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  1. More4me2do

    Favorite Ministry App

    I feel your pain about the edit button. I am used to be able to edit my comment days or weeks after posting. But I believe the forum software used here does not allow it. You can edit the post for a short while after posting but then after that I believe it is NADA, ZIP or Naught
  2. More4me2do

    Favorite Ministry App

    I am using the Ministry Assistant and with 31495 of 5 & 4 star ratings versus 811 for 1 & 2 star ratings are you sure nothing else is causing this? I am using the location part to find it on Google maps and have yet to run into difficulties. True it has many options but then only techie people will write this type of code for an app and usually they are not very good in finding persons that have as a profession the look and feel engineering. In the iOS world you have the serviceplanner.me app written by the brother that is behind the Equippd apps. But then I am also in the Android echo system.
  3. Dear Brother Chuck (Musky), May I please have the link for the latest Watchtower Library? As I understand this will also from now on update the program and data without having to install a new version each year. Thank you, James
  4. More4me2do

    JW.ORG Badges

    We worship in spirit and truth and our worship is based on principles not laws since principles are eternal and laws are not. When it comes to the wearing of JW.ORG badges here are a few principles to consider. 1. All things are lawful, but not all things are advantageous. All things are lawful, but not all things build up. Let each one keep seeking, not his own advantage, but that of the other person. 1. Cor 10:23, 24 If someone finds the wearing of the JW.ORG badge objectionable, the principle tells us what to do. 2. Therefore, whether you are eating or drinking or doing anything else, do all things for God’s glory. Keep from becoming causes for stumbling to Jews as well as Greeks and to the congregation of God, just as I am trying to please all people in all things, not seeking my own advantage, but that of the many, so that they may be saved. 1 Cor. 10:31-34 Lets face it, we are the ones interested in the JW.ORG badges, therefore, will the wearing of them enhance God's glory? Is it not that the conduct and inner person that does this? Since the vast majority of us do not make them ourselves, would it be proper for a Christian to use his theocratic contacts for business purposes? At the 2014 Convention, part of the stage was a purple JW.ORG sign it was an integral part of those conventions, thus it was worn by GB members, much like the lapel badges. How many of us are wearing the 2014 lapel badge today and they are much more informative then the JW.ORG badge. Furthermore, do we perhaps draw the conclusion because someone wears a JW.ORG badge he must be a witness? Believe me during SMPW shifts I have seen it on persons that from the outward appearance I know could not have been a JW. JW.ORG badges are jewelry and as such it is a personal choice to wear it or not, but is all jewelry appropriate? A brother having a convention part was asked by the chairman to tell the sister in the demonstration to take off the ankle bracelet she was wearing. The brother said I don't have a problem with her wearing it, but It was the chairman's decision wearing it would be inappropriate and if she wanted to be in the demonstration it had to be taken off. You will never find that in written form, some instructions are passed on orally. Finally, in the audio / video convention program available for Elders to give to those that can't attend the convention, of all the participants and speakers for the 3 days, only 1 was wearing a JW.ORG badge. If it is perhaps a risk for those with weak conscious then why would anyone even go down the route of something that will not enhance God's glory?
  5. More4me2do

    JW.ORG Badges

    Samsung Tablet with the cover holding the Regional Convention invitation and the JW App set to play the two trailers, job done while only carrying around a 5.5"/14cm by 8.5"/22cm item that contains the whole JW material.
  6. More4me2do

    JW.ORG Badges

    Anyone in the business of making and distributing Witness paraphernalia is in a very precarious situation since we are shifting to the electronic media and ways of witnessing. All the businesses engaged in the creation on sales of these products will go the way of the horse buggy whip and the whale oil lamp. In my home my study is slowly but steady becoming like a museum with glass enclosed Witness memorabilia and paraphernalia, like my pilot case on wheels filled with leather bound custom meeting and ministry items purchased from a slew of businesses including stoops, ministry ideaz and others, which I haven't used in years. These days I go in field service with a tablet, tracts, business cards and a BH book, it buys me an extra 30 seconds as the householder or by-passer tries to figure out what I am therefore. At the meeting the minority now uses paper items as we teach the older ones how to use their electronic devices. What a blessing an item the size of a KM or WT folder having the entire JW library items. Finally Bill Gates' promise "Information at your fingertips". In every election year in the US I change to a 10 year old leather folder containing paper items as individuals assume I am a pollster during the election year. An absolutely excellent way to introduce to people an alternative to a dysfunctional human government. Which just leaves one item relevant to the thread's topic, JW jewelry such as the variations of the JW.ORG badge.
  7. More4me2do

