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  1. This is a special photo of Centaurus A , which is the closest active galaxy to planet Earth, spanning over 60,000 light-years! But the reason this image is special is because something special was added to it that is never seen, invisible “Magnetic Field Lines”. What this image above is showing us are the “Magnetic Field Lines” at the very center of the photo, see the orange and white “strings” in the center? Humans cannot see such invisible magnetic field lines, but this photo was taken by “SOFIA”, not our very nice Sister Sofia here on JWtalk, but taken by SOFIA(Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy). So SOFIA was able to capture infrared rays of light from Centaurus A. Then to help everyone “see” on this photo where exactly these invisible magnetic field lines were, they essentially colored in these magnetic field lines(orange/white) to make them “pretend” visible so that these magnetic field lines could be easier to visualize, analyze and appreciate. SO WHAT MIGHT WE LEARN FROM JEHOVAH’S CREATION OF GALAXIES? Magnetic fields are vital in the growth and shape of Galaxy formations. But these magnetic fields are invisible! So if we could sit and observe a specific galaxy for thousands or millions of years and watch it grow and develop, we would likely be quite puzzled at how this galaxy was forming, because we could not see those invisible magnetic field lines shaping the galaxy. Then we might even start speculating and be wrong about how galaxies are formed because we had a wrong judgment about how the galaxy was developing since we could not visually see the invisible force behind the exquisite shape and formation of galaxies. LESSON: Try now to think of a brother or sister in your area or that you have known that you so appreciate and value because of their wonderful and seemingly perfect personality! This highly spiritual and loving brother or sister seems to be just so naturally wonderful. You might have even said to yourself, “That brother/sister is so wonderful and so naturally gifted and talented, they must have great genes!” But if that brother or sister has been a friend of Jehovah’s for many years or likely decades, then the formation and growth of their personality comes from something “invisible” that you and I cannot see! That brother or sister’s beautiful “New Personality” is only formed by invisible Holy Spirit granted by the Creator, just like the invisible magnetic field lines that Jehovah created which are essential in the formation of galaxies. So imagine if we had a special camera/lens that would make the invisible Holy Spirit “visible” to our eyes? Wow, imagine what it would be like to see the Holy Spirit freely flowing in that brother or sister we know and love in whom the “New Personality” has been forming and growing for all these years and decades! If we could see such an incredible thing through a special camera/lens, how spiritually motivated we would be! However, It is very interesting to consider that the vast majority of astronomers, astrophysicists, and cosmologists don’t have access to SOFIA and that special infrared, High-resolution camera, yet these scientists are still highly motivated to learn whatever they can about just how exactly such invisible magnetic fields help the amazing formation of galaxies! Similarly, there is obviously no special camera or lens for us to see the invisible Holy Spirit, yet we also should be highly motivated when we think of what Jehovah’s powerful Spirit can do for the person we want to become! For example, if we are motivated, we can immediately start requesting of Jehovah something similar to this: “Father, please grant me your powerful yet invisible Holy Spirit and help me to cultivate your many beautiful and magnificent qualities so that I can become more like you Father! I ask of you to please allow your Holy Spirit to freely flow in me so that I too can put on the wonderful “New Personality” that is made in your beautiful image!” And in the future if anyone ever says to you, “You have this wonderful quality about you!” Or they say, “You have such a magnetic personality”, maybe that person can “see” something special about you even though how you developed your New Personality was a result of, not invisible magnetic field lines, but as a result of another invisible force that no one ever saw within you forming and shaping your personality! But don’t worry at all if you don’t get many compliments or commendation about your “New” personality, because in the 1st Century, sadly the vast majority of Israelites could not “see” that Jesus had a very special personality!
  2. I just wanted to share this new app with the friends. It's called S-pen Recorder for Note 10.1 2014 and is available in the Samsung App store. It allows pdf hand written notes to be synced with recorded audio. You can also click a portion of your written text and the audio recorded at that moment will be played. This can be a valuable tool to take notes on our tablets at the meetings, assemblies, and conventions. Just click the portion of your written note and what the speaker was saying at that exact moment starts playing! Spen SDK must be installed from Google Play store or this app won't work. This is the 1st app on Android that I have seen that adds my most missed feature from Notability on my old Ipad. Glad it's available for our Galaxy Notes!
  3. Here is a brief video with instructions on how to import EPubs into Moon Reader Pro and organize categories.
  4. This video shows how to make custom home screens for your electronic device. Images from jw.org, the publications, or any personal images can be used. How To Set Custom Images for Each Homescreen (Hub…:
  5. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/11/04/earth-like-planets-milky-way-galaxy/3433449/ There are likely "tens of billions" of Earth-like planets in our Milky Way galaxy, according to a study released Monday by astronomers from the University of California-Berkeley and the University of Hawaii. "Planets like our Earth are relatively common throughout the Milky Way galaxy," said astronomer Andrew Howard of the University of Hawaii, who estimates the number at about 40 billion. In fact, the nearest Earth-like planet may be "only" 12 light years away, which is roughly 72 trillion miles. In all, about 8.8 billion stars in our galaxy have planets that are nearly the size of Earth and also have a surface temperature conducive to the development of life. But many more stars (those not similar to our sun) also have planets where life could form, which is where the 40 billion-planet figure comes from. Like Goldilocks tasting the porridge, temperatures must be "just right" for life to develop: Planets must have a so-called "habitable zone" with "lukewarm temperatures, so that water would not be frozen into ice or vaporized into steam but instead remain a liquid, because liquid water is now understood to be the prerequisite for life," said Geoffrey Marcy, a professor of astronomy at Berkeley. The discovery was based on the most accurate statistical analysis yet of all the observations from the Kepler telescope, a space observatory launched in 2009 specifically designed to locate planets around other stars. Temperatures must be "just right" for life to develop, astronomers say.(Photo: University of Hawaii/University of California) The research was based mainly on an exhaustive, three-year search of Kepler data undertaken by Erik Petigura, a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley. "Now, for the first time, humanity has a measure of how common Earth-size planets are around sun-like stars," Marcy added. Howard says the new estimate of planets means there are 40 billion chances "for life to get started and to evolve." "The findings are robust, but you have to read the fine print to understand that the numbers are somewhat uncertain," noted MIT astronomer Sara Seager, who was not part of the study. "Overall the result speaks to the growing findings that small planets are everywhere." "For the past couple of years there has been an emerging consensus that Earth-sized planets are common, so in that sense the result is not hugely surprising," said astronomer David Kipping of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, who was also not part of the study. "What is special about this work is the huge effort of the authors to develop a completely independent way of measuring this occurrence rate to that of the Kepler team." And going beyond our galaxy, Marcy reminds us that the Milky Way is just a typical galaxy within our universe, which contains hundreds of billions of galaxies, each of which has about the same number of sun-like stars as does our Milky Way. "With tens of billions of Earth-like planets in each galaxy, our entire universe must contain billions of billions of Earth-like planets," Marcy said, The study was published online Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences using data from the Kepler telescope. The $591 million Kepler telescope is now crippled and nearing the end of its four-year mission.

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