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The Things We Will Build and We Will Do In Paradise

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I'm looking forward to seeing just how far into the New World we will have to be, and will need to have prepared, before we start welcoming all dead loved ones back. As well as the education process required for these resurrected ones who may be a little disoriented at first. Also the global education centers required, who will be chosen to educate them. Of course all of this guaranteed to be supremely organized by Jehovah & Jesus.  

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On 5/22/2021 at 8:58 PM, Your Brother said:

I can only hope not. I want simple. Please no satellite dishes, no power lines, no telephones. 


No TV please. Modern electronics, factories and the like are the Devils tools. The manufacture of all these things causes pollution. 


I don't need trains or subways. I will not be in a hurry. Give me a horse and a trail and I will be fine.


I believe the face of the earth will change to meet our desires. I think there will be land bridges to all the continents. Everyone I know wants water, usually moving like a stream or river, mild climate and what I would describe as the earths bounties, food like we have never enjoyed before. I want to work my land and reap it's rewards.


I, my wife or both of us will teach my children. No "higher" education will be needed.  


I will love my creator, my family, my neighbor and his creation and I will spend my time showing this.


My biggest wonder is how he will organize us. If I make it into the new system, will I be the head of my family. As My Mom and Dad, my brother and my aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. come back will I be the one who is responsible for them? For teaching them? There is kind of a precedent for that isn't here?


What is our relationship with the 144000 going to be like.


And if he ever wants me on another planet I am sure he can get me there without me building some sort of flying saucer.





NO tv or modern electronics…? The Devil’s tools? 🧐

Try walking into Walkill and telling the tour guide that 😂

Have you been to Kingdom Hall lately? Watched a Regional Convention? Seen a clip on the new projects Bethel has underway like Rampapo?


TV’s are an invaluable tool in teaching and will be here to stay.

The Earth is more than capable of handling and cleaning appropriate levels of pollution.. we will work in harmony with those limitations


I’d love a 15” 4K HDR tablet with all JW Library in full 4K hdr… Dolby atmos audio ,, the works!

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2 hours ago, Susan Cook said:

NO tv or modern electronics…? The Devil’s tools? 🧐

Try walking into Walkill and telling the tour guide that 😂

Have you been to Kingdom Hall lately? Watched a Regional Convention? Seen a clip on the new projects Bethel has underway like Rampapo?


TV’s are an invaluable tool in teaching and will be here to stay.

The Earth is more than capable of handling and cleaning appropriate levels of pollution.. we will work in harmony with those limitations


I’d love a 15” 4K HDR tablet with all JW Library in full 4K hdr… Dolby atmos audio ,, the works!

So your I guess your saying we will see? 😏

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the basics..............


food that doesn't hurt you

water and drink that doesn't hurt you.

air that doesn't hurt you

equal economics for work... any work.

able to have a place to live without fear of not having enough money- homeless poeple work fulltime....

free from government run by crooks

free from selfish corporations

free from evil persons making people sick as a business model.

free from a moral climate that takes away your freedom to please God.



i miss the kingdom hall projects where anyone can show up and help out.  was nice.


how would the world be with everyone earning same pay check?  no economic haughtiness.  no governments debt slaving everyone.  I like the scripture said the apostles learned to be poor so others could be rich;  apply that to monitary issues and not having "rich" people taking all the money and hoarding it and not giving it to their businesses as they "employ" people to make them money.


etc etc...


how much money is wasted on war programs;  those still in babylon the great being ripped off with thier donations.  inflation of greed by everyone....


banking industry....  they no longer risk their money anymore;  you walk in and say hey let me give you an interest payment for 15 to 40 years with my tax payer money backed garantee that you get your money; that gives you the right to open up a loan on your digital computer free for you out of thin air.  and if i can't keep paying you for this free loan to you after i paid you free interest for no risk to you;  you get my house all in total for free cause i can't give you a principle + interest payement.....



anyway....  all i see is every problem is all humans being mean to other humans.... for various weird ways...  lots of them are slyly hidden.



