun violence, with traffic barrels instead of police. That is not a misprint, “traffic barrels” is the answer, according to City Commissioner Jo An Hardesty. “I’m directing PBOT to be more active and engaged in holistic solutions to community safety that can supplement police and other bureaus’ roles in this effort,” Hardesty proclaimed, according to the Post Millennial. As a result, city workers have deployed eight traffic barrels near Southeast Woodstock Street and 72nd Avenue, and will add another 18 traffic barriers next week. Hence, we should apparently see a reduction in crime thereafter, according to Hardesty’s way of thinking.
  12. I was in the ministry this morning and a sister and I were in a breakroom. Naturally we got to talking. I looked down at my tablet and everything was dark. Where do I go to change this? HELP!!!!!!!!!
  13. Well, I just learned a man past away from COVID this morning. He was not a witness, but his mom was a dear sister. someone said this morning that he was helping an elderly man. Anyway, this man wanted to go to their local pub. ( Very small village in Alger county ). Dan didn’t want to go because that place was like a COVID carrier. Anyway Dan brought the guy and a couple weeks later tested positive. Lost his life today. ☹️
  14. From the article: PARIS (Reuters) -The French Catholic Church has had an estimated 3,000 paedophiles in its ranks over the past 70 years, the head of an independent commission investigating the sex abuse scandal said in an interview published on Sunday. The scandal in the French Church is the latest to hit the Roman Catholic Church, which has been rocked by sexual abuse scandals around the world, often involving children, over the past 20 years. The French commission is due to publish its findings on Tuesday, marking the culmination of 2-1/2 years of work, probing allegations of abuse going back to the 1950s. "We have estimated the number (of paedophiles) as standing at 3,000, out of 115,000 priests and religious officials, going back to the 1950s," commission head Jean-Marc Sauve told the Journal du Dimanche paper.
  15. Yeah, the county in the U P with the most confirmed cases and people are putting facemasks in the recycle bins. https://www.uppermichiganssource.com/2021/10/01/marquette-county-solid-waste-management-authority-says-do-not-recycle-disposable-masks/?fbclid=IwAR3mizYRJBGDiENVeuSc1UclRhAB6ZCZRmMNipcIXi0rpeO8qnlRMLWIu-E Sorry, article wouldn’t let me copy/paste. 🤷‍♀️
  16. Nice field service morning. Got a letter or 2 written. Had about 8 (?) people for the meeting for service and when everyone left it just left the host and his wife and me. 

    But the wonderful thing that happened close to noon, was the sister and I had a great conversation. It brought us together even closer as friends. 

    I told her how Zoom has brought me closer to the friends, where she is struggling with not having the physical contact. and struggles with conversation.

    We even made plans to get together on Zoom to get some association time.

    Friends, you’ll never know how much thus meant to me. But it meant a lot to her as well.


    She mentioned how she’d love to have a few sisters over for a bonfire, but with COVID, she’s not sure how that would go down.


    I then said how Ross and I have gotten together for a bonfire and camped out in her tent. I said Ross needs that friendship too. ❤️ ☺️ But I sure look forward to it as well. ☺️☺️☺️


  17. “Nobody’s telling me I have to wear a mask outside.” Yeah, it’s their right to breathe in that stuff. 😶‍🌫️
  18. Well, this summer continues to be deadly. 

    A 40 year old man (a local) left his home apparently to go hiking. He didn’t tell anyone how long he’d be gone or anything.


    They found his truck Tuesday morning and found his body this morning. Apparently, he fell from a cliff. 😢 


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