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  1. IT(information technology) like cell phones, computers and so on, do you think they’ll be used right after GT or some time after GT? Because if so, computer programming languages will keep being used in the NW. I’ve been always interested in computer programming (Now I know nothing about it) but also I’ve always feared seeing everything I’d learn if I do learn programming get destroyed with the start of the NW. I also used to be quite interested in making computer games. But I never actually tried to do it. Always thought it’s time-consuming and not a good job market in Korea.
  2. What do you think could be a new name for the Watchtower magazine and Awake magazine in Paradise?
  3. I saw this post on my Facebook page, and thought that would be fun to discuss it here 1. Where would like to live in the new world? 2. Where is the first place that you would visit in the new world? 3. What would you like to be your next assignment be? 4. Who would like to conduct a Bible Study with? 5. What would you be first hobby? 6. What will be your favorite food? 7. What animal will you want to study and befriend? 8. Whom would you like to have a neighbor(s) in a New World?
  4. "Just See Yourself..." by Thomas Walker A Story Thousands of Years In The Making! For two thousand years, followers of Jehovah God and his son, Jesus Christ have been waiting for The Day! The Bible promises wonderful things that would take place during the Thousand Year Reign of the Messianic King. But so many people never heard that message, or never believed it could be true, when confronted with a cold and wicked world. What future for them? Hugh Alman was a pilot during the Second World War. With no idea of what the future held, he has awoken in a long promised Paradise Earth; where nobody would ever grow old, grow sick, or die. But with Eternal Life comes challenges, and rewards... and most importantly, choices. *** My whole life, we've been told to 'keep our eyes on the prize'. This book began as a form of personal study, and grew to a full sized novel. It's been one of the more rewarding efforts of my life, and I've received some very positive feedback from others in my cong. I have put the whole book up for free, chapter by chapter, on a dedicated blog. And after enough people asked for a hardcopy version, I also put it up on Amazon, as cheap as I could make it. (It was the only way to handle printing and shipping costs.) As it happens, that's what lead me to JWTalk. Looking for guidance on how to approach publication, I found the works of EK Jonathan being discussed here. Writing this book took me in a lot of directions I didn't expect, and I hope you will all enjoy it.
  5. Living in this modern world, surrounded by countless inventions, productions... etc, exposes huge limitations of our lifespan. Think about it ... Conservative estimations count around 130 million books. How much time would it take to read them all? Do you like music? hmm ... there is around 100 million songs produced so far ... counting that not every song will be to our taste and preference ...then let's reduce the number to 1 million. And again, how long would it take to listen to those songs just once? There are over 33000 known species of fish - again how long would it take to learn basics about them, and how long would it take to deepen that knowledge? Shutterstock maintains a library of over 350 million royalty-free stock photos, vector graphics, and illustrations, with over 21 million video clips and music tracks available for licensing ..... the question again, how long would take to examine them all? No matter where we look, we are surrounded by variety, and it only proves that we need more time. So only by living forever we can enjoy life in full. (Can you state more examples of variety please , creation, man-made)
  6. Can you see the new world with your faith’s eyes? Can you see what you will work with, how will you live. We are awaiting these times, and they are here soon. (Isa 25:17; 2 Pe 3:13; Re 21:1-5) What will you spend your time doing? What do you look forward the most? How do you image your home? Please spend some time with us imagining what it will be like! Image is from https://www.jw.org/finder?wtlocale=E&pub=rr&srcid=share
  7. Other than teaching the Bible and doing spiritual activities? I hope to work as a programmer.. Maybe if I could be used to help to make the worldwide Bible education app or something like that, I'd be privileged. I hope to make games based on the Bible too. Lots and lots of it. I also want to create more art works and music. These are the first things that come to my mind.
  8. https://www.projectparadisegame.com/ https://www.instagram.com/projectparadisegame/ I'm definitely interested in where this is headed. I'm not sure how the concept as a 'game' will work in the traditional sense, maybe it's more like a kinetic/visual novel story based game. I've played my fair share of sidescrolling pixel based sandbox games over the years, but I've yet to see one where I couldn't nitpick something or other as objectionable, or one without something objectionable that has satisfying feedback / game loop. At least I know the art and writing will be good.
