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  1. I had this happen to our JWL at the Hall on Sunday. We usually play music softly in the background before the meeting starts and for those on the phone hook-up...and there was nothing in the "media" tab. I found all the media in the "download" tab and was able to get the songs for the meeting there. Then after the meeting, I was going to remove and re-install the app, but it was all there and working fine. I don't know if it was in the middle of updating or something, but without doing anything, after the meeting it was all fine, back to normal and working??
  2. I'm in Canada, and I would assume it would be the same throughout...but using a PC with Windows 10 and the JWL app is the direction from the society that we've received. We were formerly using soundbox, but made the switch per the societies direction. When set up properly for dual screens, the year text is up automatically when the App is opened, and in the 'meetings' tab on the left, songs, videos and picture media is very easy to do even for our less comfortable or experienced brothers on the mixer/computer. Multiple windows? I'm not sure if you meant the 2 screen setup (computer & monitors)? We can also minimize the JWL app and open other windows or applications without affecting the text or media on the monitors. Then use the VLC viewer for media outside of the JWL app, like when brother has pictures for a talk he's giving...
  3. I just noticed an issue on my iPhone with the app update. If I try and open a scripture in any article, or look at a footnote or reference to a scripture from the Bible tab, it just goes black. Anything that would appear in the right study pane of my iPad, won't open on my phone, just goes black. Anyone else have that issue?
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