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Found 21 results

  1. Brothers, does anyone else have this problem when trying to subscribe to JW News? I click the subscribe button and this black page with white letters of a code language appears. In this case I tried it on my smartphone, I haven't tried it on my computer yet.
  2. The BBC has an article concerning brothers going to prison in Singapore because of their refusal to do military service. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-58647485
  3. Be safe, dear brothers and sisters!! https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/philippines-earthquake-today-tsunami-damage-latest-magnitude-usgs-deaths-a9247381.html
  4. I just wanted to share unbiased news articles about our regional/international "Love Never Fails" conventions this year. If you see similar online articles, media interviews or the like for your area or elsewhere please post, if you like. Here's one from Atlanta! https://events.ajc.com/event/international-convention-of-jehovah-s-witnesses-0gjtej8bbr
  5. NYC is experiencing a massive power outage. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/13/massive-outages-leave-27000-coned-customers-without-power-in-new-york-city.html
  6. There was a great spot on us on Spanish TV in the Extremadura region called "Cuestión de fe", dated 17/04/18 (17th April 2018). It formed part of a program analysing the different religions in the region. One elder, Josué de Andrés is the spokesman for the congregation in Badajoz and for those beard lovers amongst us, you will be pleased to know he was sporting his beard on national TV, all approved by Bethel obviously. It is in Spanish so sorry if you don't understand it. Maybe Carlos has time to translate! It's a great witness anyway. Enjoy! The part about JWs starts at around 50:25. http://www.canalextremadura.es/alacarta/tv/videos/168-horas-cuestion-de-fe-170418 Direct Video link: http://tvprogressive.canalextremadura.es/tv/PROG00173944_1.mp4
  7. RUSSIA RELIGION NEWS Police raid Jehovah's Witnesses' picnic in south of Russia JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES RELAXING ON BEACH IN NEFTEKUMSK TAKEN TO POLICE STATION SOVA Center for News and Analysis, 29 August 2017 On 26 August 2017, 18 residents of Nevtekumsk [Stavropol territory]—members of the Jehovah's Witnesses congregation who were relaxing with their children on a lake bank—were arrested by police officers on suspicion of conducting illegal activity of a religious organization and were taken to the police department. The police said that the operation began after an anonymous phone call in which they were told that "Jehovah's Witnesses are gathered at a river and they are prohibited." The detainees—including children and retirees—were kept at the police department for more than three hours, answering questions about their attitude toward religion. Several noted in the record of the interrogation that "they experienced humiliating treatment on the part of the police." (tr. by PDS, posted 29 August 2017) Russia Religion News Current News Items Editorial disclaimer: RRN does not intend to certify the accuracy of information presented in articles. RRN simply intends to certify the accuracy of the English translation of the contents of the articles as they appeared in news media of countries of the former USSR. If material is quoted, please give credit to the publication from which it came. It is not necessary to credit this Web page. If material is transmitted electronically, please include reference to the URL, http://www.stetson.edu/~psteeves/relnews/.
  8. Two Jehovah's Witnesses leaders again win in court MOSCOW PROVINCIAL COURT CONFIRMS ACQUITTAL VERDICT IN CASE OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ELDERS SOVA Center for News and Analysis, 24 August 2017 On 24 August 2017, the Moscow provincial court left in force the verdict of acquittal in the case of two elders of the congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses in Sergiev Posad. Viacheslav Stepanov and Andrei Sivak were accused of inciting religious hatred committed by an organized group (point "v" of part 2 of article 282 of the Criminal Code). The criminal case was opened in April 2013. The believers were accused of making statements during meetings that incited religious hatred, specifically, they quoted forbidden brochures of the Jehovah's Witnesses "What does the Bible really teach?" and "Draw neigh to Jehovah," which contain negative characterizations of other religions, including "traditional" Christianity and Christian clergy and which call for joining the Jehovah's Witnesses. A Sergiev Posad city court back in March 2016 came to the conclusion the Stepanov and Sivak were innocent, not finding in their statements indicators of inciting hatred and taking note of substantive violations in the expert analysis that was conducted at the stage of preliminary investigation. However, in May 2016, the Moscow provincial court issued an appellate order that annulled the verdict and remanded the case for a new review. In June 2017, the Sergiev Posad court again acquitted Stepanov and Sivak, but the prosecutor's office again appealed the verdict. We regard the prosecution of Jehovah's Witnesses for extremism to be religious discrimination. (tr. by PDS, posted 24 August 2017) Background article: Years-long criminal case against Jehovah's Witnesses leaders ended July 4, 2017 Russia Religion News Current News Items
  9. http://www.newsweek.com/jehovahs-witnesses-russia-crimea-military-628699 Ruh-roh.
