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  1. Yes. This is an interesting development that I did not expect to occur, but set up the script to trap it anyway, just in case. What’s occurring now is that the Serbian language has been released for WOL and JWB, while not having a presence on jw.org! Very unusual situation. The following Serbian dialects, including sign language are part of jw.org: Serbian (Cyrillic)Serbian (Roman)Serbian Sign Language But, “plain” Serbian is now available on WOL: Serbian: Публикације на српском језику (1979-2018) and JWB. Just not on jw.org. I’d like to include the new release in the list, but it’s going to take a bit more work, as I used the jw.org Languages as the reference to search from. Just a FYI: I take each language from jw.org and check to see if it’s also present on WOL and/or JWB. When I find a match, I remove that language from the WOL and/or JWB list. At the end of the entire search, if any languages are left on the WOL or JWB list, that means they weren’t on jw.org. Didn’t really expect that to ever happen, but it’s always good to have those checks in there.
  2. New update: JW Website Languages v2.2.shortcut Fixed bug where it didn’t notice there was only a single new language announcement on WOL. The brothers are thorough and clever enough to display “New language available” when there is one language to announce, instead of “New languages available.” Script only looked for “New languages available.” Sample for those unable to use shortcut: JW Languages List.html
  3. JW.ORG: 984 S:96 WOL: 583 S:76 JWB: 269 S:38 Shortcut is updated to v2.1: JW Website Languages v2.1.shortcut The addition of the Central African Republic Sign Language, which is 38 characters long, created problems with the text padding/alignment routine, as I only accounted for a maximum of 32 characters. Previously, the Chinese Cantonese (Simplified) language was the longest at 31 characters. Now, the script is more flexible, as it looks for the longest language name and adjusts the column width based on that, with a maximum width of 50 characters. The widths of other columns (WOL and JWB) are also dynamically adjusted and aligned based on their character counts as well.
  4. I get the same view on my 10.5” iPad Pro — study pane is not visible in 50% view. Here’s the quarter-view: Nice that the 12.9” has the study pane view without having to click. I wonder if the new 11” model just announced last Tuesday and to be released on the 7th, will be the same? Reducing those bezels should make a huge difference.
  5. None of that info is embedded into the website, so I’m not able to extract it. Plus, I haven’t kept track of when they were introduced. Now, if someone has that info already tabulated or recorded somewhere, I could incorporate that data as part of the chart. Yeah, the brothers just made some changes to the WOL site that affects how the script parses the languages. How dare they! 😜 Fixed update here: JW Website Languages v2.shortcut
  6. New update on Shortcut script. It will now build a list and match the WOL and JWB info with jw.org. This was lots of work! The foreign language Unicode characters on WOL created a lot of issues, and had to be stripped out and replaced, so the script could do the job efficiently. There were 2 languages on WOL that have accent marks that don’t match jw.org, so they have to be corrected to match. There are also 15 languages that have non-Latin or non-Unicode numerals in the WOL Publications year ranges, so they have to be translated appropriately so you can read them in the normal Basic Latin digits. These digits were sometimes surrounded by full-width parentheses (Unicode), so they had to be accounted for. Lots of fun and learning, however. 😃 See sample: JW Languages List.html Shortcut: JW Website Languages v2.shortcut
  7. 581 languages on WOL with the new one being Romany (Bulgaria). JWB was bumped up, too. Yeah, I don’t find many of the provided scripts very useful at all. Very basic. And, now with the news that the websites are to be consolidated and refined, this script will fail at some point and need rework. This consolidation and simplification is great news. I find a number of the friends get the online sites confused, even with the app. I may mention that the monthly broadcast is out on JWB and they say, “No it isn’t. I looked.” But, they are referring to the app. Can’t wait for all the updates!
