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  1. Yes ! but it looks like some of us need to say it again and again... human pleasure to talk on things that we know for sure, " . . .about the salvation we hold in common,. . ." (Jude 3) 😉 But as for me I just wanted to know #1 "in which talk ?" , and I precised in #4 "I do not need any comment on this subject" and as soon as David gave me the answer, that this would be #6 "the end of this thread"... However I'm just like many of us: curious of what my friends can find to add on this 'closed' thread, and inclined to add new comments 😂
  2. ...and finally, after understanding how the angels are organized, they decide to organize themselves on the same principles, as a well balanced comunity, for the 2 next centuries, !!
  3. Thanks David, exactly what I was looking for ! So this is the end of this thread !
  4. Neither do I, unless I wouldn't have asked 😏 ! I do not need any comment on this subject, it has been treated sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo often in this forum ! So PLEASE, do not start a new discussion of this 😭 !!!!!
  5. Hi friends ! A sister told us that a brother talked on the possibility for singles to get married in the new system in one of the talks of the last Gilead graduation broadcasting. I don't remember it, but I have a poor memory. Do you remember if it is realy the case and in which talk? Thanks for your help !
  6. yedidia

    Game creation

    ...so far, there is no crowd in sight 😉 !
  7. yedidia

    Game creation

    ...and here are the last of the 30 events: 13 (Luke 10:2) or (Luke 10:11) Go out in service with a publisher that I'm not used to or leave an uninterested person with a spiritual point starting with « Nevertheless, know this, that ... » 14 (Luke 6:13) List and learn the names and responsibilities of the elders and ministerial assistants of my congregation 15 (Matthew 7:24) Practice one of the teachings that we received recently 16 (Matthew 6:9-13) Meditate on one of the point of this prayer and offer deaper prayers on this subject 17(Matthew 9:24) Make a research on mockery that I received or could receive one day and on the best way to react 18 (John 6:9) Bring some food and a spiritual thought to someone who could not attend a recent meeting 19 (Matthew 14:30, 31) Determine what 'Windstorm' may frighten me and how I can strengthen my vision of Jesus to avoid being distracted by such a 'windstorm' coming on me 20 (Luke 10:38, 39) Invite the next possible speaker comming from another congregation, and prepare something simple that allows everybody to enjoy his company 21 (John 11:23) Compose a condolences message for a JW and for a family who annonced a death in the news paper 22 (Luke 17:16) Do a special, unusual thanksgiving to someone 23 (John 13:14) Clean and make shine one pair of shoes for every member of the family 24 (John 13:34, 35) Do something to show my love for a JW that I'm not feeling very near 25 (Luke 22:32, 33) Talk of my theocratic activities of the weekend to somebody who doesn't know that I'm a JW 26 (Luke 22:43) Do a supplication to Jehovah in favor of some one and bring him some encouragement 27 (Matthew 20:28) 'Sacrify' some hours of my life for my neighbor 28 (Luke 24:2, 3) Visit a cemetry and spend some time there reading and meditating on the acconts of the resurrection. Try to witness to somebody 29 (John 21:12 + 17) Prepare a meal with fish for my family 30 (Matthew 28:19, 20) For one month, expand my monthly average of service Now I would be happy to have your comments on adding or removing some events or objectives, and also on better English formulation of the objectives.
  8. yedidia

    Game creation

    Basically we should do something unusual, so this elder should not be in our family or not the responsible of our preaching group. An elder with whom we are not used to discuss a lot...
  9. yedidia

