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  1. https://shop.truefitness.com/resources/5-basic-benefits-of-stretching-after-waking-up/ Some people work overnight shifts, so they sleep during the day, whereas some people work during the day and get their sleep at night. Therefore, understand that stretching can be done whenever you “wake up” for the day, or even when you wake up from a short resting period like a nap. By taking a quick 5 to 10 minutes at the start of your day to do basic stretches, you are not only waking your brain up, but your body. 1. Gets The Blood Flowing & Your Mind Stimulated During sleep, your brain and muscles are at rest. In order to fully function, you need to get blood flowing throughout your body and into your brain and stretching will help increase blood flow. Stretching first thing after waking up will encourage the body to perform better in everyday activities, including physical exercise. Plus, after lying down for a long period of time can take away any stiffness because it is elongating the muscles.
  2. A friend's mother in her 70's, living in Canada suffered a heart attack last month. A lot of people here in this equatorial country suffer from strokes. My late mother suffered a stroke and chose to be bed ridden for more than a decade. It was a good thing, I have an capable Indonesian lady to look after her as well as do the work around the house. Paid here USD120 per month then, 2 decades ago. She lives with us and I called 'Ibu' or mother. https://www.heart.org*/en/health-topics/heart-attack/life-after-a-heart-attack After a first heart attack, most people go on to live a long, productive life. However, around 20 percent of patients age 45 and older will have another heart attack within five years of their first. Make preventing another heart attack your first priority. Here are 5 things you can do: 1. Participate in cardiac rehabilitation. Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically supervised program designed to help you recover after a heart attack. You should have received a referral to cardiac rehab when you were discharged from the hospital – if you didn’t, ask your doctor about it. Learn more about cardiac rehab. 2. Get support. It’s normal to feel scared, overwhelmed or confused after a heart attack. Getting support from loved ones or from people who have also experienced a heart attack can help you cope. Connect with other heart attack survivors and caregivers through our* Support Network.
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/24/well/move/exercise-appetite-weight.html#commentsContainer The comments section seems to be more helpful in learning how to lose weight gained during the Covid months. Do Antibiotics Cause Weight Gain (drruscio.com) Now, that being said, there is definitely literature showing that antibiotic use, especially early in life, in infants, does put them at higher risk for negative metabolic consequences for the rest of their life.
  4. https://excitedcats.com/maine-coon-size/ Maine Coons are known to be some of the biggest domestic cats there are. These cats are native to the state of Maine, where they had to face some brutally cold winters, helping them develop into a rugged breed that’s fit for any cold climate. But how big are these gentle giants compared to other house cats? In reality, some Maine Coons are actually smaller than other house cats! But that’s not necessarily the norm. Many of these cats are quite sizable. The longest Maine Coon on record was an amazing 48.5 inches from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail.
  5. On a personal note, I lost my brother (my only sibling) aged 71 to lung cancer Stage IV. >10 years ago. He was >20 years my senior. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/11/10/cancer-health-care-reporter-229889 I am 32 years old and I am going through menopause. It’s temporary, and I chose to endure it when I got a life-threatening breast cancer diagnosis a year ago. But it’s a lot worse than I expected....... Now I realize what the cancer club really is. It’s a real network of patients who pass advice to one another—in my experience, over social media—about how to pick treatment programs and how to deal with their side effects. (My favorite cancer club recommendation? Taking Claritin to help with bone pain caused by a drug intended to keep my white blood cell count up so that I can keep receiving chemotherapy. Also, ginger candies.)
  6. Everything about cats and other animals : Breeds, Temperament, Behavior, Diet
  7. My wife and I are on the ketogenic diet right now and would love to hear if there are any with good recipes. We like to switch up diets so we don't get bored with just one.
  8. Ifinished reading and have been following the Caltons program in their latest book micronutrient miracle. I am on day 15 and feel great. Here is a link to the book if any are interested. http://amzn.to/1QX5V1T
  9. Since deciding to go vegan, we started to learn about the horrific process by which animals are raised and killed for human consumption. If you are a new vegan or vegetarian and have not really dissected industrial meat production or factory farming, go have a look here. But be warned, it’s disturbing and frankly, completely indefensible. Ever hear of poop foam explosions on hog “farms?” How about zilpaterol or ractopamine? Zilpaterol is given to beef cattle to make them gain muscle weight (it’s a steroid), but when fed to horses, there were adverse effects. So, apparently not okay for horses, but a-okay for cows since they’re headed for slaughter—and then consumed by humans? One study found a variety of issues with the reproductive health of both male and female rats exposed to these endocrine disrupting chemicals. Ractopamine is another drug given to pigs, cattle and turkeys, and more disturbingly it is fed to them right before slaughter so that the drug remains in the animals’ systems at death, and then consumed by humans. It was first tested for asthma in humans but failed, and it is now sold under a variety of brand names for animal use, including Paylean and Topmax. The link below takes you to an article from Nutrition Facts dot org, we urge you to read the entire article: Studies over the last decade have shown that pigs on ractopamine may have chronically elevated heart rates, increased stress reactions, and difficulty walking. In fact the warning label reads: ‘‘Caution: Pigs fed PAYLEAN are at an increased risk for exhibiting the downer pig syndrome,” a condition in which pigs are too sick, injured, or exhausted to stand and may be dragged to slaughter. It’s not just bacon you are eating, or turkey or beef anymore. It’s all the drugs, chemicals and antibiotics pumped into those miserable animals during the short course of their lives that wind up not only in your body, but in the water supply, air, earth and possibly passed onto your children while in utero. Banned in many other countries but not the United StatesChina is the largest consumer of pork products in the world with an ever-growing appetite for more. The thing is, China is very protectionist when it comes to importing foreign goods and with the potential buyout of Smithfield by a company with Chinese ties, for the sole purpose of importing U.S. pork into China, Smithfield has begun eliminating the use of ractopamine in some of its livestock. Why? Because China has banned ractopamine for safety reasons, along with 159 other countries including Russia, the European Union, Malaysia and Taiwan. But why would Smithfield still use it here in the United States but stop its use for Chinese exports? All we can say is follow the money trail or the lobbying trail, which are really one and the same. You are what you eat. http://www.vegtosterone.com/2013/06/25/whats-in-your-bacon-ractopamine-thats-what-banned-in-160-countries-except-the-u-s/

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