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If there was any doubt about how far we are in this desperate system here are a couple stories that are eye openers. (They were to me anyway) These show that governmental agencies can do what ever it wants, make rule/law changes over night to justify their actions and take over people's lives and families. (I hope these haven't already been discussed, if so please delete, OK?)


This is about a pig farmer in Marion, Michigan. Friends from that state probably already know this but I've only recently been following the drama the government is causing them. 

Here is the article: http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/12/16/month-medical-ordeal-conclusion-still-uncertain/Y7qvYTGsq8QklkxUZvuUgP/story.html

Here is their web site: http://bakersgreenacres.com/


The next is a family who had their 15 year old daughter taken away on the premise that they were 'medically negligent' and she's placed in a locked down psych ward, family denied to visit her.

Boston Globe:http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/12/16/month-medical-ordeal-conclusion-still-uncertain/Y7qvYTGsq8QklkxUZvuUgP/story.html 


Makes me sick, anything could happen to anyone of us, this system knows no boundaries.    

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Reminds me of our video on our brothers who endured torture searches and arrests in the once Soviet Union.  They would come late into the night and early morning (1am or 2am) and bust down the door's of our brother's homes, and rustle everyone up, inspect and if they thought or even made up a lie about what they'd find, they arrested our brothers, their wives, and children.   So it does not surprise me that in the last days, these people are going to do what they have done to this young girl and her parents.  The farmers, who have been doing butchering for decades and someone in the government who has so much free time on their hands, to get involved with the lives of ordinary citizens who by all chances pay their taxes on time.    It is a nightmare waiting to happen and look, its already happening.   This was in Connecticut U.S.A., am not surprised one bit.  They are very extreme in that state, and Massachusetts, Vermont, some cases in New York, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, yes, its going to happen in all states soon.  Some here in my state just make up their stories and go with them, cause they know some people can't prove it unless millions are spent to prove them wrong.   

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Just makes me so angry. I can be an emotional sort (sorry when I come across that way) and it makes me want to just reach out and ....... do things we shouldn't even think about to mean people.


Jehovah will fix this soon. I know so many who, when I state I want this system to end, try to gently reprove me with "there are so many yet to come into the truth". But they don't see the pain and suffering I see. If Jehovah wants them in the truth or the new system they will be there. I say Let Your Kingdom Come!!!!

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