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  1. Steven, I'm with you on this one. It's pretty easy to implement. However, I guess, maybe there were some architecture issues or that feature is developing now. I suppose, the second one
  2. It's optional. For instance, Apple released apps with simple version numbers (macOS High Sierra version is 10.13.1). They are the good example to do the same.
  3. I'd compare iOS and Android some sort of different transmission types. Android is like manual transmission: give you opportunities and a feeling of being in control. iOS just easier to use.
  4. Our local numbers in Kiev (Jun 16-18): maximum attended 22 885 at afternoon on Sunday (languages: 16 989 Russian, 5 644 Ukrainian, 252 English), and baptized 263.
  5. Our brothers who build JW applications make the excellent job. The apps are really polished and have comfortable UX. In case to support iOS 8, you don't have access to some useful features of iOS development (for example - StackView). That is an interesting link - iOS Version Stats.
  6. And how timely are the words from today's text for the day: In the new world, we will have reason to reflect on the fact that all the foretold events associated with the conclusion of the system of things did indeed take place. Meditating on how matters actually turned out will further strengthen our confidence in Jehovah and his promises yet to be fulfilled. (Josh. 23:14) We will surely be thankful that God, who ‘has placed times and seasons in his own jurisdiction,’ exhorted us to live with an awareness that ‘the end of all things had drawn close.’—Acts 1:7; 1 Pet. 4:7. w15 8/15 2:10, 11, 14
  7. I watched carefully for the reaction of the audience in the court after the decision. It was extremely brave. Just silence and humility.
  8. I was wondering... if we will win this case in court - could Russian orthodox church win the same case? Revelation 18:8
  9. I'm excited to see a time machine in Ukrainian JW Broadcasting. Original link - https://tv.jw.org/#uk/home
  10. It's not true. Most of brothers and sisters sent their letters to Russia. However, Embassy of Russia in Kiev doesn't work properly.
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