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  1. I’m sure most people know it’s north korea.. which ain’t democratic at all , however you look at it lol
  2. As a Korean, I happily welcome young ones not learning cursive English writing ! haha This is common globally, I've heard that these days young people can't quite write..!! especially in Japan and China where they have to use lots of Chinese characters! Because they're so used to texting~
  3. Studies and efforts don't quite explain the contrast between, say, an ordinary person and someone who is exceptionally smart or intelligent. Two examples off the top of my head could be John von Neumann and Margaret Heafield Hamilton. (these people were academically phenomenal. But some people are exceptional politically, with very strong charisma and leadership, in itself is a form of strong intelligence) Or we could ask why are most people ordinary? which is more normal? If that's just within the boundary of human variety Jehovah set, is this how it's going to be forever in the NW? (Some people being too smart while most remain average) Come to think of it, seems like angels too have ranks and different abilities and power.. if somehow being normal and ordinary now is a sign of imperfection, then we could say most people will be like Neumann. (Because perfect Jesus must've been excellent in all fields of study and expertise) And I'm grateful for brothers and sisters who could've shined secularly had they been secularly educated but instead work their best for Jehovah.
  4. It’s been said that US is making pills..though vaccines is still a mandate. I hope they print pills as much as possible and ASAP.
  5. For me, it would be public speaking. I’m jealous of people who can fluently express their thoughts before the public in a natural way. I find it very unnerving and I feel quite nervous each time I have to speak in front of many people. Another thing would be maybe sports like soccer or basket ball. I could play it but never as well as professional soccer players.. like ever. Although probably no one will exert oneself so much as now for sports like soccer in the Nw though. For other things, writing , singing , studying or drawing, at least I can imagine myself being good at them far in the future.
  6. Too bad I live in Korea! The shipping cost would be too high.
  7. Not elo rating but wholesome games are: planet coaster, planet zoo.. Fifa series.. and other sports games?
  8. I’m slowly starting to forget what it was like to go to a meeting.

    1. JudyO


      I have distant fond memories. Like a lovely dream I once dreamed.

  9. The news clip of him correcting himself is spreading even among Korean JWs! haha
  10. or your favorite brand of soap? Recently I'm using Sappo Hill's Black Bamboo Activated Charcoal soaps and I feel really fresh after using it. The scent isn't strong after the wash but its black foams make me feel I get cleansed thoroughly... somehow. What's your favorite one these days?
  11. First techno sounds better than I thought! In a way, it sounds more futuristic haha
  12. In case someone has done implantment (dental operation) will he have to unscrew his implant? It's funny to think about it.


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    Thankfully I was born into a JW family and I have never thought of leaving the truth nor have I attempted to do so. Ever trying to better understand His will and qualities.

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