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  1. Верные друзья View File Song "True Friends" (lyrics in Russian) from JW Broadcasting November 2018 Submitter DinaG. Submitted 11/15/2018 Category Transcripts  
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    Song "True Friends" (lyrics in Russian) from JW Broadcasting November 2018
  3. Russian Embassy Press Officer on Lord Ahmad’s comments regarding the judicial ban of Jehova’s Witnesses in Russia "On 20 April, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation satisfied a legal claim of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation by enforcing a ban against Jehova’s Witnesses and its subsidiaries in Russia on the grounds of extremist activities under Federal Law “On Counteraction of Extremist Activity” 114-FZ of 25th July 2002. On 17 July 2017, the Supreme Court rejected an appeal against the decision lodged by the Administrative Centre of the Russian branch of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The decision was based on the findings of the Ministry of Justice, which confirmed that at least 95 publications and materials of “Jehova’s Witnesses” could be classified as extremist according to the Russian law, or had already been included in the national list of extremist materials. Moreover, according to Russian law enforcement agencies, the management of Jehova’s Witnesses in Russia has also been involved in other crimes such as money laundering and seizure of its followers’ property. Thus, Lord Ahmad’s allegations of a crackdown on religious freedom appear unsubstantiated. The ban has nothing to do with religion. They are also unacceptable. Russia doesn’t interfere in other nations’ judicial authorities’ decisions. Hope HMG will abide by the broader international principle of non-interference in internal affairs." https://www.rusemb.org.uk/fnapr/6172 No comments...
  4. Experts come to conclusion that under the law local religious organizations can’t be considered as structural subdivisions of centralized organizations.
  5. "The Supreme Court’s ruling has not taken effect yet. If the organization appeals it, the ruling will come into force as of the moment the appellate court pronounces its opinion or in 30 days’ time." More: http://tass.com/world/942539
  6. He didn't explain anything. Just said: "After examining all materials and after listening to both sides and witnesses, guided by articles 175, 183, 64 of the Administrative Code the Court decided to... " take very bad decision
  7. I think your reaction is normal. It will be strange to feel happy about such unfair decision. I do not think Jehovah is happy also.
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