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    I can than my mother for accepting the truth when I was only 10 and then helping me to always put Jehovah first

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  1. Thanks for posting. It’s so nice to see the love our brothers have for one another
  2. Yes, I thought I’ve been wrong all this time
  3. Thanks Bro. Carlos. I thought I was really missing something. Guess I’ll have to do it the hard way. I love having the music videos with lyrics to download and watch off line.
  4. Why can I not download the original videos with the subtitles? I did it before, now I can’t. I checked the settings and I have subtitles, checked. Also is 720 the largest size file for those videos? Any help will be appreciated
  5. Thanks John. I understand about marginal references but in the study bible, it not a j. That’s why I was asking. Rlyem, answered, he had the printed copy, there’s a difference in the letters for that reference. Never knew that before. Same reference, just different letters.
  6. Which bible was he using? He said the marginal reference is 'j'?
  7. Can’t wait to hear from you. We have friends who are headed to Georgia
  8. Thanks for posting the language, I was wondering which it was.
  9. Thanks brother. I never knew that about the *
  10. Ok that makes sense. I think I can help him now. Thanks
  11. Can anyone help. My husband had his Ministerial training school and he didn’t understand all they said about using an * before smsubject to search. I’m his go to for tech things but I’m lost as to what he wants to know. You can private message me if you want Thanks in advance
  12. Just watched. Love the new song. Had to listen to it several times. Just love it
  13. momma

    Shooter in Las Vegas

    Sorry, I didn't see that post
  14. momma

    Shooter in Las Vegas

    I received a google alert, that said a sister from Boston was killed in Vegas. She was there with her husband, daughter and sister to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Wasn't sure if this is the one you mentioned.

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