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  1. I use my private VPN server to connect to my home from anywhere. So it seems I'm at home when I'm elsewhere. I also use a paid VPN server from VyprVPN that provide the regular vpn protocols, but also provide their own chameleon protocol. This protocol is created to beat VPN blocks. I used it when I had to travel for work and couldn't reach sites or servers that where available for me at home. (In spare time). For work I always used our VPN server from work to connect with work. Because of my illness I won't and don't use it that long anymore. So I configured the vpn app of VyprVPN on the phone's of my wife and kids. It looks up if the phone is on an untrusted network. If so, then it automatically connects to the vpn server. I can even configure in the app which application must use the vpn connection when connected. And which app must bypass and must use the ISP connection. Very nice! JW.org must connect through vpn by default, so I'm not traceable and can connect it anywhere. Google or chrome over VPN, so it's secured. And the default android browser can bypass vpn. VyprVPN is even able to connect to the fastest VPN server available in their pool (more then 700+ servers). Or you can configure a fixed server. (VyprVPN from Golden Frog)
  2. How are you brother? :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. rlyem


      I can see you can outlive your days just like my uncle who had a brain cancer and refused to transfuse blood but outlived his doctors. Now he serve as a regular pioneer but also vegetarian :)

    3. booboo


      Much Christian love my brother. My heart breaks for your situation.  But if you must leave us for a while, your endurance and Christ like love will remain with all you have touched.  So many to include in our prayers your family will be included.  You have been a shining example that Love covers all things. (Prov. 10:12b)



    4. hatcheckgirl


      My dearest brother Kim, so glad you have this pause to get more out of your time with your family.  May Jehovah keep you always brave and solid in your hope.  So sad now, but how sure the hope of resurrection is to you and your dear ones.


      Jehovah values you and cares for you as a faithful servant, and as the study notes for Luke 21:18 says  "Therefore, Jesus’ disciples do not expect to be miraculously delivered from abuse or even death. But they can be confident in Jehovah’s power to resurrect them from the dead."  Without Jehovah and the hope we have, it would be unimaginable. But we know it will be bearable because of his love for you. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Tis our hope to meet up in Paradise, soon ❤️

  3. Thinking and praying for you brother.   Please take care and lean on Jehovah in these difficult times.

    1. Stormswift


      I have NO idea what it's about and it's none of my business, but skipdaflip - you are in my prayers too. Love our brothers and sisters very much on this forum - don't like to hear one is hurting. Much love Mandi x

