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    Climate Change News

    Watching this CNN video, it is stated that in 1975 the Antarctica ice sheet was melting at about 40 billion tons a year, Now fast forward to 2017, it is now melting at a rate of 252 billion tons a year at a rate 6 times or more a year. 2018 has the warmest oceans on record, breaking 2017’s record. https://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2019/01/16/antarctica-glacier-ice-melt-earth-matters-jennifer-gray-dnt-lead-vpx.cnn/video/playlists/around-the-world/
  2. Now Russia threatens Europe with a Nuclear Device that can create 1300 - 1600 foot high tidal waves that can go inland and wipe out all life 1000 miles in. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/russian-media-threatens-europe-with-200-megaton-nuclear-doomsday-device/ar-BBSfEik?li=AAggNb9
  3. Anyone use a Fitbit? Having an issue updating firmware, seems to be a connection issue of some sort, it sometimes connect then it disconnects, I keep having to repeat this process over and over. Seems I’m getting nowhere with the updates. Looking for suggestions. Tx
  4. Lewis


    Just wanted to follow up on my original post. So Ive been researching what the issue may be and it seems that updating the firmware on a windows 10 works the best, but updating via phone or iPad seems to be a weak wifi connection issue due to the size of the update. It took me 4 days to get this Fitbit to update via IPad and an additional day to find out that I had to restart my Fitbit 3 times before it started to read my heart rate and properly record my steps and calories. I’m sure I’m not the only one using a Fitbit, but wanted to reply on how I resolved my issue. Thanks for reading.
  5. Lewis

    China Crackdown on Religion

    China has been cracking down on religions for sometime, got a short video on a discussion about this from 3 months ago.
  6. These “workers” were obviously trying to scam, the report even says they tried to get the home owners utility bill and account number. In the comments section below in that same report they talk about how these scammers will call in pretending to be you and switch utility company behind your back. No honest utility company would ever have a policy that encourages breaking into someone’s house to obtains someone’s utility bill and account info.
  7. I’m late in the game on this thread but thought of a couple of things. for newcomers, Read the forum rules and guidelines before posting for the first time. Use plain text over HTML if you want your post to be readable by everyone.
  8. I have a subscription with the Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions website that alerts me every month on what our monthly global average temperature is, every month it goes up base on previous years models of the same month. You can get a monthly subscription here if anyone is interested, they basically send graphs and charts of our temperature rise. For those that are enthusiast on this topic. https://www.climatescienceawarenesssolutions.org/temp/
  9. Heatwave incoming for the northeast US, its going to be a real bad one. https://www.cnn.com/2018/07/02/us/northeast-heat-wave-wxc/index.html
  10. Lewis

    Climate Change News

    Facts are that the Ice caps are actually increasing and decreasing, it depends where your looking, overall we are loosing more than gaining. I linked an article that was released on June 14th a few days ago about Antarctica study that was done. West of Antarctica is loosing ice 3 times as fast while east side of Antarctica is gaining Ice. So the scientist who say that it is gaining ice, they are partially correct. But remember these scientist are paid to make these statements. The same when stating facts about the greenhouse gases, most scientists aren’t including Methane that is in the Arctic Ocean, we currently have 5 Gigatons of methane in our atmosphere and about 500 to 1000 or more gigatons in the Arctic Ocean that can potential be released, according to a climate experts at an UN Climate Conferrance it was said that all we need to end life is 1% of methane to release and its over.
  11. Lewis

    Climate Change News

    Latest on climate change as of yesterday, they have found that the rate of loss of ice in west Antarctica is melting 3 times faster than originally estimated, based on a study between 1997 and 2017. https://climatenewsnetwork.net/antarcticas-melting-is-accelerating-faster/
  12. Never a dull moment....another shooting incident that has just taken place in a school. It is in its preliminary stages. Very little detail at this time. https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/18/us/texas-school-shooting/index.html
  13. Yeah, we see this pattern play out over and over again; A Shooting happens, then there is a deman for action, maybe some bill be introduced in congress, then there will be debates going back and forth, then people move on with little and nothing changed until eventually another mass shooting happens. Rinse and repeat.
  14. Lewis

    Chaos in Gaza

    UN Security Council Live feed on the Gaza situation https://www.cnn.com/specials/live-video-1?adkey=bn
  15. Lewis

    BC Flooding

    Thanks, but nothing to panic right now. There are three phases, in my zone I am in phase 1 currently, once it reaches Phase 2 then its a cause of concern. I will have to empty out my belongings as a precaution for sure.
  16. So as the flooding is creeping over in the kettle river in BC, this morning I received a stern warning from city officials who came to my house that I am in direct danger zone for flooding as the river is rising fast. They are educating people who are in direct threat to the flood and getting everyone ready for evacuation.
  17. Lewis