  9. So, one last time... "The Ending Is Part of the Story Too..." (Years 900 to 1000) The Thousand Years began with a great test. To receive the promised Eternal Life, in a perfect Utopian paradise, there remains one more challenge to overcome. Grant is the Last Returnee. His history with some of the people he meets on arrival is long and complicated... And with less than a Century left until humanity is tested for the last time, he must find his faith, and his own place in the world quickly. New faces, and returning characters alike will be tested in varied and personal ways, as danger is suddenly loosed upon a world that has all but forgotten it ever existed. "Released" is the Fifth and Final book in the 'New Earth' Series. **** First Things First: I would strongly recommend that you read the rest of the series before starting this one. I've never done that before, but this is the conclusion to the Saga, and as a result, we'll be seeing some familiar faces, returned for the Final Test. Also, I hereby declare this thread to be a Spoiler-Filled Zone. This is the discussion thread. If you're here, the assumption is that you've read as far as is possible already. I will freely admit that it's a little more suspenseful than anything else I've written in this series, and I don't want anyone finding out the ending before they get there. The book is already 'Published', but due to the current situation with Covid, it's still in processing by Amazon. I'm terribly sorry about missing my self-stated release date, even by a little while; but I really did think we were on schedule when I clicked 'Publish Now'. The delay is only likely to be another day or two, and obviously I will post here immediately. Nonetheless, I promised today as the Release Date. Hopefully, offering the first half of the book on my blog will make up for the inconvenience. Part One: Last Returnee Prologue Chapter One: The Green Letter Chapter Two: The Real Life Chapter Three: What Paradise Gives Chapter Four: Lacking Understanding Chapter Five: "If This Is Paradise…" Part Two: Final Century Chapter Six: The Purpose Of The Law Chapter Seven: Test Conditions
  10. I know we probably won't have job jobs, but I imagine we'll have stuff we'll be doing other than building our houses and cultivating our gardens. Idk if this is a proper job, but when meeting the resurrected, if they don't mind, I'd love to write down their stories and piece together the causes and effects that led from one person's life to another. Like, for example: Micheal Anderson in 1820, built a bank on High Street, and that was the first job of John Barnes, leading him to have the funds to build a cafe where Henry Wilson and Mary Williams met, in 1900, who, later, got married and started a family. I love stuff like that. I think it would be interesting, too, to archive the solutions to historical mysteries: "This is the chronicle of what actually happened to the Roanoke settlement..."
  11. It Wasn't The Ending. It Was Just The Beginning... Biggs first learned about the scriptural promises for the future while in prison. His sister taught him about the hope she clung to as the world got harder to live through. When the ultimate test for his new faith came, Biggs was ready; but stood alone in a Congregation he barely knew. Biggs never thought his life story would be worth writing about, but as the world came to its crashing end, he proved to be someone who could provide exactly what was needed; as a New World began for his brothers and sisters. As Biggs comes to love his new extended family, both newly Returned and familiar faces alike; it becomes clear how tightly interconnected a Global Brotherhood can be. Eternal Life in a Paradise Earth is the long promised reward for millions of Christians today; but eternity is a longer time than anyone anticipated; and so many of those Returned from the Memorial Tombs of history had overlooked an important point: When you live forever, a Thousand Years is not so long a time as it seems... *** When I started this series with 'Just See Yourself', I wrote it as four novellas. Those novellas put together made the first book. But I had written a fifth. Parts 1-4 covered Years 200-500. Part Five was set at the end of the Thousand Years. But the tone shifted too dramatically from happiness to tension, and the book as it stood was already more than novel length without adding a whole extra volume. So I cut the fifth section from the book. When the New Earth series took off, I never got back to that missing Part Five because I had other ideas to explore, and other centuries of Paradise to