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  1. JWTalk 16.11.12 Large number of bugs fixes. Performance improvements in: profile view, sitemap generator, posting replies, and Activity Streams When a member changes their email or password they now get an email confirmation You can now press ctrl/cmd+enter in any editor window to submit the reply There is now logic to prevent double-posting when the initial post encounters an error on submit Moderators can now remove all followers from an item Contact Us is now configurable with various options Announcements can now be restricted by member group Admins now have a setting to have members automatically follow content they start or reply to. Members can optionally override this. The editor will now show a message if a link that can be embedded (image, video, etc.) failed to embed for some reason. Admins get more detailed error reasons. When a member is banned/suspended the system now shows a more friendly page with information on their ban. Previously it showed a permission denied page. Security Questions for account security JWTalk 16.10.10 Fixed security flaw that allowed unapproved members to send PM's via Tapatalk JWTalk 16.10.8 Fixed security flaw that allowed unapproved members to bypass validation by using Tapatalk JWTalk 16.9.21 Remember me cookie is now 90 days rather than 7 days Performance improvements on activity streams Performance improvement to online list widgets CKEditor updated Apache upgrade PHP upgraded IPS upgraded JWTalk 16.9.13 Fixed several Tapatalk formatting, autofollow, and attachment handling issues Added @mention support to Tapatalk Unapproved topics no longer appear to Tapatalk users Bug fixes in Auto-Welcome scripts. Upgraded some moderator scripts. JWTalk 16.9.11 Fixed a potential security issue JWTalk 16.8.25 Fix URL issues. Added code to capture errors with 3rd party plugins. CKEditor has been updated 4.5.10. CodeMirror has been updated to 5.17. Plupload has been updated to 2.1.9. buzz.js has been updated to 1.2. HTMLPurifier has been updated to 4.8.0. JWTalk 16.8.21 New per-group setting to highlight posts made by certain groups. Personal conversation management improvements: Can now filter personal conversations to just read/unread. Can now move multiple personal conversations into a different folder at once. Can search by recipient/sender name. Notifications about Calendar events now include the event date. When viewing a log in the Administration Center, it will now show you on which page the log occurred and by which member. When the search index is being rebuilt, a message is now shown on the search results page to indicate why results may not be complete. Major performance improvements to Activity Streams JWTalk 16.6.25 Fixed broken @mention links. Merging members could cause follow records to be lost. - fixed Email digests. - fixed Bulk mails may send duplicates - fixed JWTalk 16.5.28 When you mouseover the badge showing who liked a post, you will now see a larger list of who liked that post. You can still click to get the full list. Ratings now show half-stars for the average (for example, if one user votes 3 stars and another 4, it will show 3 and a half stars) and there is now an indication if you have rated something. A "Preview" button has been added to the post editor which shows how the post will appear after BBCode processing. Tabs show how the post will appear on desktop, tablet and mobile. Users can now choose to ignore notifications for being mentioned in posts by particular users. You can now filter searches by specific forums/categories. The filter dropdowns in the Activity Stream now have an "Apply" button for better usability (previously you had to click outside the dropdown). The "Expanded/Collapsed" toggles are now clearer in the Activity Stream. Hitting back from a clicked item in any activity stream now remembers your position and loaded results. Better indication of files pending approval in Downloads. A logged in member without a valid timezone set will trigger exceptions any time another members age is checked. - Fixed Using very high limits for the number of questions per poll may cause errors. - Fixed Uploading animated gifs was broken in some areas - Fixed Orphaned comments trigger an exception when search index is rebuilding. - Fixed Possible XSS Security flaw in the "hovercard" system. - Fixed CKEditor has been updated to 4.5.9. FontAwesome has been updated to 4.6.0. jQuery has been updated to 1.12.3. CodeMirror has been updated to 5.14.2. XRegExp has been updated to 3.1.0. JWTalk 16.5.4 Upgraded to IPS 4.1.11 If you receive a browser notification your notification menu will now reload to get the latest notification. The "All Activity" activity stream now has an RSS feed. The filter bar at the top of the activity stream no longer sticks to the stop of the screen when scrolling. More consistent visual feedback when a post submit or edit is processing to reduce duplicates. Instant notifications are now dismissible. The sidebar has been added back to the stream pages. You can now sort by most downloaded in Downloads app. When your link auto-embeds in a post such as with an image, YouTube video, Twitter link, etc. an option will now display to revert the embed back to a plain text link if you do not want the embed. Placing a link to a Facebook status will embed when possible. If Gravatar is enabled, and a user has not defined