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What movie scene, makes you cry simultaneously for both yourself and the movie character.

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Tell us what movie clip (movie scene or scenario) makes you cry simultaneously for yourself & the movie character. Below, I provide my 2 examples so you can understand what is being asked of you here. In the past, part of my experience  included mental illness and hospitilization, here are my 2 movie clips, now share with us yours:


"Stop thinking so much":

small boy living in World War II japanese internment camp separated from his parent's. During an american plane attack on the camp's adjacent military installation, he runs to a roof top excitedly screming/cheering the attacking planes. His rants reflect a boy's mind decaying towards insanity, from the intense pressure of being imprisoned/separated from normal peaceful life and from his parents. The camp's american Dr. Runs to the roof top, to save the boy from the exposed danger (on roof during plane attack) grabbing the mentally tortured boy: "Stop thinking so much, try not to think so much..."


John Nash Nobel winner speech- The only [human] logical thing that always make's sense:

In his speech, instead of talking about his genius or discoveries, he reveals (as all of us sooner or later figure out) that the only human thing that [seems to be] consistently logical; and that makes sense; and is beautiful; is loyal love from those few who've never abandoned us, no matter our sick mind's occassional offenses or rants.  They still (when we need it) will sit and listen to us until the new system arrives.  So now, share with us (your loyal friends) what movie clip makes you cry simultaneously for yourself & the movie character.


 2 video clips:  


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"My wife used to say I'm a hard man to know. Like a closed..." - The Shawshank Redemption quote (clip.cafe)


Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency.




Andy Dufresne:  My wife used to say I'm a hard man to know. Like a closed book. Complained about it all the time...
Red:  That don't make you a murderer. Bad husband, maybe. You can feel bad about it if you want to, but you didn't pull the trigger.
Andy Dufresne:  No, I didn't. Somebody else did. And I wound up in here. Bad luck, I guess.

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5 hours ago, Dustparticle said:

This tops it all: 


I'm curious, why does this movie clip make you 'simultaneously cry for the character and yourself', it's gotta be an intriguing answer 🤔

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He did something very bad, and I'm not asking you to forgive him
You have to give him some sign that you love him...
or else he'll never be a man
He'll just keep on feeling guilty
and alone, unless you release him
Please, help him
I love Cal, Mr. Trask,
and I want him to be whole and strong
and you're the only one who can do it
So try, please try
If you could ask him for something. Let him help you so that he knows
that you love him.


East of Eden Movie CLIP - You Stay With Me (1955)



Adam (Raymond Massey) forgives Cal (James Dean) and finally asks for his help.


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