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  1. Two Audiomachine songs I listen to when I meditate on spiritual things (after listening to the JW original songs, of course). These two songs are not inspired by God but somehow they always make me imagine heavenly things ... let alone the eternal flame.
  2. The designs of our publications are getting more and more futuristic and sophisticated.... I really like the drawings of the newly published Ezekiel book.. They look fabulous.
  3. I used to think about eternity or eternal time a lot.. and I've always felt that time.. is curious. It's a mystery. And it's a miracle, too. It's one of many wondrous creations of Jehovah. He created time for us humans so that we can live IN it. I mean, really, what would become of us if, from tomorrow, time ceases to exist? Can you grasp that concept? The non-existence of time? Our brains cannot escape the logical, linear order of time. Our lives now are filled with moments that are brutally short. Plus, each moment is irreversible. You make one mistake, and you are done. The one you loved but had to let go is not coming back. The thing you did you wish you hadn't done can't get undone. But in the paradise, things will be different. You are going to have endless new opportunities to do, undo, redo anything that you choose. So, each moment will have more heaviness or weight. While now, how we feel about each moment is determined by how much time we have before we die. If you feel like you've got only 10 years to live, then every single moment will feel shorter than if you were young, maybe in your 20's, where time feels slow and life feels endless. Then, each moment you so enjoy and cherish will have eternity in itself, it will feel like you are swimming in eternity itself! In the meantime, eternity will turn into a single moment. However long we will have lived-even thousands of years-the time we will have lived will feel like a moment when we look back. See, eternity and a moment are similar to one another. Each moment that passes us will be eternally connected to our past and to our endless future events. In a sense, a moment has become eternity! Because we will see eternity in each moment. That is how I came to write this simple poem.. Originally written in Korean, so I can't deliver the same feelings but I tried. Into the everlasting moment Thought it’d last forever An old diary With faded pictures Of vague memories Let’s be together forever It was the eternity That I saw in her eyes That night. Moments that had eternity All buried in time To be remembered by no one As if nothing happened Oh, I see A moment is merely a moment What was eternal wasn’t me It was time Now I’m going Into the eternal memory of the one Who created time Who remembers every moment of my life Into the days when Eternity becomes a moment A moment becomes eternity When all of my moments will become Eternity eternally (I'd be happy to receive any linguistic corrections on this, and please share with us how you think and feel about eternal life)
  4. (I'm not sure if this is the right forum to talk about this) When I listen to old pops (like 60's, 70's) and the music videos and when I think about their facial expressions, melodies, and the lyrics .. It seems like people were more.... normal, so to speak. ( I can't find the right word for this. My mother tongue is not English) Also, so much purer and more in connection with God instinctively, if you know what I mean. (even though, mentally, they did not know Jehovah) In Korea, people feel like western countries are more advanced. Well, in a good way but also in a bad way. I remember when I lived about a year in Australia, I remember having impressions as if worldly people or worldly Caucasians were more like ... animals. But maybe also more clever or even more academic, intelligent. Still, that kind of aggressive impression or aura (I never got personally attacked, though) is not quite common in Korea. Maybe it was my imagination, wrongly created due to their overwhelming physical bulks (?).. Anyway, overall, I felt they were more 'fierce' than most Koreans. ( I'm proud how different Australian JWs were distinctively different from most worldly people there) Not that Koreans are not fierce, though. Satan has different strategies for different cultures. Whether you agree with me on this personal (and trivial) observation or not, you would still agree with me that gradually, Satan has succeeded in turning us humans into a species more like him, in other words, more satanic, which is quite frightening when you think about it. I don't know how he does it.. through meat?? or music like that of Lady Gaga?
  5. I think he must have been everything and nothing at the same time. He had every personality traits. When he had to be F, he showed it. When he needed some serious thinking (for example, to defend himself against opposers) Well, he used his thinking functions, which was perfect.
  6. I'm quite new here, but I am already feeling very nice and warm because of help, love and encourage that are so abundant in here. Although I'm like, an ocean or two away from most of you guys, I'm looking forward to enjoying every post here, at least until Armageddon comes! (Which will destroy any server this website belongs to)
  7. Hi, Abdon. Yes, if you want! I posted this one not to compare, but to encourage one another. We all live in the same Satanic world, so no matter what circumstances we are in, we all need encouragement~! Any economic situation in this world is only momentary.
  8. Yeah... so I heard. Actually, I have lived in Australia once. For about a year. I liked it that almost every house had a garden. People in Korea would love to have a garden, while if they do, they will soon try to get out because maintenance is a lot of work. Here, apartments are desired, usually.
  9. Not bad! I've always thought that Australian economy isn't too bad.. it's actually quite good considering that we are deep in the last days..
  10. I live in South Korea. If you go to a company in Korea and if things turn out well for you, you'll approximately earn (your age) x 1000 dollars / per year. So if you are 30, you'll earn about 30,000 dollars per year, or at least that's the limit people are trying to get. Of course, there are many non-witnesses who go to top companies and earn much, much more.. Especially those experts, dealing with teeth, laws, medicine, engineering and so on, so on, earn a lot more. But even those top earning people have to work really hard and having good relationships with their peers or seniors(?) is a perfect source of stress and anxieties. In general, Koreans work so hard. Things are getting a lot better, though.. Thankfully, thanks to J's guidance, many young brothers and sisters in Korea have been wisely shunning situations where they could be stuck in such a rat race and instead, they have moved to places where the need is greater. Or at least they choose jobs that allow for more free time in exchange of less money. But at least they can stay focused on what they have to do. Careers brothers around me have chosen are : Teaching English, Locksmith, car washing, sales, cleaning. And yet somehow it always seems like some brothers seem to be making a lot more money. I don't know what they do, but they are still pioneers!! I guess some people are just born with money cells.. They can smell money a lot better than most. (This is how we put it) But even if they make lots of money, not one of them has succeeded in completely avoiding any pain caused by money-related problems. No one can slave for two masters.. This is so true.
  11. I am thankful that God gave us creativity so we can create anything we want to.. Our future lives will be filled with all sorts of creative thoughts and with infinite resources we'll be given, (time, energy etc) No one will take that joy of creating away from us.
  12. I am grateful things are getting better in South Korea.. As a Korean brother who spent 1 year and 3 months in a prison (quite short compared to other brothers in my father's generation, but still pretty painful) I'm convinced no one should go through a year and a half in a place like that. You still get a lot and learn much from doing that, but still, a prison is a prison.. !! I hope young brothers in the next generation spend their precious doing better things.
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