  10. SOURCE: http://www.pulse.ng/religion/jehovahs-witness-5-interesting-ways-this-church-differs-from-others-id6902642.html The Nigerian News article mentioned these 5 points that make us different from other churches: Jehovah Witnesses believe that Jesus is not part of the Trinity This church believes that Jesus is the King of God’s Kingdom in heaven This church abstains from blood transfusions Religious titles have no place in this church Jehovah Witnesses do not believe in Hellfire The article is brief but sums us up pretty well. On a side note, referring to point 4, this is why I don't like the fact that when speakers are announced at assemblies, the chairman always says "who is serving as an elder in xxx congregation" as that makes us appear like the other churches placing emphasis on titles, but that's just my viewpoint.
  11. It's always nice to read a light-hearted news article but it is especially so when it is one that deals with our brothers and sisters. The article source was taken from: http://www.theledger.com/news/20170621/lakeland-couple-makes-ice-cream-sandwiches-with-twist I've copied and included the text here as per usual. The article is mainly about married couple Patrick and Sarah Mulcahy and how they started their own ice-cream cake making business. (Bold italics mine). Lakeland couple makes ice cream sandwiches with a twist By Eric Pera Posted Jun 21, 2017 at 3:31 PM Updated at 8:20 AM Using a catchy name and pure, wholesome ingredients, a Lakeland couple has methodically crafted a business built on an enduring, frozen novelty – the ice cream sandwich. Patrick and Sarah Mulcahy stumbled on the idea for A Cow Named Moo roughly three years ago, driven by desperation to earn income while devoting much of their time to their real passion – serving as volunteer sign language interpreters at church. Today, the Mulcahys say they’re making ends meet by selling their sweet treats at several retail locations in Lakeland and Winter Haven. They’re also finding growth in the wedding business. ″(Customers) say, ’We’re not cake people,″ says Sarah Mulcahy, 39, who, like her husband, never made ice cream until they formed their business. Full story removed. Please post only excerpts only and then link to the entire article.
  12. Source: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/pennsylvania/philadelphia/jehovahs-witnesses-philadelphia-convention-liacouras-center-20170622.html
  13. My translation follows first for those of you that don't speak Spanish. A nice positive article from Spain's Newspaper "La Vanguardia". Jehovah's Witnesses Invite Spaniards to participate in their assemblies with the motto 'Do not give up!' 20/06/2017 5:57pm MADRID, 20 (EUROPA PRESS) The Jehovah's Witnesses have begun their annual regional assemblies, to which all Spaniards are invited and that this time are centred around the theme 'Do not give up!' Throughout Spain, a total of 43 assemblies will be held and next Friday, 23rd June the one for the Community of Madrid will begin, with a program that will continue until 20th August, during nine consecutive weekends. One of the local spokesmen for Jehovah's Witnesses, Javier Otero, explained that these assemblies will convey a positive and optimistic message for "many people who feel sad and disappointed by what they see around them." "The Bible shows us how we can be happy now and guarantees us a much better future," he stated. The assemblies will be held in the auditoriums of the Assembly Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses located in the town of Ajalvir. At this branch, the program will be presented in seven languages, including sign language, and a total attendance of 30,000 people is expected. Moreover, as in previous years, Jehovah's Witnesses are participating in a worldwide campaign to personally invite the general public. The entrance is free and open to all, and according to the organisers, last year almost 13 million people attended these assemblies, whilst this year even more are expected to attend. The program will be presented in various formats, including brief speeches, interviews and videos; Each afternoon a segment of a three-part film directed at families will be shown; and on Sunday morning the public conference, entitled ‘Never Lose Hope’ will be given. Those interested in attending can consult the entire program and timetable on the official website of Jehovah's Witnesses 'www.jw.org'. SOURCE: http://www.lavanguardia.com/vida/20170620/423532749871/testigos-de-jehova-invitan-a-los-espanoles-a- participar-en-sus-asambleas-bajo-el-lema-no- Se-rinda.html ORIGINAL SPANISH TEXT: Testigos de Jehová invitan a los españoles a participar en sus asambleas bajo el lema '¡No se rinda!' 