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 Yes, there is all kinds of music to listen too. But wee are deep into it then, open your ears. Take for instance Disco Music, Basically it has 80-120 beats per minute or BPM. If we listen to Ladies Knight from Kool & The Gang. The beat of the song is basically a regular beat, yet if  we hear the lyrics.

"On disco lights your name will be seen
You can fulfill all your dreams
Party here, party there, everywhere
This is your night, baby, you've got to be there" The music speeds up faster.
 When we hear Thelma Huston "Don't Leave Me This Way at 2:42 onward although is is disco all throught the song.


 When we hear " Sweetest Hangover" By Diana Ross, at 1:15 you will the shift on the speed of music.


 The list can go on with this like Diana Summer "I Feel Love", "Heart Of Glass" by Blondie  and Rod Stewart song Do YA Think I'm Sexy between 2:25-2:42.  When we heard these songs in the past, I don't think many did not pay close attention to the fast paste of these songs.


 What I'm trying  to bring out is that music has change through the years, yet it can still can be the same. Many think Disco is dead, but it is not. It is here to stay. Disco music has a major impact of how one produces music today no matter if they know it or not  The only thing that happened with Disco Music, it change it clothes and lasting into the 3rd decade of the 21st Century.


 So, when we hear Kingdom Songs on our monthly programs, some of them are little fast. Does it consist 80-120 BPM? Mathew 11:15


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