an profile photo, then their email address will be used to fetch from Gravatar unless explicitly set not to. Inline notifications can now be dismissed Efficiency improvements to the search index You can now close a poll independently of the topic Some BBCode does not parse correctly in version 4 and we have applied some fixes for this. In general BBCode is deprecated so we only provide basic support. Certain URLs from IPB 3 were not redirecting properly to the new IPS 4 format. Multiple fixes for tag searching JWTalk 16.2.21 Removed "Sign up with [Social Media]" option on registration page. Increased inactivity period in Chat Room to kick you out in 30 minutes instead of 10 minutes. Linked footer to Change Log JWTalk 16.2.8 Fixed Tapatalk compatibility issues. Revamped Member Ranks System because I was bored. Integrated Forums with Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/JWTalkForums JWTalk 16.2.4 Upgraded to IPS - small patch to address bug fixes JWTalk 16.2.3 Upgraded to IPS 4.1.8 - maintenance release addressing bug fixes Made site compatible with IPS 4.1.8 Fixed "Auto Welcome Members" plugin Upgraded Apache and PHP on the server to close vulnerabilities. Added PHP extensions for better forum performance. JWTalk 16.1.31 Added a function to number each post within a topic. JWTalk 16.1.30 Concurrent posts made within 1 minute are now automatically merged Changed Language "Member Title" to "Member Rank" so users stop putting their Real Name in there. Organized Profile Fields to indicate which ones are visible only to Staff. Added "Who's Chatting?" to bottom of posts pages (Sidebar on Index and Topic List pages) Moved Quoted Content block 7 pixels to the rights so it's easier to differentiate quotes from comments. Restored missing "Baptized y/n?" profile fields from a previous backup - Thanks Carlos! Changed Sidebar Color to stand out from Main Area JWTalk 16.1.29 Added nag screen for missing required profile fields Added some space between post content and "Edited by" info pane Changed {Enter} Key behavior from "New Paragraph" to "New Line" Added a button to erase everything in the Large Editor Added a button to remove formatting within the Large Editor. Added a button to allow highlighting within the Large Editor Added "Spoiler" button to the Large Editor JWTalk 16.1.28 Fixed issue that allowed guests to report posts JWTalk 16.1.27 Added "change author" function. JWTalk 16.1.26 Published Revised Forum Membership Policy JWTalk 16.1.24 Fixed major bug in security tools added the day before. JWTalk 16.1.23 Added security tools beneficial for Moderators and Admins Created "Publicy Visible Images" Category in Photo Gallery JWTalk 16.1.22 Fix critical issue preventing loading of theme in certain situations JWTalk 16.1.21 Changed language to "Leave a PUBLICLY VISIBLE message on [members]'s feed" for Status Updates Made the Status Update entry field gray on the sidebar block JWTalk 16.1.19 Breadcrumb height weirdness resolved Made JWTalk Theme compatible with IPS 4.1.7 Fixed notification counts have bad positioning in footer navigation block Logged out view - “Sign Up” user nav button has weird vertical alignment fixed. Login bar responsiveness messed up in tablet portrait views fixed Finally fixed locked toggle switches in Notification settings that were causing excessive emails. Changed text color in posts to solid black after some feedback. JWTalk 16.1.18 Added some under the hood webmaster only plugins Changed "Reply to this topic" area to grey because it was hard to see. Installed Tapatalk for IPS 4.x on the server. JWTalk 16.1.17 Officially released JWTalk 2016 to the community and public Increased Private Message Storage Limits (varies by member group) JWTalk 16.1.16 Disabled social media icons for breaking breadcrumb on long post titles Finished final site design and visible manipulation of new skin. JWTalk 16.1.14 Added template code to hide sensitive profile information for now Changed language "Edit Post" to "Save Edits" JWTalk 16.1.13 Upgraded to IPS 4.1.7 A cross-site-scripting (XSS) issue was discovered and patched Add custom sidebar blocks Started design work on new skin. JWTalk 16.1.12 Purchased and applied skin that will serve as basis of our new redesign JWTalk 16.1.7 Upgraded to IPS 4.1.6 Fixed YouTube embedding in the editor so links no longer need to be on their own line JWTalk 16.1.2 Increase Photo Size Limits Switch from square avatars to rounded avatars. JWTalk 16.1.1 Initial restructuring of things that are appearing where they shouldn't. Fix issue where Full Access Members are listed as Moderators Fix emails issues of not sending correctly or sending to the wrong person JWTalk 15.12.31 Upgraded to IPS 4.1.5 for testing

About JWTalk.net - Jehovah's Witnesses Online Community

Since 2006, JWTalk has proved to be a well-moderated online community for real Jehovah's Witnesses on the web. However, our community is not an official website of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is not endorsed, sponsored, or maintained by any legal entity used by Jehovah's Witnesses. We are a pro-JW community maintained by brothers and sisters around the world. We expect all community members to be active publishers in their congregations, therefore, please do not apply for membership if you are not currently one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

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