20/06/2017 17:57 MADRID, 20 (EUROPA PRESS) Los Testigos de Jehová han iniciado sus asambleas regionales anuales que en esta ocasión se celebran en torno al lema '¡No se rinda!' y a las que invitan a todos los españoles. En toda España se celebrarán un total de 43 asambleas y el próximo viernes 23 de junio comenzará la de la Comunidad de Madrid, con un programa que se prolongará hasta el 20 de agosto, durante nueve fines de semana consecutivos. Uno de los portavoces locales de los Testigos de Jehová, Javier Otero, ha explicado que en estas asambleas se transmitirá un mensaje positivo y optimista para "muchas personas que se sienten tristes y decepcionadas por lo que ven a su alrededor". "La Biblia nos muestra cómo podemos ser felices ahora y nos garantiza un futuro mucho mejor", ha afirmado. Los congresos se celebrarán en los auditorios del Salón de Asambleas de los Testigos de Jehová situado en la localidad de Ajalvir. En esta sede, el programa se presentará en siete idiomas, incluyendo la lengua de signos, y se espera una asistencia total de 30.000 personas. Además, como en años anteriores, los Testigos de Jehová están participando en una campaña mundial para invitar personalmente al público en general. La entrada es libre y gratuita y, según informan los organizadores, el año pasado asistieron a estas asambleas casi 13 millones de personas y este año esperan una asistencia mayor. El programa se presentará en diversos formatos, incluyendo discursos breves, entrevistas y vídeos; cada tarde se proyectará un segmento de una película de tres partes dirigida a las familias; y el domingo por la mañana tendrá lugar la conferencia pública, titulada 'Nunca pierda la esperanza'. Los interesados en asistir pueden consultar toda la programación y los horarios en el sitio web oficial de los Testigos de Jehová 'www.jw.org'.
  14. Paragraph 3 of this week's WT study asks us to cite a modern example of injustice in this world. I couldn't help but think of our brother Marcos Contreras who was released from gaol (in March of this year) after 20 years of being imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. English News Article: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-wrongful-conviction-20170328-story.html Spanish News Article: https://laopinion.com/2017/03/28/hombre-es-liberado-tras-pasar-20-anos-en-la-carcel/
  15. Here's today's news from up in Geordieland: Newcastle in the North of England. It's just an account of an "alleged" drunken road sweeper driver that knocked over one of our witnessing carts. The article doesn't mention anything about the Witnesses themselves so I imagine that they are fine. Besides, those road sweepers are pretty slow and make quite a lot of noise so I'm sure that our brothers and sisters near the stand saw it coming. I'll paste the text from the article here too so that you don't have to wade through all the adverts! Source: http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/newcastle-council-roadsweeper-drink-drive-13183193
  16. From the album: JWTalk - Through the years

    In 2008, we started collecting news stories from around the web and sharing them on JWTalk on a section powered by Wordpress. This helps us get indexed by search engines so that other brothers and sisters could find us since we dropped our Referral Only policy after going public. After awhile, the desire to maintain this waned and we figured such articles could just be posted and commented on in the Forums, so we ditched this in mid 2010.