    BC Flooding

    More or less 🤣
  18. Hopefully this opens up the preaching work for the North Korean Peninsula. For this good news shall be preached throughout the whole earth then end will come.
  19. More like extreme weather on steroids.
  20. Brings me back to bible reading about Noah and the flood. That’s a lot of water. The rain was expected to last for three hours but instead came down in nine minutes, causing flooding in Ankara's Mamak district in what's been described as a "natural disaster like never before".
  21. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/weather/topstories/freak-dust-storms-in-northern-india-kill-more-than-100-people/ar-AAwIpEi?li=AAggNb9 Officials saying that the death toll may still rise, and that even a bunch of animals were killed. Extreme weather keeps getting extreme.
  22. Didn’t see a translation of this so i’ll Put one up below. Some of the words may be off like balaclavas I’m assuming it was trying to translate. In Russia, a year after the ban on Jehovah's Witnesses, their followers are questioned by policemen in balaclaws and with machine guns Kristina Mazza. For the past two weeks, in four Russian cities, policemen in balaclaws and automatic rifles have raided the homes of Jehovah's Witnesses, Newsweek reports. According to the members of the group, at least seven searches have been conducted at least seven times in their homes, including four times in April, "reports journalist Christina Maza." This is a new wave of persecution. "We do not know what is going on," said Newsweek Jaroslaw Sivulsky , by an investigator of Jehovah's Witnesses from Russia who now lives in Latvia. "If they want, they can throw any number of" Jehovah's Witnesses "in jail because they know that" Jehovah's Witnesses "pray at home and are easy to find." "Law Enforcement 20 the house was searched by several "Jehovah's Witnesses", including three former members of the local religious organization in Ivanovo, Igor Morozov was taken to the police station, after which Morozov was released, but he is not allowed to leave Ivanovo, "the representative of the international headquarters of Svid Jarrod Lopez. "On April 19, in Vladivostok, Russia, police raided a divine service attended by Valentin Osadchuk and three elderly women. All four were taken to the police station and interrogated. Valentin remains in custody, he was charged under Article 282.1 of the Criminal Code on "organizing the activities of an extremist organization" (probably referring to Article 282.2 - Ed.). Osadchuk is kept in the pre-trial detention center until June 20, 2018, "Lopez said. [He noted that these events followed similar incidents in Polar, Ufa, Orel, Belgorod, and Kemerovo.) Russia also accused Dennis Christensen, 46, of extremism. He can be imprisoned for 10 years, Newsweek writes: "The ruthless persecution of the followers of Jehovah's Witnesses by Russian authorities is gaining momentum," said Rachel Denber, deputy director of Human Rights Watch for Europe and Central Asia. "Withdrawal from Christensen would be a good first step towards stopping raids and other criminal cases against people who are just practicing their faith."
  23. 50.2 Celsius or 122.4 degrees https://www.msn.com/en-ca/weather/topstories/a-city-in-pakistan-may-have-just-endured-the-hottest-april-temperature-ever-observed-on-earth/ar-AAwClrM?li=AAggNb9
  24. Right now just the 3 states, California, Oregon and Washington, but they are adding more as time goes on. I know North America is their target, not sure beyond this. I live in Vancouver, so if the San Andreas Fault slips, would be very beneficial to me.
  25. A new Quake Alert APP that I have been waiting for, it is in Beta Phase and you can submit for the access to the APP when its ready, just have to go on the site and put in our email. https://earlywarninglabs.com/mobile-app/ Right now only few states have the sensors but they are being added as time goes on, So far California, Washington and Oregon have the sensors that are managed by USGS. The objective of an earthquake early warning system is to rapidly detect the initiation of an earthquake, estimate the level of ground shaking intensity to be expected, and issue a warning before significant ground shaking starts. A network of seismic sensors detects the first energy to radiate from an earthquake, the P-wave energy, and the location and the magnitude of the earthquake is rapidly determined. Then, the anticipated ground shaking across the region to be affected is estimated. The system can provide warning before the S-wave arrives, which brings the strong shaking that usually causes most of the damage. Warnings will be distributed to local and state public emergency response officials, critical infrastructure, private businesses, and the public. EEW systems have been successfully implemented in Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, and other nations with varying degrees of sophistication and coverage. Earthquake early warning can provide enough time to: Instruct students and employees to duck, cover, and hold Initiate mass notification procedures Open fire-house doors and notify local first responders Slow and stop trains and taxiing planes Install measures to prevent/limit additional cars from going on bridges, entering tunnels, and being on freeway overpasses before the shaking starts Move people away from dangerous machines or chemicals in work environments Shut down gas lines, water treatment plants, or nuclear reactors Automatically shut down and isolate industrial systems

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