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    My mother started studying when I was 3 and off and on studied, but didn't start to make the truth her own until I was around 9 we started going to meetings more regularly, then at 12 my parents got baptized. I then got baptized at 15. So I guess you can say I found the truth through my mom.

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    Photography, Photo editing, doing tons of research on everything.
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    I like lots of different music except rap.. can't stand rap. I Love music with meaning.
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    I'm not insane... I'm voluntarily indifferent to conventional rationality..

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  1. I finally got to watch last months! (Busy month death in the family, convention and other life things). I LOVE how timely they are.. I too cannot wait to see the new one. Sometimes it's hard to get my kids to lend their short attention spans to watching the broadcast, I was so excited when my two youngest watched it with me and interacted.
  2. I just checked I only have the 2014 WT library cd.. I must have given the 2015 cd back.
  3. I'm not sure I still have the 2015 CD.. I'll have to see if I can find it.. who would I ask for the 2016 version? ( I'm not sure if I gave the CD back to the brother at hall or not.. because I think they were short on CDs, I'm not sure if I kept my copy or not.. It's been almost 2 years since then... )
  4. I need help.. I'm trying to update the WT library.. but it keeps giving me this error *it's attached* but I've already checked the settings and on the firewall it's allowed both incoming and out going.. so I'm not sure why it's doing this can someone help?
  5. I'm sorry I guess my question was what can we do? It's sitting in a garage it's a 2002 ford windstar limited .. the body is in good condition and aside from a tire needing to be replaced I'm not sure there's anything that needs to be done to the vehicle itself.. but no He sold it to us and there was nothing on the title.. so it was clear.. we were not aware there was any time limit to actually complete the name transfer , we have the signed title.. but apparently when they went to get tags on their other vehicle it came up and they had to pay $22 for taxes.. so he contacted my husband and we advised him we would pay it.. but my husband would have to meet up with him.. and he always gave my husband the run around, like saying he was out of town and stuff.. we had to transfer a title for another vehicle for our business today so my husband went to see about what we need to do since we can't get insurance on a vehicle we can't even drive.. and they said he junked it back in September.. so the guy junked it before he notified us.. Isn't this illegal since he already sold us the vehicle? we already paid him in full for it and have the receipts to prove it? The motor is ours so I'm not worried about that we have all the paper work.. it's just frustrating all around.. the guy that sold it to us always has a horrible attitude and is very passive aggressive.. so we are just trying to figure out what we can do.. my thought was to see if we can find someone to just finish putting the motor in.. The problem is we don't have the tools or I may be able to do it.. with google and youtube lol.. the friend that was going to fix it wasn't charging us as much.. everyone else wants almost as much as the vehicle cost to begin with.. so we were just going to sell it.. but then we find this out... so I'm not sure how that can happen..
  6. I have a question and wondering if someone knows were I could look for some answers.. Ok so last year we bought a vehicle from a guy that needed a motor.. we paid him and got the title and have the vehicle. Then bought a motor and the friend putting it in was murdered.. so we've not been able to get anyone to work on it and it's just been sitting out of sight out of mind.. and we hadn't transferred the title yet because we couldn't get insurance on the van to switch.. well if we could we weren't aware of it. The guy contacted us in september that he had to pay taxes on it.. ok it was only $25 no big deal we could pay him, but my husband kept having a hard time getting him to meet up with him to pay it reimburse him.. anyway.. The Guy Junked the van that he already sold to us..(he apparently junked it already when he notified us) and we have the title.. what can we do? We don't really trust him to go about having a new title sent to him and redone. he's proved to be a very passive aggressive person and my husband really doesn't like dealing with him because of it.. we are just trying to sell it for what we paid for the van and the motor, because if someone knows how to fix to put the motor in.. it's a great deal! I don't really want to junk the van because outside of the motor it's actually in good condition
  7. Thought this was interesting https://www.home-school.com/news/homeschool-vs-public-school.php
  8. Hey!! it's been a while since I've been on here.. I've been trying to check more lately.. Just alot going on here.. some good some stressful.. alot with me mainly.. But I've missed you all..

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    2. JudyO


      You okay, Beth?

    3. Alex_Mikella


      I'm ok.. but that's about it.. lol been dealing with health issues and severe depression lately.. meds not working causing other problems making depression worse.. just alot. Try to be positive but I have a hard time doing that sometimes and would like to just be in my own little hole..

    4. Friends just call me Ross

      Friends just call me Ross

      (((((Beth))))<--those are cyber hugs.

  9. yeah if she wasn't on Medication I would be even more insane than I already am.. She has it really bad though the Combined type.. the impulsiveness and hyperactivity is a Nightmare.. I wish Meds didn't have to be the option but I couldn't afford the herbal remedies, although they did seem to help somewhat. My youngest son also has Adhd.. he's hyperactive/impulsive.. I'm not sure how bad his attention is.. he seems to be able to focus if you can calm him down, whereas with my daughter you couldn't get her to focus even if she wasn't bouncing. it's such a challenge.. when they are hyper it makes me feel miserable because I just feel all the ' energy' and anxiety from them and it makes me feel shakey.. my husband had add. but he still has not patience either.. I let her do alot on her own.. because she loves being creative, drawing, writing stories.. She's really behind in Math.. I'm having a hard time finding something that's working for her.. or maybe it's just because she doesn't want to do it.. We've got a long way to go.. but we are slowly moving forward
  10. Didn't see if this one was posted.. but this is a good site for books.. http://www.wegivebooks.org/books
  11. you know what? That's awesome.. My daughter does things similar to help herself remember things.. that's just how they learn..
  12. That is absolutely how I feel.. There is so much that really is unnecessary being taught.. I like having the control.. I like that my children have more control.. because I allow them to chose things they are interested in.. when we do that.. they actually learn because they want to.. not because they have to for a test. And school violence and some of the things kids are doing earlier and earlier.. I just can't stomach subjecting my children to that.
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