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  1. Hi all, Am just interested in those who have participated in the above and the results you've had on a personal level. (Those who have will know what the acronyms stand for haha). I've noticed that Leslie had a thread going for Keto recipes, I'll be looking at that in more detail later. But this is really about adjusting to the foods and the times you chose to eat. I was actually really skeptical about this, but being in a situation with my health that was going only one way - I've made the plunge and today was really excited when I got my blood results. Initially it started with the nurse being really concerned about my colestoral reading ... then I said, I expected that result and asked about my blood sugars, they have halved in a month! - and she said that would be the new medication we put you on, and when I told her I hadn't taken it at all - she was very impressed but still a little hmm whats the word? A little flumoxed about my lack of concern about the colestoral levels. What foods are getting best results for you if this is what you choose? I'm doing Keto (50-60% fat, 25% protein, 10-15% carbs with copious amounts of leafy and fibrous veges). Because I don't have a gallbladder I'm drinking a mix of Apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon juice, tumeric and stevia to aid my digestion before i eat. Four days out of the seven I'm doing 23/1 IF - OMAD in other words - eating between 800-1100 cals a day Three days IF - six hour window of eating. Loving the swap from marg to butter ... i hated marg enjoying avos, coconut oil, olive oil and grapeseed oil. Quite close to the meditarranean diet isn't it? Looking forward to hearing others who are trying this. NOTE: This thread in no way elevates one lifestyle choice over another, nor is it to convey that this way is good for everyone, its not. It's down to personal choice as with everything ...and I do not want to present it as a must do for anyone.
  2. The thing is, because this will be repeated over and over again in the New System for real, stories like this will never be over for 100's of years. Even if what transpires is worlds away from the novels - these novels have really given me an excitement for welcoming back the resurrected ones - the challenges of different eras and beliefs are mind boggling. I can see why we are being taught to be conversational, to ask questions ... our training has started now.
  3. Post any comment (within the rules) on any subject you wish, let's see how many topics we can cover in one thread. I HATE TAPIOCA PUDDINGS!!
  4. I'm not sure of what part you're talking about. But there's nothing in the scriptures to indicate otherwise. I would have thought getting married was a natural thing for some in the New System - the marriage arrangement was instituted in Eden prior to Adam and Eve sinning - so it seems logical to me.
  5. It could be the age of the gas lines and the inability or refusal of authorities to replace them. Maybe? Just read Jerry's comment - I concur!! LOL. In our City - we are having a similar maintenance issue with the water pipes.
  6. I must say, it's been quite exciting not just for me but our local congregations, there's seems to be an upsurge of studies coming to the meeting. Jehovah blessed me with two coming and another thinking about it. It's very encouraging not just for myself but for my studies and the congregations. How's the Bible Study attendance by you all? Any nice experiences?
  7. Wow. Tort - hopefully it works out with that. Our chappie who came is an atheist ... we've started a study in the good news brochure ... well he's also an alcoholic so attention span is a little short for now. He's very honest and says he wants to believe but can't, so his head knowledge is stopping his heart, hopefully giving him accurate knowledge will jumpstart the heart. He came to the meeting ... looked at me (Tom was sick so another couple and myself picked him up) and said: "Don't expect me to sing the songs will you? - I said No No just observe so you know what goes on here that's fine. Welllll ... he sung all the songs and was the loudest out of all four of us - very nice voice. Young chap well 44ish ... looking foward to where Jehovah is taking us on this one.
  8. This is by no means a suggestion for anyone else, but my bar is - once one of Jehovah's laws is broken then I back away from it. So for me the key is knowing and understanding Jehovah's laws. And the other factor : Is it being reported on (as in the news) or is it unnecessarily graphic. Like the brother that got up from the movie in the theatre (2018 Courage Convention) - possibly the movie advertised was okay with his conscience initially, but once he watched it - maybe some content caught him by surprise. Or maybe his conscience DID bother him initially, and it took something more to give him the courage to get up and walk out. There are so many variations, spiritual levels, experiences, and research - you can't say which goes with who - only yourself.
  9. Obedience over sacrifice yes ... even in the little things.
  10. Stormswift

