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The weather is beautiful. It went from 45 F to 75 F in a few days. We're supposed to have this weather for a while. Okayyy, so I plant. The soil is warm and receptive so my cool weather produce is ready and willing. I planted radishes in the wheel barrow, 2 types of carrots in the tub, many rows of beets in the garden and 2 types of peas along the fence-line. If this weather keeps up I'll be planting bush beans, butternut squash and swiss chard soon.  I harvested carrots and leeks for a local restaurant too. Made me feel good.




Peas along the fence here and above with the beets



2 types of carrots and radishes in these. The other 2 culverts will have dill in them when I put them in the garden. I bought small dill, will work well.



Its official, its spring....warm spring. All my tools are officially out and ready.



Had leeks and carrot to give to the local organic farm to table restaurant...beautiful. Maybe sell to them this year. Will have lots of things for them.





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I'm sorry to hear about that Peter.

I'm so connected to the earth I'd feel disconnected if I couldn't have a patch of earth to work in. We lived in a small city for a few years and I went stir crazy, had to move.

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This guy LITERALLY has waaaaaaaaaaay too much time on his hands.





Dutch artist Maarten Baas produces artworks that lie at the intersection of visual art, performance, and design, creating manual clocks that are erased and redrawn on the stroke of each minute.



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On 3/19/2019 at 8:39 PM, pnutts said:

no place to plant a garden. Not allowed to use balcony railing.😥

@pnutts Could you try a spice garden? Like little pots of herbs like rosemary. 

I don't have green fingers or it is a lack of interest in planting. Even forgets to water the plants. So the red bougainvillea plant that my Mom planted 4 decades ago just grows wild. I just use banana skins as a fertilizer. Another similar plant with white and white/pink flowers grows outside the house. During the hot seasons both would be a riot of colors. One neighbor whom I have never spoken to before, stopped by and praised the massive bloom of white and pink flowers cascading down the front of the house. He claims it was the most beautiful sight in the whole of our housing estate. 

There was a story behind that pot of white/pink flowers. It used to belonged to a English sister who was living in a condo. Poor plant was so stunted with hardly much leaves, let alone flowers. The middle aged sister passed away while receiving skin cancer treatment in Singapore. So I brought the pot home and dumped it outside the house. Little did I know that little straggling thing would turn out to be such a beauty.

The sister's English husband has since remarried, to a local sister. I'm sure the poor dear Sister Christine would have been pleased to see the transformation of her little ugly duckling.

All that is left of my Mom thriving garden, besides the red bougainvillea is the kaffir lime plant. All the lovely orchids have all disappeared. The mango tree collapsed after a few years after we moved in because we failed to clear the sub soil which was full of construction debris. This area was formerly a rubber estate with its accompanying termite infestation.

So that is the sad affair of my present plot of garden. I really shouldn't be complaining. Nature seems intent on adding color to my drab old house.

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