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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/india-has-covid-19-hospitals-so-overburdened-that-inpatients-want-to-get-out/ar-BB1giEKp 28 mins ago India has Covid-19 hospitals so overburdened that inpatients want to get out For three days, Goldi Patel, 25, went from hospital to hospital in New Delhi's oppressive summer heat, frantically trying to find one that would keep her husband breathing. Four hospitals turned away Patel, who is seven months pregnant with the couple's first child, before she finally found one that would take him. But the level of care at Sardar Patel Covid Care Centre and Hospital, a makeshift pandemic facility on the outskirts of the capital, is so lacking that her husband is begging to leave. Around Sadanand Patel, 30, people are dying. He has barely any contact with doctors, and limited medicine. With 80% of his lungs already infected, he's terrified of what happens if his condition gets worse. There is limited medicine, and Sadanand said he had only interacted with a doctor once or twice in three days since he was admitted last Tuesday. He watched two men in beds nearby scream for medicine only to die within hours when their oxygen appeared to run out.
  2. RUSSIA RELIGION NEWS Police raid Jehovah's Witnesses' picnic in south of Russia JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES RELAXING ON BEACH IN NEFTEKUMSK TAKEN TO POLICE STATION SOVA Center for News and Analysis, 29 August 2017 On 26 August 2017, 18 residents of Nevtekumsk [Stavropol territory]—members of the Jehovah's Witnesses congregation who were relaxing with their children on a lake bank—were arrested by police officers on suspicion of conducting illegal activity of a religious organization and were taken to the police department. The police said that the operation began after an anonymous phone call in which they were told that "Jehovah's Witnesses are gathered at a river and they are prohibited." The detainees—including children and retirees—were kept at the police department for more than three hours, answering questions about their attitude toward religion. Several noted in the record of the interrogation that "they experienced humiliating treatment on the part of the police." (tr. by PDS, posted 29 August 2017) Russia Religion News Current News Items Editorial disclaimer: RRN does not intend to certify the accuracy of information presented in articles. RRN simply intends to certify the accuracy of the English translation of the contents of the articles as they appeared in news media of countries of the former USSR. If material is quoted, please give credit to the publication from which it came. It is not necessary to credit this Web page. If material is transmitted electronically, please include reference to the URL, http://www.stetson.edu/~psteeves/relnews/.
  3. A Wisconsin Democrat said that removing the "Johnson Amendment" barring political endorsements by preachers and non-profits will "make the Sunni-Shi'a conflict in the Middle East look like a picnic." Rep. Ron Kind (D) of La Crosse made the remarks during a markup of the House version of the Republican tax reform bill. Then-Sen. Lyndon Johnson (D-Texas) authored the amendment to the U.S. Tax Code in 1954. President Trump has repeatedly called for it to be removed, and many Republicans have shared the sentiment. Kind was reacting to a motion by fellow Democrat John Lewis of Georgia, who introduced an amendment keeping the Johnson Amendment preserved in the tax bill. Kind, who identified himself as a practicing Lutheran, said he views his fellowship in church on Sunday as a way to "spend some time as a community, and as a nation, regardless of political affiliation." "I view [my church] as a sanctuary for my soul," he said. He said that in the age of hyper-partisanship on all sides, preserving the Johnson Amendment would retain worship as an activity free from political disagreements. "Repealing the Johnson Amendment will politicize the pulpit. It will create Civil War in the pews. It will establish Republican and Democratic churches, synagogues and mosques overnight," Kind said. Kind said that if the Johnson Amendment is repealed, "it is going to make the Sunni-Shi'a conflict in the Middle East look like a picnic." http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/11/10/democrat-congressmen-says-johnson-amendment-repeal-tax-bill-will-create-civil-war-church
  4. President-elect Donald Trump is vowing to block federal funding to Sanctuary cities, but the incoming commander-in-chief may find it tougher to take on another powerful protecter of illegal immigrants -- sanctuary churches. Hundreds of houses of worship around the nation have pledged to provide safe harbor to illegal immigrants facing deportation, as have cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York City. While Trump may relish a policy and funding fight with the leaders of Democratic strongholds, imposing his administration’s will on churches could be another matter. “There is a long tradition in American law enforcement of not breaking into churches in order to arrest someone unless the person is wanted for an act of violence,” Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano told FoxNews.com. “In order for the police or for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to enter a church against the will of a priest or minister who is running the church, they need an arrest warrant for a specific human being –short of that, they’re not going to go in there.” http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/11/23/trumps-battle-against-illegal-immigrant-sanctuary-may-end-at-church-steps.html
  5. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-10-08/chinese-communist-partys-crackdown-on-religion/7912140 Looks interesting let's keep watching to see what develops.
