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    Jehovah got my attention when I needed him the most, I don't even know what life would be like without being apart of his organisation.

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    I love being involved out in the garden, studying various types of plant species. I would love to be a new world Botanist!

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  1. I also love how there is basically no referral data(links from other sites, social media, etc..its all direct), which is pretty unusual for high traffic websites; goes to show how effective the preaching work has been. And the average visit duration is 7:52!!
  2. Maybe this: (specular hematite)? https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-type-of-rock-that-glitters-the-most-under-the-Sun
  3. Backup your gem notes before though, as this might delete them? I just pressed the language button and updated it from there, then restarted
  4. I was stuck on a rail track once... Normally you obviously keep the track clear but we had just waiting for a train a few seconds ago and the traffic was moving at a good pace; i thought we would get over the tracks. Someone a few cars up suddenly stopped while i was half on the tracks, then the lights and bar was coming down immediately. I was able to go to the side thankfully but not a fun experience. I got the "stop" part but not the look and listen
  5. I feel the same way! But then i thought, how can I be so willing to proclaim a judgement message but at times be hindered to preach the good news now? So my goal is to make the utmost effort for the message we have now. Thats what i'm working on
  6. It's a fantastic magazine although had a hard time placing this one before the memorial campaign started. I'l be curious to hear feedback from other territories.
  7. "Even experienced servants of God need encouragement." Reminds me of this study Watchtower I really enjoyed "Keep On Encouraging One another Each Day" Edit: That was the quoted watchtower anyway.. but still a lovely point
  8. When it was two and a half minutes this story was massive, now it seems completely burried - ive noticed comments (Dont look too much into them) like these on related articles: True this clock doesn't have any real significance with Jehovah's Day but reminds me of this scripture: 2 Peter 3:4 - "Where is this promised presence of his? Why, from the day our forefathers fell asleep in death, all things are continuing exactly as they were from creation’s beginning." really sad..
  9. Bit confusing because some sites show the image sister Rosanne posted which looks like we won't see it but I think the white parts are what's visible with that little black line and dot being the moon? Anyway.. other sites says Australia/NZ have the best seats in the house I'm sure it will be on the local news near the day. http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/space/january-to-end-with-lunar-trifecta-to-eclipse-all-others/news-story/5061ee1a90a83a76890be01aea99aa24
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