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Found 8 results

  1. "JW.org has passed the milestone of being translated into 1000 languages, and is still rapidly growing! We will surely continue to see many more languages added in a short amount of time. So I thought I'd share some interesting language stats that I hope you all find encouraging (disclaimer: these stats may not be 100% correct, but if not then would be very close)... Today there are 7,099 living languages (This number includes sign languages, creoles, pidgins, mixed languages, constructs, and unclassified languages). It is predicted by some that in 100 years from now only 10% of these will still be alive ~ that is roughly 700. ~ In 2016 the entire Bible had been translated into 636 languages, and the complete New Testament into 1,442 languages, and is currently in the process of being translated into many more languages. The Watchtower magazine is translated into over 300 languages, and has a circulation of over 62 million copies bimonthly, making it the most circulated and most translated magazine on the planet. The Brochure Listen to God and Live Forever is in well over 640 languages (figure from mid 2016) and counting... Of those 7,000+ languages, just 397 languages have one million or more native speakers, only about 90 languages have ten million or more native speakers (23 of these account for more than half the world's population), just 10 languages have one hundred million or more native speakers, and only 1 language has close to one billion native speakers (Mandarin Chinese ~ worth learning!). These are the names of those top 10 languages, in order of population (according to Wikipedia): Mandarin Chinese Spanish English (2nd place if including all speakers) Hindustani Arabic Portuguese Bengali Russian Japanese Punjabi "World Languages": World languages are international languages with a huge number of both native speakers and non-native speakers. The three most agreed upon world languages are (in order): English (By far the most international) French Spanish Less strict sources include the following in this category... Mandarin Chinese Arabic Portuguese Russian German "Endangered Languages": On the other side of the list, 1,955 languages have less than 1,000 native speakers. About 692 of those languages have less than 100 native speakers, and 363 of that number have less than 10 native speakers left. About 219 of those languages exist solely as an auxiliary language and has no native speakers left at all, or exist as a constructed language that a mere handful of people, and in some cases just a single person, can speak it to varying degrees of fluency. 199 languages have unknown statistics. Apparently the least spoken native language in the world is Taushiro (Pinche), a Peruvian language spoken fluently by only one elderly man. Language distribution: Africa: 2,144 Americas: 1,061 Asia: 2,294 Europe: 287 Pacific: 1,313 Constructed languages: According to another source, there may be over 300 constructed languages in total. Eperanto is by far the most successful of all constructed languages, having close to two million speakers around the world, and now even has a small population of native speakers (children taught Esperanto as one of their first languages by their parents). It is said to be one of the easiest spoken languages to learn, and along with Latin and Koine Greek, is even taught in some Universities (as well as in one primary school in Brazil). The complete Bible has been translated into Esperanto. Klingon (from Star Trek) is an actual constructed language that has up to 30 speakers. Apparently parts of the Bible have been translated into Klingon too. @Qapla Sign language stats: Out of the 137 sign languages, the most used is Chinese Sign Language, while the most international is American Sign Language (part of the French Sign Language family). Some sign languages have a written form, tho few people can read them. Oldest living language: Hebrew. Since Jehovah God blessed Shem, it's reasonable to assume that Shem's language was not affected when God confused the language of the disapproved people at Babel. Abram the Hebrew was a direct decendent of Shem (see the lineage: Genesis 11:10-26), and would have spoken the same language as his direct ancestor. Therefore, altho the original Hebrew has changed dramatically over time into its modern decendent language, the oldest living language would probably be Hebrew ~ as well as most likely being the oldest language of humankind. In Paradise will we all return to speaking the original language, Hebrew? Or will God create a brand new language for us? We will have to wait an see... Sources: https://www.ethnologue.com/statistics/size https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_languages_by_number_of_native_speakers http://www2.cmp.uea.ac.uk/~jrk/conlang.html https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1200001953 https://www.jw.org/en/
  2. Hey friends, I'm curious to know if you have any go to sources (apps or websites) that offer Greek or Hebrew literal definitions, with the possible English alternatives. I understand the JW app and website offer the Interlinear translation, but I often have to copy the Greek word then Google it to even understand the pronunciation. Which is find I suppose, but always trying to streamline research. I love to hear a brother give a talk and highlight a literal definition, because it deepens my understanding personally.
  3. If you've been relying on Google for translation, you may want to give Microsoft / Bing translator another go: in recent years it has been using neural networks, AI, and machine learning to not only catch up to google, but for certain language pairs, actually beating out the big "G." Just this week a member of this forum from Mexico and I used Microsoft's "Translator Conversations" feature to instant message with each other, in two different languages, while each seeing the other's messages in our preferred one! (I have previously tested this chat feature with up to 4 people, none of whom knew any second language--microsoft does all the bridgework to cross the language barrier!) And today they announced their Chinese - English machine translation has now reached parity with human translators--wow! They've also partnered with smartphone maker Huawei, which makes a phone with a built-in AI-dedicated computer chip which allows offline translation that rivals the power of google's supercomputers. It's almost like a star trek-type universal translator that doesn't even need internet access. This could be useful for need-greaters I imagine. As lifehacker put it a year ago when they reviewed these two options side by side, "Google Offers More Languages, But Microsoft Chooses Quality Over Quantity" Microsoft Translator is available at Bing.com/translator and in the mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  4. Today we had Branch Visit Special Meeting here in Finland. All congregations in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finnish speaking congregations in Sweden were connected through video stream to meeting place. Over 22000 were attending live at morning, and many others viewed the recorded program this afternoon. Anyway, it was announced in the talk that JW Broadcasting will get official translations starting this May. Language list included Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian and some 30 other languages, which was not revealed in this talk. I wonder what will be other languages.
  5. Hi, does someone know if the large edition of the NWT is bound in "the old way" or with glue, like all of our new publications. I hope you understand what I mean. English is not my first language, sorry. Greetings
  6. Brothers I need your help. Do any one can help me with English transcript of January's JW Broadcasting. This week with few local congregation we plan to watch Jw Broadcasting January with translation to Ukrainian. I've already done 20 minutes of translate But more 40 needed to be translate. Translation from the text it's much easier for me rather than from the video. Thanks a lot for your help!
  7. Does any of you know how I could find the current number of languages in which a specific JW publication is translated into ? In practice, I would like to know in how many languages the fg brochure (good news from God) now exists.
  8. I found this article interesting. It lists and explains the meaning of some words that express very concrete ideas for which there is no specific word in English or other languages. There are brothers here at JWTalk that speak most of those languages: http://www.babbel.com/magazine/untranslatable-01?slc=engmag-a18-vid-in3-untranslatable1-ob It often happens to me that I don't find a word in English that conveys the exact meaning I have in mind, while there is a word in Spanish that expresses it perfectly. And also the other way around.

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