    Post a picture... Any picture

    My Mouse drawing. (coloured pencils on black paper one of my favourite mediums). This one is special because it actually worked out. haha.
  11. I came across this old advertisement for Chesdale Cheese from New Zealand. This holds a special place in my heart because a friend of mine who has since passed away, wrote this ... he was an elder and a beautiful pianist he also worked for TVNZ, but more than that, he was a beautiful faithful servant of Jehovah. His wife and son/daughter-in-law are visiting our congregation at the moment ... the latter live in Tonga and Jehovah has given them so many blessings in the field.I really love this family they are a constant source of spiritual encouragement. Enjoy the ad - it has a very 'kiwi' type of lifestyle conveyed
  12. Stormswift


    You could also be sitting at the carts and talking to a disfellowshipped person without realizing it. The thing is there are three types of disfellowshipped ones: Those who are trying to come back - these will abide by the restrictions put on them by the elders. They are very unlikely to come on here, unless they were here already prior to being disfellowshipped. Then as Shawn said they are honest with us and we activate our processes for the protection of the members and out of love for the individual. Those disfellowshipped ones who aren't repentant. They may try to come onto the site ... and may even hide themselves for a bit, but that's where the moderated posts will catch most of those and why we allow time to pass before we make new members full members. They usually can't help themselves but reveal what is in their hearts. Then you have those who actively oppose Jehovah ... and sometimes they slip through too, but remain silent in the background until they cannot remain silent anymore - then whoooosh they are gone. We can't guarantee that none of the above aren't on the site just as you can't guarantee that new person or that visitor in your kingdom hall is truly a witness until they start to display spiritual qualities or the opposite. But we can guarantee that members will report anyone they are suspicious about and with the vast array of mderators from most of the time zones ... we are vigilant and have minimized the risk as much as we are able to do. Anyone who ventures online are aware of these risks ... but can also discern for themselves who are spiritual people by their posts ... especially over an extended period of time. We had a guy coming to our meetings feigning interest - turned out that he confessed he was planted there by another religion to see what we really teach. - while that can actually have a good result my point here is we don't know who strangers are at the meeting or in the witnessing work. Hope that helps.
  13. Actually what a lovely thought ... if you think about Russia, all they have done is dissolve the legal identity ... which is going to be dissolved anyway ... but in no way have they touched the organization from a spiritual aspect. Our Russian brothers and sisters are leading the way!
  14. I don't think 'The Society' is ever WRONG to use, but sometimes people can get confused between the spiritual out workings of Jehovah's earthly organization and its legal identity. Using the Branch or the Branch Office is being more definitive ... the Society is a more collective term. To keep pace with Jehovah's chariot ... it's not terms or words that will keep us up with it ... it is loyalty and obedience.
  15. Stormswift

    Increasing hemoglobin

    Don't like Dragonfruit - it's bland. Pretty looking though.
  16. Stormswift

    Increasing hemoglobin

    Yup to both. I also take Fulvic Acid and Olive leaf extract. Actually anything Dark Green or red. I've discovered I love red foods (that don't start with D) ... raspberries, beetroot, pommegranets, red apples - then the parsleys and celeries ... real good for the blood.
  17. Stormswift

    Increasing hemoglobin

    Also liquid Chlorophyll.
  18. Stormswift

    Vintage Advertisements

    they look appetizing. ... love the butter content.
  19. Stormswift


    Same arguement with a picture of Jesus or Mary though ... it's just a picture .. it's what you do with it or how you revere it at the end of the day.
  20. Stormswift

    Vintage Advertisements

    Get over it Bro. Aussies are meant to be tough. Or is that Urban Legend?
  21. Stormswift


    Almost anything can be an idol, if it's replacing worship or even taking time away from Jehovah. Folk art interestingly was formed by artists who had a reverence for the scripture that tells you not to make graven images. So they'd picture flowers that weren't like the originals, made up. EG: pansies with only three petals instead of the usual four. But that's taking it to the extreme.
  22. It's only Monday still here - it doesn't usually go up until early Tuesday for NZ.

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