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I just got the hard copy of the 2014 Yearbook. I started reading it today on the bus. I love these 2 experiences.




The following letter came from an 11-year-old and her 8-year-old sister: “We would like to make a contribution to the worldwide preaching work. We earned this money by raising two beef calves and selling them. Their names were Big Red and Earl. We wanted to give you this money because we thought you could use it to make more Become Jehovah’s Friend movies. We  thought it would be cool if Caleb got a new baby sister and had to deal with all of the attention being taken away from him. The Caleb movie is our favorite movie!”




In Ecuador two non-Witness Quichua-speaking boys, eight-year-old Isaac and his five-year-old brother, Saul, used to save their daily snack money to buy toy guns,  swords, and action figures. One day their mother asked them to tidy up their room and to put all their toys in a cardboard box under the bed. Later, the boys were given the new Become Jehovah’s Friend DVD as a gift, and they watched it together. A week later, while the mother was cleaning the house, she found that the cardboard box under the bed was empty except for a toy car. She asked the boys, “Where are the toys?” They answered, “Jehovah doesn’t like those toys, so we threw them in the garbage.” Now when other neighborhood children play with toys that promote violence, Isaac tells them: “Don’t play with that. Jehovah doesn’t like it!”


My children love the videos and I have converted them into audio files so that we can listen to them in the car and in their rooms. I was going to upload them here for others who have young children, but I didn't know whether that might be a breach of copyright or something. What do you think?

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