visit. After three novels, I decided to go back to Part Five, and expand it into a full-length book of its own. By that point, most of it didn't work anymore; as I'd filled in a lot of the timeline; and I needed to keep my own continuity; to say nothing of the extra characters. But it gave me a structure for the last novel: The end of the Millennium; and the subsequent Final Test. To make it fit with the extended universe I had written, I ended up having enough outline for two more novels; so it became my first two-parter. This novel is to be a bridge between the first three books and their characters... and the Final Test. The other purpose of this book is to contrast/compare the Test we're all expecting to go through with the Final Test at the end of the Thousand Years. I'm trying things a little differently this time, by making the book available for Pre-Order on Amazon. As advertised, it will go On Sale March 1st, as well as being available for free on the blog. Stay tuned for further developments. Also, as usual, there is a Paperback version coming, but it will be another week or three, depending on the proof copy I receive. One thing I will say right now: This is the first time I've written a novel that should be saved until after the earlier ones. I can't say why without handing out spoilers, but my first three books didn't have to be read in any particular order; as they followed different people, in different parts of Paradise. Set Free will make a lot more sense if you start with the other books first. You'd think after years of doing this, publishing would get less nerve-wracking. It doesn't. Last time I did this, I started releasing chapters on the Blog before the Kindle Version was finalized, and my most dedicated readers didn't actually want to start reading it until they could get the whole thing. I know, it may be something of an even worse Tease, handing out the Book Page like this when the book itself won't be available for another week... But then I figured: It's not really a Tease unless I'm waving a preview of the book at everyone. Prologue: Last Prayers Chapter One: Visitors. Chapter Two: Is This It? Enjoy.
  12. This week we were talking/dreaming about our ultimate day in paradise. Here's a start- Sunup-7.30am Reading- possibly watching spiritual food, meditation, prayer 7.30-8.00am Pick and/or prepare meal with the family 8.00-12 noon Strenuous working- Gardening, landscaping, home building, cleaning and maintenance, community works/community building Noon-12.30pm Pick and/or prepare meal with the family 12.30-1.30pm Siesta 1.30-5.30pm Finish any jobs from the morning... then Gardening, designing, planning, inventing, building interspersed with watching nature. 5.30pm-6.00pm Cleaning up, cleaning, feeding animals, preparing meal 6.00pm-7.30pm Eating with family and visitors, visiting, storytelling and sharing from the day, reporting on nature projects etc 7.30pm-9.30pm Personal development- learning skills, instruments together, astronomy, journalling, research, animal studies, nocturnal animal studies 9.30pm Gratitude, prayer, bedtime Meetings, Conventions and Worship would need to fit in above...plus travel etc. What is your dream schedule? If you want to use the times, or adjust them etc., below is for a copy and paste or quote: Sunup-7.30am 7.30-8.00am 8.00-12 noon Noon-12.30pm 12.30-4.30pm 4.30pm-6.00pm 6.00pm-7.30pm 7.30pm-9.30pm 9.30pm-10.30pm
  13. I'm doing a personal project where I would like to find and collect all the pictures of paradise that are on our websites. These pictures are beautiful and pick me up when I'm feeling down. I can go through each of the thousand articles online, but that would take a really long time. Is there a simpler way to search for all pictures of paradise in our publications that are on jw.org or wol? You probably don't need examples of paradise pictures, but here are a couple anyway: The picture at the top of this article: https://www.jw.org/en/library/magazines/g200606/peace-on-earth-at-last/ The picture in this meeting workbook: https://www.jw.org/en/library/jw-meeting-workbook/december-2016-mwb/meeting-schedule-dec19-25/knowledge-of-jehovah-will-fill-earth/#?insight[search_id]=897de733-be3c-4527-9ff5-b44af58e4ffb&insight[search_result_index]=28