  4. https://www.secularism.org.uk/news/2018/08/pakistans-pm-calls-on-muslim-world-to-raise-blasphemy-at-un Another case that has to do with religion and will be dropped at the UN to bow their heads on. While the hot topic about child abuse within the church still sings around, there is another hot iron that will be dropped at the UN for them to bow their heads over. A drawing contest of Wilders (the netherlands) of the prophet Mohammed. Wilders is trying to provocate the Muslim world, and it seems to work out. The complete Muslim world gets in revolt about it, and wants to raise this issue to the UN. The UN is getting pretty busy with negative religious topics lately, and all these topics are all pretty negative. All these issues could lead to the Peace and Security call and let the UN pull the plug. It's a very interesting time we're living in...
  5. I've bought a hard copy the day it was available. I got the one with the claw on the bible. A very interesting article.
  6. Some news media like to stir this topic into an extreme way. If you search for this news item, then you'll find out that it's only about 7 mosks and several extremist imams. The topic makes you believe all mosks will be closed. But that seems not to be the truth. But it could always be a start.
  7. I placed the documentary in another threat. Until today the UN still wants to get rid of the holy seat. They're just waiting for the right moment. And this moments is any moment now.
  8. They already hate religion because of this big issue. The only thing they forget that this is a huge problem of mankind at this time. Religion only creates a framework. Religion got a real issue, and that's hate against other beliefs that lead to wars and fights. Religion is the big bottleneck for world peace. That's why the UN already hates the holy seat at the UN. They already try to kick the Vatican out, but that led out negative at votes because many got scared of the power of the Vatican. But there are so many things to find against religion nowadays that it will happen very soon. The UN hasn't stopped breathing on a plan to kick the Vatican out for already years now...
  9. It is a lot cheaper to store data outside. You wouldn't need that much servers as showed in the picture. Cause those are rack models. You would probably need at most 2 of those server cabinets. And probably at most Bethel facilities they have some. But you need to be redundant, and your internet connecting must be optimal to serve millions of users with data. Besides of that you need to upgrade your hardware every now and then, keep maintenance etc. All those costs are very high. And that's why it's better to store the data elsewhere. It's cheaper and you can focus on real important things.
  10. Besides of that... we read the translation in our own language. But the original language is Hebrew. And Hebrew is a very rich language. Adding a vowel to a word could mean something completely different, and many words could be explained in many ways. So Jehovah replaced the names of some of his people to give it a proper meaning. Jacob got called Israel which means wrestle with God. Cause he had wrestled with an angel (sort of speaking with God). Abram means "high father" while Abraham means "Father of a multitude". so Jehovah gave the right name with the right meaning to indicate that person.
  11. I need to watch this one again. It will be a fight against these feelings, cause you're not doing it in purpose. At this moment we're having a fight against exactly these things. I got a extreme shortage of vitamin d, that causes a lot of issues. Feeling extreme tired, depressions, constant pain in body and muscles etc. At this moment I get supplements and it's getting better. But I know how depressions feel, you feel like you're worthless and no one likes you. If anyone forget to say anything to you at a meeting could even result in thinking that person got something against you. You don't know where these emotions come from and got no grip on it. Now my wife also seems to have a vitamin d shortage. Her symptoms are that she's almost near a nervous breakdown and a constant feeling as if she's dying. In a very short time we seems to get this shortage and all these implications as an effect. Besides of that we've had 16 rough years and been through a lot of stress and pain that didn't help our situation. Now again we have to struggle through this again. And I literally feel that Satan is trying to tear our family apart. These readings tries to help us to focus on the important things again. So I really will watch this one over again. But besides of that I really hope Jehovah will start soon, cause the energy flows away and it's getting pretty hard to hold on. I get mentally tired of this world, and hope the GT starts soon. This will certainly give me some adrenaline and energy to take these last steps to the finish.
  12. This story is the untold story about the secret love between Maria Magdalena and Jesus. I will certainly skip this movie.
  13. The LBGT movement is getting out of control. On tv programs here some even wants to be called neuter. Cause their feeling tells them one day to act and live like a woman. The other day they wake up as a man. This whole discussion about gender neutrality is getting out of hand. We're representatives of Jehovah and must hate wat he hates. That doesn't mean we must hate the person itself, but we hate their lifestyle. What if you study with a person that is married with his daughter. It is a despicable thought that makes you wanna puke. He insists you to call his daughter his wife. Will you do that? If you call his daughter his wife, then you, in some sort of way, accept this way of living. Cause you use the term he wants you to use. When it would be my study, I would call his daughter/wife by her first name. Then you're truly neutral and won't give that person a misplaced title that doesn't naturally belongs to them. And this is exactly the same with LBGT etc. Satan wants to force the world, but especially us into a way of thinking. And love to see us struggle with things like this. As mentioned, this convention will cover this topic. And I hope to see the thoughts after the convention on this topic in this thread. But as mentioned... if you really wants to be neutral, ask the persons name and use that. Cause when using misplaced titles on persons that don't belong to them, could give them the feeling you sort of approve their way of thinking. The same is with the name of God. If we study with a person, and he assist us to use another name for Jehovah, we won't allow that. A title like God or Allah is not an issue, it is a title that is not misplaced, because it means the same. But a title that will do wrong to the person or God, that is despicable. And can not be used.
  14. I understand that you keep neutral when preaching. But at one point you must declare scriptures and take the bull at the horns. One of these difficult to accept scriptures are Ephesians 5:21-24. 21 Be in subjection to one another in fear of Christ. 22 Let wives be in subjection to their husbands as to the Lord, 23 because a husband is head of his wife just as the Christ is head of the congregation, he being a savior of this body. 24 In fact, as the congregation is in subjection to the Christ, wives should also be to their husbands in everything. This scripture is hard to explain to people nowadays. A woman can't be less then a man? And how do you explain this scripture to gay people? We must choose or words wisely, but we can't change scriptures like these to gender neutral ones. Cause the meaning of it wil get lost. So I agree in choosing words wisely. On changing it to gender neutral, I disagree. On using strong words and placing a brother or sister in the same row as extremists is a form of judging. And only one has power over that. I don't think that was on purpose, but be careful with that please. So no offense to you brother.
  15. And out of respect to persons who are offended by the name of Jehovah, we will replace it back to Lord. We do anything not to offend anyone, but bring the good news. Become a Jew for a Jew...????????? I'm sorry, but I think this is exactly where we draw the line. Satan is bending everything to get everything in his power. And we will never Admit to that. If the GB would translate everything to be gender neutral, why are they creating a Caleb and Sophie movie about this topic, that offends exactly this group, then? This convention will also talk about courage in case of this topic. Everything is changing, and it will not be without a reason that the world will not be sad in the first place when the UN attacks religion. Because the bible and it's message will not change, and is not of this time in the eyes of this world.
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