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This is going to probably make everyone look at me weird. We assume money has value…it’s something that we all use to keep things fair and honest. Greed is the problem. That’s why trading and bartering changed…what has more value?

12 Eggs or 1 Live Chicken?


If those eggs are baby chickens your going to get 12 Live Chickens…how many eggs will you get from those chickens? If you buy 1 Chicken, how many eggs will that lay? 

See and that’s why bartering became an issue. When we buy eggs or chicken at the store that’s the end product. None of the eggs will grow into chickens and the chicken is not alive, it’s been prepared to be cooked.


Having a fair and honest monetary system will be very important. But there is also the need to ensure everyone has what they need. If anything maybe it will be more of helping each other for a “days wage”. Like maybe Johnna is going to do some deep sea fishing…you can go help fish, get some money and take home some fish.


Maybe you need to fix a plate or you maybe you need to fix something. Check on the twins the Metal workers. Instead of paying to do work maybe you ask to use the forge to fix what broke. 

The point is, Jehovah had told the Israelites to do the work not to be lazy. Those who gleened food from the field still had to work to feed themselves. Likewise I can see us use a similar method to work together in the paradise. Plus by then I’m sure we will have fabricators and recycling systems. Meaning no one will have to do the repetitive work. 

Plus people love to work hard at there craft. Thinking about Japanese Culture. I’ve seen people spend 50 years working on a particular craft…they are experts on maybe shaving or giving people haircuts…PHD Barber seems more Appropriate. 😂 We are going to have 1,000 years to perfect certain skills. Plus eternity after the final test. Can you imagine some of the things people will be able to accomplish within the first 100 years…It’s going to be very interesting.

As for education, many people who were academics will need to be brought up to speed…Imagine for a moment of Dr. Stephen Hawking was brought back. He spent his life in a chair and had to rely on a computer to speak for him. Yes it’s true his views on religion were not as positive, but from his view point losing the ability to speak, walk and live would break anyone’s heart…especially when you have a degenerative condition. Imagine for a moment someone who didn’t think there was going to be anything after death, walking, talking and trying to grasp what is going on. Now the reason I bring this to light is because all of these scientists and doctors will now be given a golden opportunity to learn about Jehovah. That’s going to be a huge change for the majority of them. But it will also usher in a new wave of information. Especially with new scrolls being opened up.

No mater how you look at it. We will most likely be technologically advanced. Very eco-friendly, focused on taking care of the earth. Growing food at everyone’s house, generating electricity and heat from the sun and our own waste. (Yes you can get power from bathroom waste it is wild 😜 and the waste from our waste can be used as high performance fertilizer…that can be used in a hydroponic system to grow vegetables and fish farms.) 


This will all be a possibility because Jehovah and Jesus will be picking up from where we Adam and Eve left off. We are going to have a bunch of people, so all we need to do is subdue it, clean it up what a time to be alive. Kinda sounds like the ending of movie asteroid movie “Deep Impact” 😂 

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Bartering is a big word, it can be very loose as we do now : you help me with the car, I'll invite you for a meal later... no need to overthink "value".


Christian love is about giving without expecting anything in return. Luke 14:12-14

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What do I want to build?

I'd like to learn hydroponics and build a self-sustaining garden from it. 

I'd like to build my own furniture- tables, chairs, special made kitchen cabinetry/shelving system. I'm thinking I'd like to have a more 'restaurant' style of kitchen with metal shelving and stainless steel (which I want to learn to bend) countertops along with my own made butcherblock counters too. 

I want to help build the resurrection/reeducation centers if we have them. I'd like to be involved in what we learn to do for distance transportation. 


As for what I want to do?

After the first couple hundred years of making adjustments and welcoming the resurrected I want to move to different places every 10 years or so. I'm not much of a traveler now but I'm certain in the NS that will be different. I want to see the lands that have had so much happen in them as well as perhaps meeting some of those people who I've learned about like the Romans/Saxons/Norman's, all who invaded Britain and made their mark there. This world has so much history, I want to hear the stories from those who lived during those momentous times.  

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