    JW.ORG Badges

    If you think that the articles aim was to warn brothers for getting involved in multi-level pyramid schemes, you missed the purpose of the article. It addresses avoiding commercial activities within the congregation and using theocratic contacts for business purposes, which includes but is not limited to multi-level pyramid schemes.
  8. More4me2do

    JW.ORG Badges

    The topic of doing business with our brothers has been commented on many times. Here is a quote from the July 2000 KM and I highlighted a few thoughts that one may want to consider. This is a very sensitive subject. If you offer a product or service that you know is beneficial and liked by others in the congregation, do you then make it available to this very targeted audience for a profit to cover your costs? Will this present a risk to others in the congregation who have a weak conscience? Will this enhance your relationship with Jehovah because you are doing all things for his glory. One can see that some may not want to go down this path of offering products that are solely targeting Congregation members, because they may ask themselves "If in doubt, then I rather do without".
  9. More4me2do

    JW.ORG Badges

    At the 2014 International conventions many wore the JW.ORG badges to the convention and it was also part of the Audio / Video content. The badges were useful for the setting, theme and the advertising of those conventions in 2014. It is a totally different matter to wear it today regularly to meetings and in the ministry and it is a personal choice. Biblical principal though comes into play, "All things are lawful but not all things are advantageous. All things are lawful, but not all things build up". If the wearing of the JW.ORG badges stumble one of these little ones, we know what the end result is for the wearer. In the branch sponsored SMPW ministry in the US, the instructions from the service department are, do not wear any JW.ORG badges.
  10. Peter Ellis has died and Ron Drage is in poor condition. Also both their wife's share the same frail health conditions.
  11. Relaxing in Punta Cana finally was able top watch the video, now must not forget to turn on the cache of the browser before leaving back to the US. Good enough reason to leave once in awhile three US.
  12. When you try to fill a stadium with audio you have two choices basically, high powered speakers and directing the audio in such a fashion that the echo bounces through an opening, such as a horseshoe configured stadium. If there is no opening to bounce the echo out, then you use many low powered speakers to push the audio under overhangs and other hard to get to places. It is a very special technique and skill. In the Melbourne 2014 convention the roof was closed and many speakers were in addition suspended from the roof and the sound was good. If the sound is bad you loose the audience
  13. Just discovered an excellent reason for Time zones. Before going to bed last night watched the Sydney (SydNEY) fireworks which cost $7 million, followed by the London $2.7 (£1.8) million then went to bed before midnight after watching those fireworks displays. Do not stream them over the mobile network as they are almost 2 GB but use WiFi. Found an excellent way on how to reply to the "Happy New Year" greeting. I follow up with the question "Have you made any New Years Resolutions?" No matter how they answer, "Please add an additional one Read a portion of your Bible." Avoids the awkward situation on how to respond and leaves them with a thought. All the best, http://1drv.ms/22CNh6K
  14. More4me2do


    We can all agree that all these different OSs have one common platform HTML based pages. To keep 3 different versions running, updating and also doing feature development is a nightmare. Equipd is just a front end into wol.jw.org nothing else, but its look and feel as well as navigation and layout is just far more user friendly. All the different OSs can read wol.jw.org. If you publish new releases there the application that acts as a front end just has to keep up with any changes in links and directory structure, The JW Library app does not do that so the developers are stuck with maintaining 3 unique apps in at least 3 different stores. At this time for my ministry the JW Library is cumbersome when compared to Equipd and a custom library app for the Android platform that I use. It is often very slow in loading and opening up. Eventually I am hoping that it will reach the state of being the premier tool for mobile devices, but for my taste it has yet to reach that.
  15. More4me2do


    JW Library app still is not on the same level as Equipd is. Scriptures are not in a pop up dialog and have no footnotes nor cross references displayed. For me Equipd is still THE application for the ministry that has to be beaten,

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