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Found 3 results

  1. An opportunity to know and understand our brothers and sisters from the various lands. Arts : Music, songs, movies, prose writing, poetry, dancing, sculpture, painting, fashion, handicraft(weaving, embroidery, Batik) etc Culture : People (ethnic groups) Basic local words for Tourists, Cuisine (Food, cooking) education, customs(taboo) etc Many South East Asian people love Hindi movies and although they may not know the language, they will happily sing along. What a great way to learn a new language! Nothing like knowing a few local words to break the ice with natives when travelling abroad.
  2. Found a similar thread but didn't want to hijack it. So I'm starting a new one. Feel free to use it if needed. So as I was driving my wife to work this morning, I spotted a blackbird on the road on the other lane, with a large limousine rolling towards it. The blackbird was easily visible and you could tell the other driver was slowing his car down, but since the bird didn't move, he or she obviously couldn't be bothered to brake and rolled over it, the blackbird disappearing between the two wheels of the car. Shocked, we stopped on the side of the road and looked for the bird. The rush of the car passing over it had whirled the bird into the driveway of somebody's house. As I jumped out the car and rushed to it, I saw the poor creature fluttering about panically and obviously severly hurt. For a brief, fleeting moment, I considered stomping on the poor creature that was obviously suffering. Instead, though, I bent down and picked it up between my hands. Immediately, it grabbed hold of my finger and calmed down, but spastically jerking its' head back. I rang the doorbell of a nearby home and an old man opened up the door dressed in a morning robe. Surprised but eager to help, he handed me a box and a stick to perch the bird on, and also held a flashlight at the poor animal so that we could examine the injury: blood on its' beak and the right eye torn out =o( Put the bird in the box and took it to a local vet... all I know is it's still alive but the vet was too busy to tend to it. I really hope the person driving that Audi or BMW saw me jump out and take responsibility for his or her own failure to give a rat's @$&! about a living, breathing, sentient creature! Was it really worth it to arrive at work 10 seconds earlier in exchange for this animal's life?? Talk about lack of natural affection!

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