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Thursday, January 31 ~ You must pay your vows to Jehovah.​—Matt. 5:33.

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Thursday, January 31

You must pay your vows to Jehovah.—Matt. 5:33.


He was a valiant leader; she was a submissive wife. He was a brave warrior; she was a humble homemaker. Besides worshipping the same God, what could Judge Jephthah and Elkanah’s wife Hannah possibly have in common? Each was under a vow to God, and they both faithfully paid their vow to him. They are excellent examples for men and women today who choose to make vows to Jehovah. As used in the Bible, a vow is a solemn promise that is made to God. A person promises to perform some act, to offer some gift, to enter some type of service, or to abstain from certain things. Vows are made voluntarily, of one’s own free will. Nevertheless, they are sacred and binding in God’s eyes because they carry the force of an oath—a sworn statement—that promises that a person will or will not do a certain thing.—Gen. 14:22, 23; Heb. 6:16, 17. w17.04 3 ¶1-2

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