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  1. Just uploaded the new wonderful song!! I love it!!
  2. Your Word endures forever View File Sonmg from the Broadcast of January 2017 Submitter molnarj Submitted 01/02/2017 Category Other / Miscellaneous  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Sonmg from the Broadcast of January 2017
  4. The link works with me, but no Dutch in the list ?????
  5. I remember that last month was also later then usual.
  6. Go to the Store and search for Upgrade advisor. Install it. Open the app. The app will check if your Phone is Windows 10 mobile ready. If so, you can upgrade to Windows 10. So far it works fine on my Nokia 735.
  7. It should be this one:
  8. In the past there used to be a special talk for the Bethel Family every 3 month. Sometimes just encouragement, sometimes a specific talk for the work at Bethel. My guess is this is one of these talks. Just like the one from Bobby Dunbar: In Their Own Tongue and Style of Writing. Superb Talk!!
  9. I have an Asus T100 running Windows 10 and I noticed that if you choose to use Full screen mode (Upper right corner middle Icon) you can highlite the text you want properly.
  10. I am a birdwatcher and I find these one of the most fascinating birds on earth: The only thing is they don't give credit to their Creator!
  11. I Use Windows 10 Home on my Asus T100 and I have the same problem. You can see the screen readjust itself in a split second and then you can no longer place the Hand on the Bibleverse. It doesn't appear. But about 5/6 cm below the place where the Bibleverse is, the hand appears. If you click the verse is shown. The highliting does the same. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the resolution is 1366 X 768 (?) I also have a computer running Windows 10 Home and there I don't have this problem. I also noticed on my Windowsphone that the JW Library Tile is showing the Daytext!
  12. I do not know what kind of device you have but if you want to install it on your Phone, make sure you install the mobile version and if you want to install it on your Laptop, you should install the normal version. And you need for both the Laptop and the Phone the Windows OS. Not Apple IOS or Android. And are you sure you have all the data copied from the original CD?
  13. Or has this something to do with the so called 'it will blow you away'- thing which was on the spoiler thread, from someone we don't now and if it was reliable, but made all of us in expectation to the point we almost have a nervous breakdown. If I didn't have ADHD, I have it now.