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  1. I remember the callsign WA4UQQ and the JW Ham Directory. I remember the brothers trying to organize to approach the branch about setting up brothers to be a contact for natural disasters. My husband had just received the directory before we moved to SC. As soon as we arrived here...he wanted to start contacting the local brothers who were also Hams. He only found 3 local brothers...and they became fast friends. Thanks for the great memories...
  2. I'm a ham operator too, my callsign is KD4RKS. I got my license the first year they no longer required the Morse Code...just the questions. Although I knew the code because I tested and practised with my husband to get his. I only wanted my license to be able to talk with him when we were not together. We enjoyed the hobby. He was into it more than me on the technical side. Him and his brother were big in RF and making their own antennas. He owned several different radios and like buying and selling them at Ham Fest. It was profitable hobby. I don't know how it would be today.
  3. I use Avocado Oil on my face. It is moisturizing and lifts and tones. Avocado is great for building collagen in your skin. It reduces wrinkles even deep creases (like in between your eyebrows). I use it every day (just a thin layer) and a little heavier in the evening...and leave it on It really works.
  4. I would love them too. That would be great and save me a lot of time when looking for something specific. Thank you in advance.
  5. My electric was out all day Sunday.  Internet was out until today.  It's hard to imagine how dependent we are on both.  I think I missed my Internet the most. I couldn't get my daily JWT fix.  LOL

    1. Tortuga


      Welcome back! 🧡

  6. Brother Carlos, thanks for explaining what Brother Oliver meant...I misunderstood him. I have used the Notes since it first came available. However.....I did learn something from the video you included...I learned how to make Notes WITHOUT a Heading. I didn't know that was a feature. So thank you very much. That will be useful.
  7. I'd like to know also. I've not heard of the commentary feature. How would I access it??? Thanks
  8. Yes, Michael, I too liked the loving way the Brothers corrected a wrong answer...and we could learn something new in the process. I like your suggestion to meditate on how to use similar response technique in our ministry.
  9. Thanks Bro Martin...yes, I think we will have a campaign also to get it to each home...and a new board to advertise it on the Cart. These will be very helpful...so I hope they do provide these. I use the telephone witnessing every week for 2 hours at the hall. I had the thought of using the Online Bible Study Lessons on the phone. So I always write out a 'script' and let others use it, if they want. I had started writing one for this...and didn't finish. I felt like it needed a little creative flare to what I had written. So I thought I'd come on here real quick and see if anyone had an idea that I hadn't thought of. I will have to take some time when I can spend working on it. It takes me longer than most...since my stroke. I want it to sound inviting. I may have time Monday. But thanks for your good thoughts and comments.
  10. I would like to create a telephone witnessing 'script' for our group to use. We mostly get the answering machine. We have used a different 'script' for different campaigns and invitations. Even though everyone puts it in their words...we start out with a written 'script' and friends can go from there. Any thoughts or examples you think would be good to use?
  11. Oh great, that's what she was hoping for. I'll let her know. She will be one happy Sister. Thank you very much.
  12. Divers recently found a group of red handfish (Thymichthys politus), a rare and critically endangered species known only in southeastern Tasmania, Australia. Credit: Auscape/UIG/Getty The discovery of a new group of weird fish — which sport bright-red, Mohawk-like fins on their head and finger-like fins on their sides to help them "walk" on the ocean floor — has delighted the divers who encountered them, just as they were trying to document the extremely endangered species.
  13. Starvo, are you saying she could read a post here, and then (using Dragon Naturally Speaking) she could "say" what comment she would like to leave? That's what she's looking for. Or are you explaining how she could listen to the comments others have posted here? I know it's strange that she is legally blind and can read (although she uses a high-powered magnifier), but cannot type. She uses an iPad to listen to JWB and everything that is audible for JWs. Thanks for your suggestions. I might check out Dragon Naturally Speaking for myself. I am legally blind and can type and read on my devices but long texts are hard to read, my eyes get too tired. So thanks for the suggestion.
  14. Is there any way for a legally blind sister who wants to join JWTalk to be able to speak (instead of typing) her comments or questions? She can see to read...but she can't see well enough to type. I told here I didn't see anything that made it available now...but that I would ask to see if it was a feature that could be utilized. Thanks
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