  6. "Those attacks and the reaction to them have set off a cycle of governments trying to restrict religion for security purposes" http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2016/08/12/‘restriction_of_religious_freedom_harms_personal_liberties’/1251006
  7. Archbishop of Canterbury admits doubts about existence of God Justin Welby tells BBC radio interviewer there are moments when he doubts – but he is certain about the existence of Jesus The archbishop of Canterbury has admitted to having doubts about the existence of God and disclosed that on a recent morning jog with his dog he questioned why the Almighty had failed to intervene to prevent an injustice. In a light-hearted but personal interview in front of hundreds of people in Bristol cathedral last weekend, Justin Welby said: "There are moments, sure, where you think 'Is there a God? Where is God?'" Read More: Guardian uk http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/sep/18/archbishop-canterbury-doubt-god-existence-welby
  8. Article translation from me - in parentheses are some clarifications of mine for the better understanding of the text: October 21, 2013 BOMB FROM THE TROIKA (=the tri-partisan directorate running Greece since 2010) Lenders seeking to confiscate the property of the Church ...! (=Means the Greek Orthodox Church) Havoc is expected within the Holy Synod (a Greek Church high council) after the decision of the Troika to put their hands on the Church property and funds. According to reports of German journalists, lenders have their eyes on the immense property of the Greek Orthodox Church, specially that of Mount Athos (secluded area in the north of Greece full with monasteries with mythical wealth) and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. The Troikans ask for almost all of the property controlled by those three bodies of Orthodoxy in order to accept a reduction of Greek debt! Indeed, world-class international estimator companies are ready to bid to undertake the evaluation of the property of the Holy Synod of Mount Athos and the Ecumenical Patriarchate. If the implementation of this requirement progresses who knows what may be found in the Holy Grail of the Church Finances! This explosive decision from the creditors comes just hours after the unprecedented "directive" of the Ecumenical Patriarch, who advised the Greek citizens to react reasonably against the demands of the creditors. (loosely translated) '-React to the crisis with a spiritual way so that you can become happy people!' he said. In other words: stay hungry, you and your children, while some corrupt institutions of the land will continue to become rich (aka the Church). Thus you can find true happiness!!! Similar are the promises of Muhammad to Muslims who become human bombs: We expect happiness and the Paradise Uri! In a thanksgiving mass held in the Church of St. John the Baptist in Neapoli, (in Thessaloniki) the Ecumenical Patriarch noted that "it is necessary for the Greek people to arm themselves with patience and hope to be able to cope with the difficulties of daily life." He added that "until now true happiness was related repeatedly with economic prosperity. For this reason, if the financial crisis is dealt in a correct and spiritual way it can be a valuable lesson, as real happiness cannot be found in the financial comfort nor in the economic prosperity, nor in the abundance of goods." Lets see now, that lenders ask to put their hands on the property of the Patriarchate, if He will respond equally passive ... [ http://kourdistoportocali.com/post/30700/periousiaeklisias ] = source
  9. By D. Jose THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, India, Sept 30 (Reuters) - India's Hindu temples are resisting divulging their gold holdings - perhaps nearly half the amount held in Fort Knox - amid mistrust of the motives of authorities who are trying to cut a hefty import bill that is hurting the economy. The central bank, which has already taken steps that have slowed to a trickle the incoming supplies that have exacerbated India's current account deficit, has sent letters to some of the country's richest temples asking for details of their gold. It says the inquiries are simply data collection, but Hindu groups are up in arms. "The gold stored in temples was contributed by devotees over thousands of years and we will not allow anyone to usurp it," said V Mohanan, secretary of the Hindu nationalist Vishwa Hindu Parishad organisation in Kerala state, in a statement. Read full article http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/09/30/india-gold-temples-idUSL4N0HQ0OZ20130930
  10. VATICAN CITY, July 2, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In an interview with LifeSiteNews.com, Papal Theologian Rev. Wojciech Giertych, spoke of the need to treat persons with homosexual inclination with dignity, adding that dignity means telling them the truth. What truth? “Homosexuality is against human nature.” And what is needed is to “pastorally help such people to return to an emotional and moral integrity.” Appointed in 2005 by Pope Benedict XVI, it is Fr. Giertych’s job - Theologian of the Papal Household - to review the texts given to the Pope for his speeches for theological accuracy. LifeSiteNews was granted access into the papal palace wherein Fr. Giertych has his apartment for the interview. Asked about the problem of homosexuality, gay ‘marriage’ and their incursion on relgious freedom, Fr. Giertych noted “this is not an issue which is reacting against the Church’s teaching – this is a fundamental anthropological change.” It is, he