    Game creation

    Okay, let's go ! My aim is +/- to create a theocratic alternative to the advent calendars... The main theme is that by following Jesus, we will inherit the Kingdom. I finally simplified the concept (which could evolve later in case of interest and ... spare time !) We first need 2 big pictures, final size should be about A3 size (420 mm x 297 mm, in landscape position) : The first picture has to illustrate Jesus telling us « Follow me » and the second one will illustrate his invitation to « Inherit the Kingdom ». Both pictures will be cut in 30 rectangles, like simple puzzles. On the back of every rectangle of the first picture we'll print the number of its position, a biblical reference of an event of Jesus' life and an objective to work on. Then on the back of every rectangle of the second main picture, there will be a number (independent of its position). These numbers will be linked to a list of simple gifts that every member of the family can promise to give to the others (big hug, sing a song, home made cocktail, etc...) Mix all the 30 pieces of the « Inherit the Kingdom » picture and place them randomly in a A3 shape (with their numbers hidden). Cover them with the 30 pieces of the « Follow me » picture (in their correct place of course) Then every 'player' will remove one 'double layer' cards, read the verse and start exercising the objective. When the objective is reached (or reasonnably worked on), he must explain to the other players what he did and how he did it and then he can ask for the gift associated with the number written on the back of the « Inherit the Kingdom » card he got. He will then put the « Follow me » card back in place and take the next available 'double layer' cards. Everyone will keep the « Inherit the Kingdom » cards until the end of the game. If one of the players has difficulty to reach the objective, the other players should propose practical help and pray with him to ask for Jehovah's blessing on his work, so we do not play against each other but shoulder to shoulder. When all the objectives will be reached, then all can place the cards they have in order to form the final « Inherit the Kingdom » picture... and start the game again ! Untill they all hear Jesus' invitation : ‘Come, you who have been blessed by my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the founding of the world ! Of course, my idea has no copyrights ! Anyone is free to use it or modify it and I propose that anyone posting a drawing or painting will agree to let it be used by anyone else. Now here are the first 12 of the 30 events of Jesus' life that I have chosen : 1 (Luke 1:37, 38) Obey to an 'impossible' request of God 2 (Luke 1:76) Expand my prophetic activity 3 (Luke 2:15, 16) Deepen my understanding of a recent 'revelation' of Jehovah 4 (Matthew 2:13) Is my GO-bag ready ? How long does it take for me to be ready to go ? Present it and explain my choices 5 (Luke 2:41) Prepare a little presentation of next assembly 6 (Luke 2:46) Do a special research on a subject that seems difficult to explain. Discuss you findings with an unusual elder. 7 (Mark 6:3) Broaden my professionnal or familial abilities 8 (Matthew 3:4) Simplify my life for one spiritual advantage 9 (Psalm 40:7,8) or (Mark 1:11) Do 1 step towards my next spiritual stage or congratulate someone for his reaching an important spiritual stage 10 (Matthew 4:7) Memorize a text that helped me to move away from a trap of Satan 11 (Psalm 69:9a) Give a special help for Kingdom Hall cleaning 12 (John 4:9) Generate a warm discussion with someone I'm not used to. Try to make it evolve towards a spiritual matter
  10. yedidia

    Game creation

    not enough kids... not enough time... but I may open the oportunity to the kids of the congregations of the people comming on this forum... as soon as I have decided the themes to draw 😉
  11. yedidia

    Game creation

    Thanks for the reminder...
  12. Hi Friends! I'm trying to create a theocratic game on the subject of following Jesus' model. Could anyone of you help me to find a good picture representing Jesus welcoming the people in the paradise (more or less the feeling of Mat. 25:34 ) ? The picture should be good enough to be enlarged on A4 format (one page) Thanks a lot for your help!
  13. Acts 4: 26 + 29 The kings of the (RF) earth took their stand and the rulers gathered together as one against Jehovah*and against his anointed one.’ ...29 And now, Jehovah,* give attention to their threats, and grant to your slaves to keep speaking your word with all boldness, 30 while you stretch out your hand for healing and while signs and wonders occur through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” Psalms 8:2 Out of the mouth of children and infants you have established strength On account of your adversaries, To silence the enemy and the avenger.
  14. Sorry this is wrong, my memory is realy bad... I should have played more often with my game ! most of the pictures come from the bm brochure (message of the Bible), and refering to this brochure will help to understand what some the pictures really show, what they refer to ! Because some of them are not very vivid...

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