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  1. The tv channels were flooded with this last night. While it is important to get the information out being so obsessed with spreading information can add to the tragedy by shoving it down people's throats.
  2. Looking forward to the weekend. About sixteen  of our congregation will travel up to Stratford on
    Friday. On Saturday we join their congregation in field service to help with seldom worked territory.

    Saturday night is a meal with them at a restaurant and Sunday we attend their meeting before coming home.

    1. Stormswift


      Nice they are a lovely congregation. You will have an awesome day. if you pass through Wanganui - I will be on carts in the middle of town tomorrow morning ... and others in the afternoon.



    2. Stormswift


      I really enjoyed meeting you Brother Richard ... and the others with you ... your zeal and kingdom smiles were just gorgeous.


      May Jehovah be with you all this weekend and I hope it doesn't rain too much.



    3. RichardPNZ


      Will post in the field service thread later in the week.

      The weekend was wonderful and spiritually upbuilding but physically tiring.

      Friday left home about 9am stopped on the way and met Stormswift. Before travelling on to Stratford.

      Saturday was an early start to field service at 8:30am. The area we covered was on the Forgotten World Highway. Was a full day before getting back to the hotel at about 5:30 pm.

      Sunday was the meeting  a lunch getting home about 5pm tired but happy.


  3. Saturday I was heading out to field service and found my moped had been stolen overnight. I was determined to still go as I had made arrangements for a return visit/study.

     Met someone on the doors 3 weeks ago had a long spiritual discussion with them and offered a study. Last week again had a good discussion and started the Bible teach book.

    Was able to forget about things and focus on spiritual matters.

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    2. Dominic Pereira

      Dominic Pereira

      Surely is a very unpleasant experience dear brother. Your faith and your reliance on Jehovah is truly worth appreciating!

    3. shali


      Did you report it as stolen to the authorities?  There is a good chance you could still get it back.  So glad you didn't let it dampen your zeal for the ministry. In that one act of going out despite this setback, you helped prove Satan a liar!!

    4. Vinnie


      I hope you have it insured and you are blessed with a better model with better fuel mileage.  

  4. To all my American family please stay safe.

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      It’s really something. They are saying 85% of the population is effected by this cold air mass. I can’t imagine. 

      We aren’t. Where my friend lives inland, the temps are approaching 80 degrees. It’s in the 50’s-60’s here. 

      But snow next Monday. That is not good. At all.

      I know whine about a little bit of snow. But it is not normal here. They will keep the highways open, but, the rest of the side roads. Too bad, so sad...

      Yes, friends, please be safe! 

    2. booboo


      Thank you my brother for your kind thoughts.  Strange weather patterns indeed.  Here in southeast Michigan it’s -14 f with a wind chill of -30) at the moment(5:45a.m.)  However, on Monday we are expecting it to be almost 50f degrees! Even though Michigan weather can be erratic.  But these are wild twists from even in our “normal” winter weather.  .  

    3. EccentricM


      I feel bad for all the homeless over there too.

  5. The focus on reading scripture in field service.
  6. Wondering if our beloved brothers who have been bald for many years , will wake up in the new system with a full head of hair or will it just grow out.

    Either way it will take some getting used to.

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      You brothers are not the only ones with potential issues. My hair is white. Pretty much, white. I’m Native American, so, that black hair, (in time) will also take some getting used to! 

  7. Spoiler link http://puzzles.nigelcoldwell.co.uk/fifty.htm
  8. Nice move using someone else's phone in the photo. And can they text ?
  9. Photo is Kapiti Island lower west coast of the North Island.
  10. Was on the water's edge to take this photo. I had doggy assistance from Cleo as she was digging a hole behind me and I was slowly sinking.
  11. One in New Zealand was deep was widely felt throughout the country. No damage just scared some people. My dog didn't even worry about it.
  12. Looking forward to the assembly this weekend.

    1. hatcheckgirl


      We've got ours too this weekend!

    2. Stormswift


      Hey Richard - can you wear a funny hat tomorrow so I know its you ... ill come up and say hi. Haha.

    3. RichardPNZ


      I will be sitting at the receipts desk for the most of afternoon session once it's clear. But no funny hat.

  13. When I got home from field service got a lift to and then back home. I found I did not have my house keys with me.

    Cleo my dog was waiting for me.

    So I had to climb in through a window that was about chest high from the outside.

    So here I am half way in with my stomach on the window ledge.

    At this point Cleo sees her opportunity and gives a welcome home big slobbery lick in the face.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RichardPNZ


      Yes in my dog walking jacket.


    3. Omoyeme


      I don't know what she would do without you.  :)

    4. rlyem


      Now we can sneak in :)

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