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  1. Had my first dose of the pfiizer vaccine yesterday. Arm is a li sore and I need to mis a dose of methotrexate for my psoriasis.


     I also have a new job as a metal detector at the food factory. I just sit next to the conveyer belt and occasionally pick bits of metal of me. Can tread at the same time. Also once a month I need to sit and do nothing for 15 minutes on update Tuesday

    1. New World Explorer

      New World Explorer

      My arm was sore for a week...just hang on there, side effects if any will pass. 

  2. Another lock down here in NZ . More panic buying and people trying to escape the lock down by traveling out of the city where COVID is.

    1. Raven


      It's ironic that people wait till the last minute and then panic buy as much as the can all at the same time. Crowds of panicking people all gathering at the shops together isn't ideal for a pandemic either, and you would think people would know this.

    2. New World Explorer

      New World Explorer

      I haven't experienced much of this year, being out of lockdown LOL :whistling: 

  3. Is anyone in the Witney congregation or know someone in the UK. I have an elderly relative there with no access to the internet wanting to watch the convention. Will need someone to copy it to a usb for her.

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    2. RichardPNZ


       B AThank you. She is not a witness as she lives alone and feels vulnerable being able to let her know who will be calling is probably needed. And will serve as a witness if it can be arranged from New Zealand. 

      My mother talks to her so this will be the first thing she has done with us.

    3. Eejay


      If you can liaise with her, you (or one of your elders) can find out a contact, possibly the COBE, in her local congregation via the internal info system on jw.org. Even "find a meeting" will likely have a contact number. Then you can get a time and other details organised and let the person know. 

    4. sunshine


      The local elders may be able to copy the RC onto a key and post it to her or put it through her letter box.  The first step is definitely to get in touch with the local elders.

  4. I have been asked to find a second device mainly for zoom. Within a budget. We have a roster to go and help her at the meetings. things to consider She has difficulty seeing black keyboards but ok with silver, It has to be easy to use Touch screen laptops are beyond her budget Using chromecast with Zoom is not good. After much research and thinking about it was looking at a second hand older model Surface pro. It can be connected via cable to her tv. Not many android tablets be connected now. Shouid be easy to use either via touch screen or Cortana. Can anyone see any issues with this plan that I may not of thought of as I have not used a surface pro
  5. Very encouraging month here. 15 auxiliary pioneers and 6 regular out of 55 publishers. Some have pioneered for the first time.
  6. Had a minor brain disconnect while telephone witnessing.

    Going through a list of number I happened to phone a work colleague who I already invited to the memorial and invited him to the memorial. Yes his number is on my phone and saw his name on the list.

    Had a laugh about it with him.

  7. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/mar/08/keep-your-head-the-self-decapitating-sea-slugs-that-regrow-their-bodies-hearts-and-all
  8. Normally I take the dog for a walk on the beach in the afternoon. Today with a combination of high tide and surge warnings did a street walk instead
  9. i am having a similar problem but now with pdfs. JW library seems to be the default app forr opening files that do not have apps associated with them. so it looks like you have no pdf viewer/
  10. Got to have boxes in the new worlds for cats to sit in.
  11. Just being cautious here. Just want to make sure these tours are not apostate.
  12. If a vaccine is developed and ready for use ,I wouldn't be surprised if we get some guidance in a well researched article from the society. . it will still could be a conscience issue issue. With so much information available many will struggle to understand it'll. I can also see pressure being applied for people to take the vaccine.
  13. Has anyone got a transcript of the Harold King interview or know how to make one

    1. AH173
    2. kejedo


      Some more info on Brother Harold KIng: KING, HAROLD G.
      imprisonment (China): jv 490; g93 9/22 9-10
      imaginary field ministry: g93 9/22 10
      Memorial observance: w15 2/15 31-32; jv 243-244
      prayer: w03 9/15 15-16
      marriage: w04 2/1 25-26 I like this one the best.
      photos: w04 2/1 25-26; jv 243, 489
      service in China: jv 489-490

  14. Arrest has been made. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12363002

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