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Can't download media in jw library

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I'm helping a sister, she has a kindle running Android 5.1.x, in JW library, since a recent update, she is unable to download anything. Sometimes, documents that are not audio or video download to internal storage, but will not download to the sd card. the card is empty. Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening or how to fix it?

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I cannot remember which Android has a problem, but I think it is 5.1. As part of a security patch, it limits which program can access the sd card.
You have to find the permissions tab.
Android did ease back on the original setup - so check for updates to 5.1 first. If it's an older tablet, they may no longer be updating it. (My 2014 tablet is unsupported, so lots of 'work-arounds')
2 things you prob have already done, check sd card is formatted, (via OS settings - memory) and that jw-lib is set to 'Download to sd card' a6f8d2894561e3f853764fa16ead108a.jpg

{still waiting for the 'Wiser'}

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