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  1. I hope so, because as a neurodivergent person, I feel totally left out
  2. But it does do things that JW Library does not do
  3. Equipd Bible is not gone. Please refer back to the link I already posted I wasn’t. Please don’t misrepresent me.
  4. in some countries, Zoom is blocked and they use other things, like MS Teams for example
  5. 1. reduce the costs of producing apps by embracing open innovation -- save on dedicated funds - WHQ was supposed to house 500 witnesses and a large portion of this was in the IT dept -- by the time it was built that number had doubled to approx 1000! (the latter number was given to us by our tour guide a couple years ago) 2. produce more apps including ones that serve the needs of specific groups of witnesses, such as those with disabilities - the fact that legitimate apps continue to be produced by non-bethelites / non-A19 workers makes it obvious that our current tools, including JW Library, don't meet the needs for everyone. For example there could be apps for people with dyslexia or who have minority learning styles.
  6. and I just lost it all for a third time... honestly why doesn't this forum auto-save your work every few seconds 😭 @jwhess after rewriting my essay like 3 times and losing it each time, perhaps it would be better if you told be why you think our apps don't have serious design flaws including lack of basic things like OpenDyslexic fonts? especially after 8 years I may just have to do this the instant messaging way I think... hit submit after every paragraph
  7. please note that I wrote a short essay and the forums didn't save any of it before I accidentally ctrl-w and all my words were lost... and i also haven't eaten and have soup in the microwave waiting for me... I'll have to brb. I'll just paste the links I need for my message before I lose anything else https://jwtalk.net/topic/48538-equipd-i-silo/?do=findComment&comment=809467 https://opendyslexic.org/
  8. Actually, it seemed for many years that we were purposely refusing to digitize certain publications (perhaps to help keep 'control' of it against apostates) but that did not work (scanners are cheap to come by) and eventually we threw caution to wind and have gone so far as to release on the public part of our website publications such as the Organized book.
  9. @jwhess If you think JW Library is a proprietary in-house creation then you'd be very surprised to open the "acknowledgements" section of JW Library settings where you'll see fifteen sources of code, probably most of which is open source! actually no, you could open source the software without actually giving up control (neither technologically nor legally) of the content. You might be conflating DRM with closed source code. I'm not even sure that jwpub files contain any DRM. as was mentioned numerous times in this thread, even with large attempts to control the distribution and reuse of our copyrighted material, our organization has not been able to stop opposers from impersonating us anyways (including copying and reusing our logos illegally, editing articles and sharing them, etc).
  10. They should just release the source code for JW Library
  11. There’s also Linux. Don’t forget about it! (it’s free as in beer and also free as in FLOSS)
  12. Is it possible that our brothers designed it this way purposely, in order to aid with digital safety and security (ephemerality)?

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