said, “a distortion of humanity which is being proposed as an ideology, which is being supported, financed, promoted by those who are powerful in the world in many, many, countries simultaneously.” “The Church,” he added, “is the only institution in the world which has the courage to stand up to this ideology.” He continued, noting that the increasing role of the state in society has resulted in a substantial lowering of ethical standards: “Now, what we are observing in many countries world-wide, certainly in the 20 th and the 21 st century, there is an enormous extension of the responsibility of States. Now, the more the State is encroaching on the economy, on family life, on education – the State is saying that only the State has the monopoly to decide about these things. The more the State is omnipotent, the more the ethical standards are lowered, because it’s impossible to promote high ethical standards by the State." The 61-year-old of Polish background said, “I’ve seen the Communist ideology, which seemed to be so powerful, and it’s gone! Ideologies come and go, and they have the idea of changing humanity, of changing human nature. Human nature cannot be changed; it can be distorted. But the elevation of perversion to the level of a fundamental value that has to be nurtured and nourished and promoted – this is absolutely sick.” “The Church, standing up to this ideology which we are seeing now in the Western world, the Church is saying something very normal and humane, which corresponds to the understanding of humanity, which humanity has had for millennia, long before Christ, long before the appearance of Christianity,” he said. “So it’s not a question of the Church fighting the ideology, it’s a question of the distortion of humanity, and the Church standing up in defence of human dignity.” Speaking of practicing homosexuals Fr. Giertych said, “of course they have to be treated with dignity, everybody has to be treated with dignity, even sinners have to be treated with dignity, but the best way of treating people with dignity is to tell them the truth.” “And if we escape from the truth we’re not treating them with dignity,” he added. The papal theologian drew an analogy to smoking saying that helping people stop smoking is not denying their dignity. He said: "Homosexuality is against human nature. Now, there are many things that people do that are unnatural – smoking cigarettes is also unnatural. You can live with the addiction to tobacco, you can die of it, but there are people who are addicted to tobacco, yet they live and we meet with them and we deal with them and we don’t deny their dignity. So certainly people with the homosexual difficulty have to be respected … And so the important thing is how to pastorally help such people to return to an emotional and moral integrity." Fr. Geirtych noted that for many there is a lessened culpability for falling into a homosexual lifestyle due to hardships endured. Homosexual activity is also tied to the contraceptive culture, Geirtych explained: "...we began talking about contraception, and homosexuality is tied with it because since contraception destroys the quality of relationships amongst the spouses, and it generates sexual license outside marriage, and it reduces sexuality to an easy source of pleasure with no responsibility, that pleasure without responsibility is never satisfying, and it generates like a drug. It generates a hunger for even more pleasure, which is even more not truly satisfying, not giving ultimate happiness, and so there is a search for more perverted types of sexual pleasure, which can never fulfill the human person." The Pope’s theologian also explained the distinction between the words “homosexual” and “gay” and the danger to someone who identifies themselves as being “gay”. "…in the American language you have a distinction between the word ‘homosexual’ and ‘gay’. A homosexual is a person who has, to some extent, this homosexual condition. Somebody may have this difficulty, and his friends, his neighbors will not know about this. He’s dealing with this in cooperation with the grace of God and may come out of this difficulty and come back to normal human relationships. Sometimes adolescents, at the moment when their sexual sensibility is appearing, if they have been distorted by others they go through a phase of difficulty in this field. But as they mature they will grow out of it. Whereas a ‘gay’ is somebody who says, ‘I am like this, I will be like this, I want to be treated like this, and I want special privileges because I am like this.’ Now if somebody is not only homosexual, but a gay, declaring, ‘This is how I am, and I want this to be respected legally, socially and so on’ – such a person will never come out of the difficulty." He also spoke of the danger of identifying with the homosexual condition as if it was the “supreme expression of the identity of the individual” which would deprive the individual of healing and happiness. The papal theologian concluded noting the Christ is both the model for a healthy humanity and the source of healing for distortions of humanity. “Christ shows us a humanity which is supremely transformed from within by the divinity, “ he said. “Now, we have access to the grace of God through our faith, through the sacraments, and, by living out the grace of God, that grace of God heals whatever distortions we may have, whatever difficulties we may have, on the condition that we initiate, we commence the pilgrimage, we start the journey of living out our lives with the grace of God.”

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