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Tuesday, January 22 ~ Jehovah raises up the meek.​—Ps. 147:6.

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Tuesday, January 22

Jehovah raises up the meek.—Ps. 147:6.


How can we benefit from Jehovah’s readiness to act in our behalf? We have to have a good relationship with him. To have that, we need to cultivate meekness. (Zeph. 2:3) Meek ones wait on God to correct any wrongs and to undo the injuries inflicted on them. Jehovah looks on such ones with his smile of approval. On the other hand, God “hurls the wicked to the ground.” (Ps. 147:6b) These are strong words! To benefit from Jehovah’s loyal love and to avoid his wrath, we have to hate what he hates. (Ps. 97:10) For instance, we are to hate sexual immorality. This means that we have to stay away from anything that could lead us into such wrongdoing, including pornography. (Ps. 119:37; Matt. 5:28) This may be a hard fight, but having Jehovah’s blessing is worth any effort we must put forth. In fighting this battle, we need to rely on Jehovah, not on ourselves. We must approach Jehovah, begging for his help. w17.07 19-20 ¶11-13

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