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Recipe for a glass of water

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Nigella Lawson's guide to making a glass of water



6th September 2021


AS WE move into the autumn months, I’m turning away from summery Pimms and Aperol Spritzes to year-round favourites – and what’s more classic than a glass of water?

A versatile drink that works as an aperitif or an accompaniment to just about any meal, this deceptively simple recipe can be served with ice or at room temperature. You can buy it bottled, of course, but where’s the fun in that?


Step 1: Prepare

Begin by prepping a nice glass or cup, to be found in kitchen cupboards, to be used for serving. Heston Blumenthal has experimented with other vessels like watering cans and pipettes, but I prefer a classic transparent glass. I’m a bit of a voyeur, really.


Step 2: Run the tap

The wonderful thing about this recipe is that it can be prepared in any kitchen or even bathrooms, if you’re naughty. Gently tilt your glass – this is not my secret, but one pilfered from a roguish barman I met in Siena. Grazie, Luigi – then allow the water to gush into the cup, turning it off once you’ve reached your preferred level. Let it overflow if you like. I won’t tell anyone.


Step 3: Season

I like to enjoy my water with a squeeze of lemon, so flick ahead to my recipe for Sliced Lemon if you’re feeling advanced, but many prefer it plain. For a little extra kick, sprinkle a few grains of salt into it. It always reminds me of September sunsets swimming in the still-warm Mediterranean.


Step 4: Drink

It’s time to enjoy your glass of water, whether you sip, gulp or savour. Best enjoyed fresh, but also works as a mischevious midnight treat if left on your bedside table for easy access. Mmm. So moreish. I literally couldn’t live without it.

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 I go to Publix ( local food store ) and fill my 3 gallon water containers with Primo purified water, I then put the water through a Zero Water filter and put it in the fridge, for our coffee water I run tap water through a Brita water filter, we stopped buying plastic water bottles for drinking even though I recycled them. Zero water has a tester that tells you when to change the filter but since I'm putting pre filtered water in it it still reads "zero "  😋


Primo Water’s Purification Process removes or significantly reduces the presence of:

  • Chlorine and chlorine by-products
  • Bacteria and parasites
  • Heavy metals including lead
  • Trace levels of pharmaceuticals & more (uh, yikes! didn’t even know that was in water)  😱


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2 hours ago, Lee49 said:

What's so sexy about drinking water?



water drinking GIF



 Depends on how thirsty you are.  I have often strongly desired some cold water from the very depths of my soul.  And would do nearly anything to get it!  It makes you feel fulfilled and satisfied like nothing else...  😉


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14 hours ago, bohemian said:

or even bathrooms, if you’re naughty

Unless you're in certain parts of the UK where drinking tap water from the bathroom can kill you due to copper piping.

(Yes non-Brits, that's why you'll see signs here on faucets saying "drinking water" or "DO NOT DRINK".)

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On 9/8/2021 at 6:18 AM, EccentricM said:

Unless you're in certain parts of the UK where drinking tap water from the bathroom can kill you due to copper piping.

(Yes non-Brits, that's why you'll see signs here on faucets saying "drinking water" or "DO NOT DRINK".)

or where I'm from there are worries of EColi in the tap water lol 🤦‍♂️

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