  14. In The Beginning... (Years 0 - 200) Everyone who comes to know Jehovah God gets there in a different way. Everyone who lets the Truth reach their heart, has a path of their own, unique in challenges and triumphs. Alec Ducard was blessed to be on the right side of a debate that has raged since the first words of the bible began. The Day came when he was far younger and less prepared for it than he would have liked. But he did not make that journey alone. Rachel Bridger was present to bear witness to the most pivotal events in the history of the world, and never imagined just how hard it would be to hold fast to a Truth she had only just begun to know... or what the future would truly have to offer. Beckah Hedley had been praying for Paradise for years, hoping to see the day when she'd be able to walk again. But what came with that Miracle was more exciting and challenging than she had expected. Three lives grow tightly connected in brotherhood and love, as the prospect of living forever in a Paradise Earth, under the Kingdom of Heaven becomes a reality, at last. *** I never intended to write a sequel, and especially not a prequel. I had specifically skipped over the first two hundred years when I wrote 'Just See Yourself' so that I could get the 'transition' out of the way and focus on the New World itself. So naturally, I went and wrote a book dedicated to those first two centuries. The Download Page isn't updated with this yet, but it will be. I'm still searching the last few chapters for typos. Obviously, if anyone here spots a typo or a mistake, let me know here; and I'll fix them before it gets near Amazon. Fixing a typo in a paper book is a considerably more difficult process than fixing one in a blog post. The blog will be updated with a chapter or two, once or twice a week, depending on how the publishing and 'download' phase works out. The Release Day has four chapters. Consider it a movie length pilot episode. I hope you all enjoy it. Prologue: Rachel Chapter One: The Day Before Chapter Two: The Day Chapter Three: The Day After
  15. A brother and his mother who I communicate with In Ecuador asked me on Family Worship night write down what you would like to do in Paradise, just write down 5 minutes of what you would like to do. Well its been very hectic since the brothers asked me and his mom that question this week, but the other day as I was driving my way home and played the new chorus Kingdom Songs which I just love listening too, my thought on his question was to be sailing. My mother's side of the family were mariners of the open seas. And before my oldest brother passed away many years ago, he had purchased a 45 ' sail boat. His dream was to live on the sail ship and sail around the world. I thought it over and over, and I love the open sea as well. I might be on that sail boat with him, and sail to destinations around the globe . Yes, I thought of a tree house somewhere inland, but then the oceans and seas won't be so stirred up and I don't see my self drowning . Just diving off my sail ship joined by so many of our brothers and sisters, the wildlife in the water, the deep sea discoveries. I love coral, by then Jehovah's Holy Mountain will be set and nothing will turn it over again. I can see myself on that sail ship, I can see the blue sky and calm waves dashing along side my sail ship. I can see myself keeling over full sails blasting in the wind going about 20 knots. The spray of the clean ocean water hitting my face, a wind jacket , watching the sunrise and set with a full moon. Coming to shore or pier along one of your homes. I won't feel like am not welcomed, but everyone open arms embracing and showing true Christ like love Just the fun of sailing makes me happy, sleeping good for the first time without medications of any sort. Always in prayer giving praise and thanks to our father Jehovah, glorifying his creation. Looking forward after my assignment is done and when Jehovah knows that I have accomplished his will in the paradise, I can move on. Learn so many new things, but to sail tie a sailors knot, my grandfather can teach me that, and so can my great great grandfather, his father and his father and maybe his grandmother, oh my, so many wonderful things to think about in the paradise. Its real to me even though its not here yet. The oceans will be clean, so will be the streams , lakes and mountains water ways. Praise Jah you people! We can praise him forever.
  16. How do you imagine paradise will be? For me, I imagine this. Beautiful people everywhere. I still believe there will be all sorts of races but we will all be like a family. I imagine we will use all our brains capacity. And will be able to train ourselves to do anything we want. Sing, dance, you name it! Oh, and the animals. There will be only love between all living things. And closeness. That's what I imagine the new world to be. People who love Jehovah. Living together. Forever.
