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  1. Very good article with several experiences & link to JW.Org https://chicagocrusader.com/covid-19/faith-on-the-frontlines-healthcare-workers-battle-burnout-with-spirituality/?fbclid=IwAR1z_RDl_haliVnLanEJlOqU4_r2WepHIKZ97kgOqf0uuFzMpUjTMyUTmBM
  2. I figured the timing wrong for us in Texas. Thought it should be 2 pm; but it was at 1 pm. We saw part of it. Very good with good explainations. Saw elephants, impalas, and leopard, which was close to road, about to fall asleep. They answered good questions at end. Said mosquitoes pollinate like bees. Showed like 7,000 watching & they had expected 1,000. They are planning another on Sat. Aug. 15. Hope I can figure the tome zones better by then.
  3. Jehovah's Witnesses To Hold Virtual Convention - Bernews
  4. What you need to know about the 1.7-million-square-foot Watchtower project (westfaironline.com)
  5. A Year Without Knocking: Jehovah’s Witnesses Connect With Neighbors - Bklyner
  6. VERY GOOD 30 minute Houston, Texas TV Video Interview on JW's & 2020. TotallyRandie interviews U.S. Spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses Robert Hendriks- 1 year no knocking. - YouTube (Warning- some apostates comments in written comments at bottom)
  7. Here's another good TV News story, just 3 minutes, from Vegas: https://www.fox5vegas.com/news/pandemic-keeps-jehovahs-witnesses-from-door-to-door-ministry/video_fc6c1109-d866-5d66-848d-b5043b9ced8f.html?block_id=1002855&fbclid=IwAR21oDO30m-19NtTO4Fir2QqGTWgiFkY4Gl3-7c1pi6OkFtDQ9uqaX3X5d0
  8. Good Video & write-up: Despite inability to do door knocks, Jehovah’s Witnesses seeing growth | WHNT.com
  9. Really good article : Jehovah's Witnesses to Release Bibles in 36 Languages in 2021 | Dallas Weekly
  10. Watchtower Farms sawmill goes up in flames. February 27, 2021 Fire departments from three counties Ulster, Sullivan and Orange – spent most of Friday afternoon at Watchtower Farms in the Town of Shawangunk fighting a blaze that destroyed the sawmill that was filled with wood stored for the farm’s agricultural operation, officials said. The fire quickly consumed the structure and the materials inside. The building was located in the middle of a snow-covered field about a mile from the main office and residential complex, making it difficult to reach. Firefighters had to make several runs to truck in water to quell the flames. Once they were doused, think light gray smoke rose into the sky. “There is no indication of injury to either people or livestock and all Watchtower personnel on site have been accounted for,” according to a statement from the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which owns and operates the huge farm. A fire official on the scene said the cause of the blaze was under investigation. The sawmill dates back to the late 1960s and has been used to support the operations of Watchtower Farms and other Watchtower facilities in the Town of Shawangunk. ((https://midhudsonnews.com/.../watchtower-farms-sawmill.../))
  11. Update: 10 homes of local brothers still having water problems. Some well pumps not working, some all plumbing connections under home busted. Younger brothers trying to help fix. Lumber yards here busy. Houston area has lots of water damages.
  12. We are about hour drive west of Houston, Tx. Had a little snow & ice Monday. But electric went off Sunday night for 60+ hours. At 12 degrees, those (even our JW brothers) in all-electric homes had to double up with others that had some gas heat. Our gas furnace doesn't work without electric; so glad we have gas cook stove; using burners for heat. I also ran couple heavy cords to Invertor in pickup. So this helped power small freezer, ref, TV and computer. (home phone works thru it). The battery LED camp lights are also nice. Cell towers were also down. So if our fsg elder couldn't get us by text or phone each day, he did come check on us. Weather back up to normal 60 today. Several brothers homes have/had water leaks. So they had to carry water. Most leaks fixed yesterday & today. What gets me is how people didn't think to salvage their food from refrigerators. They could have put it in coolers, etc and placed outside, if too hot in house. So now groceries are usually out of basic needs again. I'm from Ohio and know how to adapt and plan ahead. But like with electric, we do get spoiled, don't we.
  13. Hurricane Hanna hit South Texas Saturday July 25. 20 inches rain fell. We heard 320 JW homes were damaged; and many more without power.
  14. Wow, these are all 'Great Memories'. My mother was baptized in 1938, father in 1942. I still have my mother's testimony card. My dad spoke of driving a 'sound car'. I was born in 1953, baptized 1968, pioneered in Ohio 1971-1973; so I remember many of these times mentioned. Pre-1961, I remember my dad trying to figure out which of the 6 volumes of Bible, that he might need to put in bookbag for meeting. I also remember going along with my dad to help set up at farms for tent assemblies. He was a carpenter, so he did a lot in building the stage, outhouses, kitchens, etc. I remember personally using wire brushes to scrub concrete horse trough for baptisms; setting up wooden chairs and doing a lot of carrying. Also used dad's stake-bed truck to haul refrigerators & stoves for cooking. This all would take most of week before assembly. I remember wearing sandwich sign in march thru towns advertising for assembly public talk (early 60's). The assemblies would end late about 8-9 pm. for Friday & Saturday. It would be dark, when going to find your room in strange town. I remember when all brothers on stage had to wear 'white' shirts. If visiting speaker came without one, it would be supplied. I remember about 1970 buying my dad his first blue, then yellow 'dress' shirts. He traveled to build kingdom halls, with not many helpers back then. Some halls still in use. In early years, our cong. in Ohio sometimes had Sunday meeting & picnic in park. I have couple photos probably taken early 40's. I remember if householder didn't have the 10 cents for magazines, we could trade for food; sometimes dozen eggs. I remember once taking a brother back when we finished territory to pick up a duck the lady killed & cleaned for him. When I pioneered back then, if we didn't have enough bible studies, etc. we would get personal letter from Society. 100 hours to regular pioneer, (in Ohio, in the snow). Back then we thought, that 'if' we ever got to one million witnesses, that would be it. Yes, we 'all' will have 'many' good memories to discuss in 'Paradise'.

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