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Has anyone seen a video from Russia w/people climbing through a window?

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 I don't think that they made it clear that they were the police if they were actually police nor was it apparent that they tried to knock on the door, assuming the doors were locked.

I went on to youtube this morning looking for videos that showed authorities planting evidence. I ran into a video 'Russian Police Force Into Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Halls'. It shows someone in  plain clothes climbing through a window while the Witnesses inside were at first trying to keep him out and then let him and another man in. The caption in part reads: 'Jehovah's Witnesses refused to let the Russian police into their kingdom halls so they forced themselves thru a window! '. At least the initial part of the video appears to be recorded by one of our brothers/sisters inside with a cell phone. Then the posted video shows police in uniform inside. I didn't watch the whole video nor read all of the comments under it as I read enough to know that the poster and several commenters were at least very opposed and likely apostates.


I would like to see the original video rather than the one I found which was obviously taken from somewhere else.



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