  8. Updated Shortcut with faster parsing technique. Use this one below: JW Website Languages.shortcut
  9. Anyone with an iPad running iOS 12 interested in a Shortcut script I’ve written to display the languages on all 3 JW websites? I spent the last couple days writing this and hope it’s bug-proof. Let me know. JW Website Languages.shortcut
  10. Yes! I love that list in the Reference Bible, as it includes most of the symbols for the manuscripts, too. As an example of how helpful that list is, recall our recent Bible study in chapter 37 of the jy book. We had a reading in Luke 7:11 that begins with the words, “Soon afterward.” The study notes says the following: Soon afterward: Some ancient manuscripts read “On the following day,” but the main text reading used here has stronger manuscript support. If you look in the Reference Bible, you’ll see the footnote following “Closely following this”: “Closely following this,” P75אcAB; א*CD, “On the following day.” Decoding those manuscripts, brings you the following: “Closely following this” or “Soon afterward”: Papyrus Bodmer 14, 15, Gr., c. 200 C.E., Geneva Codex Sinaiticus (אc - corrected reading ), Gr., fourth cent. C.E., British Museum Codex Alexandrinus, Gr., fifth cent. C.E., British Museum Vatican ms 1209, Gr., fourth cent. C.E., Vatican City, Rome “On the following day”: Codex Sinaiticus (א* - original reading), Gr., fourth cent. C.E., British Museum Codex Ephraemi rescriptus, Gr., fifth cent. C.E., Paris Bezae Codices, Gr. and Lat., fifth and sixth cent. C.E., Cambridge, England So, you can get an idea of what manuscripts supported or contained which particular expression. Although this particular example isn’t significant, this list is valuable for other scriptures, like John 14:14, 1 Peter 3:15, 2 Peter 3:10, 1 Cor. 7:17, as well as those areas where Jehovah’s name was restored in the Christian Greek scriptures, using the J-references.
  11. I have a ePub version. If you’d like a copy, just PM me. I’m sure that’s been photoshopped in. 😁 Very funny and fitting!
  12. I thought this might be relevant, in case any sisters try to research their ancestry and go allllll the way back. 😂
  13. I checked various threads and didn’t see it mentioned, but did anyone view the Supreme Court video? An excellent witness was provided. Highwood Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses v. Randy Wall Supreme Court of Canada video First 53 minutes: Co-counsel for Highwood Congregation, David M. Gnam (of W. Glen How and Associates! Talk about memories!) Followed by short presentations by non-party Lawyers (interveners) representing the following: Canadian Council of Christian Charities, Association for Reformed Political Action Canada, Canadian Constitution Foundation, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Catholic Civil Rights League, Christian Legal Fellowship, World Sikh Organization of Canada, Seventh‑day Adventist Church in Canada, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‑day Saints in Canada, British Columbia Civil Liberties Association and Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association About 1:45: Co-counsel for Wall, Michael Feder. Feder, although very capable in his presentation, delivered on the flawed premise that religious organizations need some legal oversight to guarantee that they play “fair.” A lot of what Feder spoke about was hypothetical and didn’t even relate to the actual case with Wall. I like that Feder was a good sport and acknowledged the difficulty of his premise. Like a good professional, he came up and shook Gnam’s hand at the end of the case. 2:47: The last 15 minute summary by Gnam was brilliant. In the end, it was clear that private or non-public organizations are free to set their own rules without worrying about intrusion by judicial courts, so long as civil rights and property rights are not violated.
  14. I’d like to think that our dear, hard working brothers and sisters are working to include this WWW hyperlink feature into our notes. That would be handy in accessing additional info from the WOL, rather than quoting large portions of it in our notes. It would also be nice to be able to add links in our notes to our internal JW Library, like scripture links and publication article links. This feature will need to be foolproof, so that it doesn’t go wacky if the publication has been removed or updated. I’m sure the brothers have thought well ahead of this. Clearly, the internal link paths will be different on each of the platforms, so I’m not sure how the notes will transfer between platforms, unless they are “translated” prior to use. Looking forward to some great updates in the future! 😁
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