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Found 7 results

  1. Eventually older iPhones/iPads become outdated in the sense that Apple will no longer provide updates for these. So many people then just buy a newer iPhone/iPad and the older model becomes worthless to them. So I was wondering if anyone knows some of the answers to the following questions: Older models such as the iPhone 6 or before are no longer able to receive the newer updates, but if a person were to "jailbreak" an older iPhone/iPad, is it then possible to install the latest iOS updates? Many year ago jailbreaking an Apple device was illegal, but is it legal now? While there are many benefits of "rooting" an Android device, are there some good benefits to jailbreaking an Apple device? Many years ago it was quite difficult to jailbreak a device, but I understand that it is much easier today, any recommendations? Any advice/suggestions I will appreciate, thanks.
  2. IOS appears to lack the facility to view the nwtsty notes in the right hand pane when viewing the meeting workbook. Note the difference between Android on the left and IOS on the right. Is this recent? or is it just a wait 'till update issue. ?
  3. iOS 11.4 beta 1 has just been released but I won’t be trying it. JW Library is working just fine on iOS 11.3 I have been installing betas of iOS on my iPad Pro 9.7 and iPhone the last couple of years* but have decided to stop because of serious issues they can cause with JW Library on iPad. Specifically, selecting/highlighting some text results in text being selected/highlighted about 3 lines up! So it becomes a bit of a guessing game, sometimes setting the text size to huge in an attempt to highlight something at the end of a chapter. I’ve had this problem with almost every beta right until the one before the official release of that version of iOS. It’s very strange, I think it’s to do with screen refresh timing or something. Some debug code perhaps slowing something down. Documents 5 and iBooks work fine though with all betas I think. Maybe the problem doesn’t exist on the 2017 iPad Pro with its up-to 120Hz display. (*To test/play with the latest features. Knowing I could always revert to a backup. The new Dock etc in iOS 11 was the main thing I was keen for anyway.)
  4. The next version of JW Library for iPad/iPhone will require iOS 9, according to the release notes for version 9.1 of JW Library for iOS. Version history: Sep 2015: dropped support for iOS 6 May 2017: dropped support for iOS 7 later in 2017(?): dropping support for iOS 8 I think it's safe to say that one day an update will come that will drop support for iOS 9, meaning, those who have invested in their first iPad in order to use the latest 'digital' spiritual provisions will have to either: 1. pay money to buy new hardware (either a newer iPad, or, switching to Android by saving your notes backup file to google drive and manually restoring it to the android device) 2. continue to use the older version of JW Library, which may be able to receive new publications for a certain amount of time, but may eventually stop being able to update publications or download new ones 3. switch to ePub files / iBooks app, which supports basically all the reading functionalities of JW Library, but for audio and video, you could use a second app such as Documents by Readdle If you want to go with option 3, it's probably not wise to rely on using JWL for permanent highlights or notes as there is currently no way to transfer these to iBooks. You may wish to use JWL for 'temporary' notes, such as those for an upcoming meeting, while keeping 'permanent' gems that you want to always have long term in multiple places; perhaps copying those out into rich text file that should be backwards compatible with nearly everything, probably as long as this system goes on for (and who knows, maybe after that also).
  5. Hi all, If any of you have an inner child that likes car racing games and plays Micro Machines on the iPad/Phone and/or Android systems, then please look me up. My user name is, wait for it.... STOFFER Also if you want to join a team, mine still has plenty of room and it's called STOFFER'S MICROS. I'm pretty sure that I've posted this in the correct forum but apologies if not. Hugs. Stoffer
  6. Here is a video tutorial with step by step instructions on how to study the Meeting Workbook for Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting using Play Books. Play Books is a free app that is pre-installed on most Android devices and is also available for iOs devices and PC's. It allows highlighting and note taking amongst other features and automatically syncs information across all devices and platforms. This is what I'll be using. What app will you use to study the Meeting Workbook?
  7. Very nice video of a brothers tablet setup featuring software designed for witnesses.

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