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6 hours ago, TRUTH04 said:

These d/l are huge. For some areas like ours that we don't have these free WiFi in shops, joints, offices etc, its costly, getting an update.

I understand the situation.


Is there an internet cafe or some place where you can have a more reliable connection to the internet and where you pay by time? That way you could download the file there making sure that it's not corrupted and then copy it to your laptop. That should be much cheaper than using your mobile data.


You don't have wifi at the Kingdom Hall, do you?


2 hours ago, TRUTH04 said:

Is that what you wish the Org should do or what I should do?

He means the Org. There's nothing you can do in that regard. :)

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10 hours ago, TRUTH04 said:

I can d/l. I did so with my current WLib. In this case of my trying to update, the progress bar reached to 99%, but there wasn't any progress again. It stood on 99% for such a long time, that I hard to "pause" it. And hibernated the computer. Next day, restarted the update, it refused to start off the update.

I had to cancel it, then "search(ed) for update" again, and it started afresh. These same thing had happened last month before. The data is squandered, yet I didn't get what I wanted.

I recharge my data monthly and manage it throughout the month. But I had to recharge data twice per month because of the update. That's quite an expenditure for me. Yet, I would love it if I had to make such sacrifice, I get what I want. Not to be wasting data I would have used for something else.

Now, the data am using now is another recharge that cost N1,500. So I have spent N3,000 for just one month. Am browsing with the second N1,500. So I don't want to waste this money trying to go through that online update again. That will reach 99% and stops there. Normally, my data serves me and my wife for a whole month and beyond, but now, see how our money is wasted. Yet no result.

These d/l are huge. For some areas like ours that we don't have these free WiFi in shops, joints, offices etc, its costly, getting an update.

I have 2017 DVD. I did update it mostly in 2018. But I noticed this problem from when the update reached 2gig.

So, I need an update package, that I would d/l onto my laptop storage system, so that I will update with it. In other words, I want a sure download that won't interrupt on the way and would have to start afresh. That consumes my data because the update is big, one can't afford to waste such amount.

Is there one brother in the area that has a reliable connection (or at least less expensive)?  He could download the file from JW.ORG and then burn it to a DVD or flash drive and pass it around to the brothers that do not have ready access to the internet.


Some publishers have the problem of actually installing the updates and it is not related to the internet connection.  So it is possible to get a good copy of the files and still not get them to install.  But if the files were on a disk or flash drive, it would eliminate the cost of internet service while waiting for the install to complete.

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On 3/18/2019 at 4:13 AM, Jonathan77 said:

I have seen this before with updates.  I think it is because the base update is now larger than 2gb, a bug in the calculations affects the download progress and when it reaching 2gb it seems stuck at 99%, when in fact there is much more to download.  In reality 2gb when it reaches 2gb it should only by about 50%.


I think it is time to refresh the ISO to the 2019 edition.  Most of the files are replaced by the update package.

Personally I would have a basic library app with no publications installed.  Then you download the publications as a separate package.  Also because the videos are such a large part of package, I would have two options, one with videos, one without to save data.  You may already have the videos, so why download again?

Another option would be split the library according to the indexes, one for 1950-1985, and another for 1986 to today.  If you have no need for the older publications, you could save data by not downloading them.  I rarely look at anything before 1986 anyway. These are just my own opinions.

Br, Jonathan, I am updating an older tablet tonight.  As I am sitting here I thought about your comments.  I just realized the difficulty in doing what you requested.  Many people updating have their WT-Library in different stages of update.  Not all update every time.  So just limiting an update to specific books or a specific time period might not get all of the updates to everyone.  You might be current and only need a Meeting Workbook, a magazine or two and a new invitation.  But I am sitting here and updating 2018 and 2019.  Your update would not work for me.  We could go to an annual update base and then just update a few things but it would only be a matter of 2-3 months and we would all be out of sync again.  So I guess, it is best to just load it all at one time. 


Unless you anticipate an intelligent "downloader" program that scans for what you need and then just loads that portion.  Seems unlikely.  It was a good thought


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