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  1. This week's: https://www.jw.org/en/publications/music-songs/sing-out-joyfully/136-perfect-wage-from-jehovah/?media=sjjc
  2. JUst to clarify. The helpers are not members of the committees. They are helpers to the committees.
  3. That reminds me of a story my friend told me years ago when we still used the 1984 songbook. Song 128 was "Do More - As the Nazirites did!" He was at an assembly with his Bible student and this song was sung; every verse mentioning the Nazirites. The Bible study was visibly upset afterwards and the brother asked why. He was concerned that we were singing a song about Nazi Rites! He wondered what he had got involved in.
  4. Yea, this kind of reasoning is strange when in reality the GB write very little, if any, of the publications.
  5. The rollout for Windows 10 Mobile is gradual and will take several months. Some carriers will not even offer it as an upgrade on some handsets. Updating phones is not as simple as PCs. If only ;-) The new JW Library app is likely built on a platform only supported by W10.
  6. If it is a carrier branded handset the update schedule is controlled by the carrier/network. If it is an unbranded SIM-Free handset the update schedule is controlled by Microsoft. If an update is not available there is a way he can install Windows 10 on the device: He can download the Windows Insider app from the Windows Store and join the preview program. Once he has done that he will be able to update to the latest available version of Windows 10 available.
  7. This is a great talk given by Sergei Boutenko, one of the original proponents of green smoothie. Very informative and inspiring.
  8. *** g99 8/22 p. 10 A Secure Future at Last! *** It is true that for the past five decades, man has somehow managed to avert nuclear war. But during that same period of time, conventional weapons have been used to slaughter untold thousands of people. Given man’s track record, it is only reasonable to assume that, sooner or later, these fearsome nuclear weapons would be used.
  9. Found it now thanks. It was the one in this thread http://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/11180-preaching-on-the-go/
  10. Hi, Can anybody post that pic of the motorised public witnessing vehicle that I think was from France? Can't find it anywhere. TIA
  11. Interesting follow up article: Still Taking Aim at Eric Metaxas, the Media Underestimate the Degree to which Physicists See Evidence for Intelligent Design http://www.evolutionnews.org/2015/01/still_taking_ai092671.html
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