  17. http://news.yahoo.com/cops-discuss-mans-fatal-beating-inside-york-church-110209962.html?soc_src=copy Truly critical times hard to deal with! I cannot believe the parents had no problem with it! (no natural affection)
  18. Archbishop of Canterbury admits doubts about existence of God Justin Welby tells BBC radio interviewer there are moments when he doubts – but he is certain about the existence of Jesus The archbishop of Canterbury has admitted to having doubts about the existence of God and disclosed that on a recent morning jog with his dog he questioned why the Almighty had failed to intervene to prevent an injustice. In a light-hearted but personal interview in front of hundreds of people in Bristol cathedral last weekend, Justin Welby said: "There are moments, sure, where you think 'Is there a God? Where is God?'" Read More: Guardian uk http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/sep/18/archbishop-canterbury-doubt-god-existence-welby
  19. It was really amazing how Jehovah's people act and respond to the needs of our dear brothers and sisters who were affected by the disaster last year. Truly, Jehovah's name was glorified because of our sincere interest and love to each other. My niece shares this news on facebook. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/597786/yolanda-homes-up-in-5-days-in-leyte
  20. Man shoots headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses in Cesário Lange (Brazil) People were in place, but no one was hurt. Police said no one was arrested. Police from Cesario Lange (SP) looking for a man who shot at the building of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Association early on Tuesday (3). There were people on site, but no one was hurt. According to the first information from the police, the suspect dropped a white car armed with a 12 gauge shotgun and fired at least three times against the building, which is on the highway Mário Batista Mori (SP-141), which connects the city to Tatuí (SP). The shots hit the floor and the windows of the lobby of the complex. On site there is a graphic, residential buildings and social halls. Are 146 thousand square meters. Also according to the police, no one was arrested yet. http://g1.globo.com/sao-paulo/itapetininga-regiao/noticia/2013/12/homem-atira-em-sede-das-testemunhas-de-jeova-em-c-lange.html (Portuguese)
  21. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/08/15/spoon-in-underwear-saving-youths-from-forced-marriage/ As Britain puts airport staff on alert to spot potential victims of forced marriage, one campaigning group says the trick of putting a spoon in their underwear has saved some youngsters from a forced union in their South Asian ancestral homelands. The concealed spoon sets off the metal detector at the airport in Britain and the teenagers can be taken away from their parents to be searched — a last chance to escape a largely hidden practice wrecking the lives of unknown thousands of British youths. The British school summer holidays, now well under way, mark a peak in reports of young people — typically girls aged 15 and 16 — being taken abroad on “holiday”, for a marriage without consent, the government says. The bleep at airport security may be the last chance they get to escape a marriage to someone they have never met in a country they have never seen. The spoon trick is the brainchild of the Karma Nirvana charity, which supports victims and survivors of forced marriage and honour-based abuse. Based in Derby, central England, it fields 6,500 calls per year from around Britain but has almost reached that point so far in 2013 as awareness of the issue grows. When petrified youngsters ring, “if they don’t know exactly when it may happen or if it’s going to happen, we advise them to put a spoon in their underwear,” said Natasha Rattu, Karma Nirvana’s operations manager. “When they go though security, it will highlight this object in a private area and, if 16 or over, they will be taken to a safe space where they have that one last opportunity to disclose they’re being forced to marry,” she told AFP. “We’ve had people ring and that it’s helped them and got them out of a dangerous situation. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to do with your family around you — but they won’t be aware you have done it. It’s a safe way.” The charity is working with airports — so far London Heathrow, Liverpool and Glasgow, with Birmingham to come — to spot potential signs, such as one-way tickets, the time of year, age of the person and whether they look uncomfortable. “These are quite general points, but there are things that if you look collectively lead you to believe something more sinister is going on,” said Rattu. People who come forward can be escorted out of a secure airport exit to help outside. Marriages without consent, or their refusal, have led to suicides and so-called honour killings, shocking a nation widely deemed to have successfully absorbed immigrant communities and customs. Officials fear the number of victims coming forward is just the tip of the iceberg, with few community leaders prepared to speak out and risk losing their support base. One woman, whose identity was protected by Essex Police in southeast England, was forced to get married in India. She said she was threatened by her father “because he said if I thought about running away he would find me and kill me”. “I was shipped off with a total stranger. “That night I was raped by my husband and this abuse continued for about eight and half years of my life.” She eventually fled. Last year, the Foreign Office’s Forced Marriage Unit dealt with some 1,500 cases — 18 percent of them men. A third of cases involved children aged under 17. The oldest victim was aged 71; the youngest just two. The cases related to 60 countries: almost half were linked to Pakistan, 11 percent to Bangladesh, eight percent to India, and two percent to Afghanistan. Other countries were Somalia, Turkey and Iraq. Calls to Karma Nirvana tend to spike before the British school summer holidays and again at the end, said Rattu. “The holidays are a really good time for young people to go missing because there is nobody accounting for where they are at school,” she said. Since Ramadan ended last week, calls have risen again, including one from an 18-year-old who has fallen pregnant and her family is trying force her into marriage to conceal it. Burdened by South Asian codes of “izzat”, or family honour, youngsters can be under extreme physical and emotional duress to marry relatives in a culture and country they were not brought up in. If they refuse, they are often threatened with being thrown out of the family — or worse. “It really takes a brave person to stand up against their family,” said Rattu.

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