  17. I'm going to copy/paste the article from this blog from a JW (the author of "All Things New" and "Unrighteous") because it's really something I have been thinking about recently. And it's always nice, faith-strengthening, to meditate about Paradise. http://www.ekjonathan.blogspot.jp/2016/03/your-future-home.html In the New World, what kind of house will you live in?This has always been an interesting question for me to ponder, and for a variety of reasons. First, as someone who appreciates design and architecture, I often wonder how our homes will look on the other side of Armageddon. It’s likely, I suppose, that in the beginning we’ll build homes with standardized designs. This will make things somewhat more efficient. (It’s also possible that we’ll use modular construction methods, similar to what we’re seeing with recent branch and Kingdom Hall construction.) But as times moves onward, I’d expect to see more creative and innovative home and structural designs.Secondly, I often wonder about what methods and materials we’ll use to build our homes. In preparation for writing All Things New, one of the research topics that I really delved into was eco-friendly architecture and construction methods. There are some really amazing things being developed these days, and I suspect that some of them may carry on into the future. I thought I’d write about them here in a post, and share some of the images that I think could be glimpses into our future homes.BioconcreteConcrete is the world’s most popular building material, and for good reason. It can be made easily, formed into all sorts of imaginative shapes, and, if maintained properly, can last for decades. But even concrete is no match for the natural elements. Eventually, with enough exposure to moisture, cracks will form along its surfaces, leading to corrosion.Henk Jonkers, a microbiologist of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, believes he may have a solution to this problem–bioconcrete. Bioconcrete is mixed just like regular concrete, but contains an extra ingredient, a special bacteria. The bacteria lies dormant in the dried concrete structure until cracks form over time, exposing the inside of the concrete to water, which breaks open biodegradable plastic capsules containing calcium lactate, the “food” that the bacteria needs to feed on. As the bacteria germinates, it feeds on the lactate, combines with the calcium, and forms limestone, binding the concrete back together.So, theoretically, we could use bioconcrete or something like it to create structures requiring little maintenance that could last for centuries. Cool, huh?Solar Paths & RoadsWe’ve drilled the Earth for gases, oils, and minerals, much of it in the name of satisfying our need for energy. The result, as we all know, has been untold harm to ourselves and the Earth itself. We’ll need to find a solution to this problem, and it might be solar power. It’s free, clean, and available practically everywhere. The problem, however, has always been surface area.The reason we don’t see things like solar cars, motorcycles, and planes at the consumer level is that the amount of space needed to soak up enough energy from the sun’s rays is usually much larger than the thing needing to be powered. (As an example, Solar Impulse 2, the plane that recently embarked on a trans-continental flight relying solely on its solar-chargeable batteries for power, had to be designed with a wingspan of 236 feet to accommodate the unwieldy solar panels, and it can only carry a single pilot. By contrast, an Airbus A380, which relies on jet fuel, has about the same wingspan, but flies six times faster and can carry about 500 people.) Of course, I’d imagine that with time, solar panels will become smaller, more efficient, and easier to produce. But one interesting solution we may see in the New World are solar paths and roadways. Instead of climbing onto our grooves to install solar panels, the panels would be on the ground. Potentially, we could build a house anywhere along the roadway and “plug in”. Voila! Instant, free energy. Other benefits? Imagine roads with built-in LEDs, which would light up when you walked along them at night, or sensors built into the panels to give warning signals regarding road dangers up ahead. A cool idea indeed.The only problem? With current technology, manufacturing solar panels requires toxic chemicals and other polluting factors.Organically-Shaped PipesA tremendous amount of electricity is spent on water pumps. Pumps must work especially hard getting water to travel up to the top floors of high-rise apartment buildings, but the energy is wasted in other ways, too. One of those has to do with the current design of pipes.Computers and machines tend to favor straight lines. Mathematically, they are easier to work with and produce. As a result, the machines we build are often based on boxes and rectangles. However, in actual physical application, things with curves tend to perform much better. (Think aero/hydrodynamics) As time goes on, many of the physical things we use (cars, airplanes, and even clothing), have begun to take on more organic, natural shapes. But other things are still stuck in the rigid ways of harsh angles and straight lines. Pipes are an example of this.At first glance, this may not seem like much of a problem. After all, pipes turning at right angles make things much easier for architects and manufacturers (again, the math is simpler this way). However, much energy is lost as the water is forced to turn at sharp angles. This also puts extra strain on the pipes themselves.By contrast, the branches and stems of trees never grow at right angles. The degree is much slighter, which maximizes the efficiency of the energy spent in getting the water to move. This is a engineering element that I hope to see eventually implemented in our New World pipes.Harmonious ArchitectureThis one deals less with the technical aspects of building and more with its aesthetics. Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with one of the project overseers at Warwick, who offered all sorts of insights into the building processes being used there. There were lots of amazing details, but one that really stood out to me was the decision made to build much of the furniture used in the Bethel apartments from the lumber cleared from the original site.How smart is that? Instead of selling the trees to some lumber company and having them hauled off, why not turn it into something useful on-site? It only makes sense that this is how we’ll build in the New World, as well. Less waste, with much focus made on reuse and recycling.I would imagine, too, that this will eventually be reflected in the architecture itself. Homes will complement their environments in terms of materials used, colors, and styles. It’s an exciting thing to think about, and for me, makes the New World that much more real. Check out the images below for some neat examples of what future architecture may look like… -------------------------------------------------- So, how do you picture your future home in Paradise ? Feel free to put "pictures" of actual design. I personally really love the design of the house of this article : http://la.curbed.com/2014/12/19/10010098/why-dick-clark-built-a-spoton-flintstones-house-in-malibu
  18. http://www.grindtv.com/wildlife/rare-photo-shows-crow-riding-atop-a-flying-bald-eagle/#4ZLIJHMYqs0U9lgt.97
  19. Someone made the comment in another thread "that someday, Armageddon will be YESTERDAY", so that got me to thinking - How do you picture what the day after Armageddon will be like - either for you personally or on a global scale? For me, it's easier for me to picture what it will be like for me personally. I picture myself opening my eyes the next morning and realizing all over again what just happened yesterday - the new world is ACTUALLY here! I wake my husband and start running around the room like a chicken with my head cut off (declaring Jehovah's extreme mercy in letting me live) and then, of course, falling to my knees to say a prayer of deep gratitude for letting me witness the santifying of his glorious name. After I peel my lips off the ground, and, because, yes, I may be a bit vain, I run to the mirror to see if there are any noticable changes in my appearance, That doesn't take long, because I really could care less - I MADE it! Now I'm checking my cell phone, and other technologies to see if I'm still "on the grid". From this point - I haven't thought too much - do I run outside and see what it looks like? or wait for instructions from our elders? If my cellphone still works, I begin texting anyone in my address book to see who answers! How about you - how do you picture the day after Armageddon?
  20. The last forum I started was about The Ark and what may have happened to it. Along with the Ark, some mentioned the golden jar of mana, Noah's ark, and the "secret scroll" in Revelation. They were very interesting discussions, so I thought I'd make a topic about what you would like to ask one of the resurrected ones in the paradise. And if you have a bible-based opinion about someone's question.. be free to comment on it.
  21. So we were out with some friends on Saturday night; at the end of dinner one the brothers busted out pictures of when he was 14 and 16 years old...to show that he wasn't always bald and out of shape (he did this because 2 or 3 nights before, after the Service/School meeting we went to their home and were poking fun of him over coffee) Not wanting to be left behind I showed him a picture I had on my phone when I was 22 - everybody started saying to stop showing my brother's picture and to show them a “real picture” of myself at that age. I had to wait for my wife to come back from the restroom to "confirm" my identity (Shameful credibility I have - Yoda) Now this leads the conversation to talk about paradise, perfection and how we will revert to our younger selves. I then pointed out that I would be unrecognizable because of my dark and dashing good looks as I would revert to what I looked like in the picture. I know, I know...but it’s the truth – but never fear my trusty wife put me in check when she burst my bubble as she told everyone that she conveys to my daughter the importance of spiritual beauty instead of looks because of what happened to me and goes on to deliver the final blow by saying, I quote “It was a LIE, A LIE!” Anyways – we all had a good laugh at my expense, but I asked everyone at the table, which I will now ask all of you: In paradise: If you’re “ugly” will you stay “ugly”? And… Will we have the ability to change our physical attributes once we reach perfection as the WT study last week mentioned in the last couple of paragraphs (e.g.: short to tall – big nose to small nose – brown to blonde hair – brown to green/blue eyes - ETC...)?

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