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Internet Scams---and not Speaking to my husband now

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Well Saturday was the day that we had to put our little Boston Terrier to sleep. So pianful. In fact it was more painful losing her than my mother. I say this because I am at ease now knowing that my Mom will be resureccted but my Hoobie does not have that hope. It was the last time I would hold her in my arms and stroke her little face. The time is yet to come for me to see my Mom and rejoice with her in all that Jehovah will provide!

Anyway, we are actively looking for another Boston Terrier. I found several that I sent inquiers too. Today I received a lengthy email stating that this woman had two that she needed to rehome to a good home and they were registered (not that we care) because we only want a family pet. After reading more of her email she siad that she was "too busy" to take care of them and we could take one or both. I thought that sounded funny because most breeders will make you sign a contract that if you should ever have to rehome they demanded them to be returned no mater if it was a year from now or 12 years from now. They are pretty strict in their placement and standards. Sometimes too strict.

Anyway she mailed me adorable pictures of them and I notice that the pictures were from a web site I remember being in CA and she said she was in NC. I then asked her to refer me to the web site I had initiated contact with her from. She could not do it. Or she ignored my request. So my husband got involved. Oh, no. Rick sent her some questions stating that we did not want puppies from a mill and did not care if they were grandchampion lines--but we did care about their tempement and genetics. We did not want one prone to problems common of the short nosed dogs and hipp dysplagia.

This time she returned an email saying that they were of the highest quality and all she wanted was shipping expenses that her husband had died leaving her with the dogs and two children and she was a "doctor of medicine". Rick then thought this smacked of a scam and looked under internet puppy scams and there it was.

I used this opportunity to send back an email stating that I was sorry but could not be involoved in such a thing. I also said that I hoped her the best in her "situation" but that our great God Jehovah protects us by educating us on taking care of our selves and please maybe she would consider a Bible to learn about God's standards. I also said our current publication dealth with Business Practices and ethics/honesty and maybe she would like to have one. Then I hit send.

A few minutes later she sent a reply saying she did not understand what I was saying but she hoped I have "fun" in looking for a dog. My husband then came behind me and read my email to her. Then he sent an email to her saying "Why are you on the internet now. Should you not be scrubbing for surgery?" I got angry at Rick and said that he had no reason to do that because I had used Jehovah's name in that email and was trying to give a witness. He told me that someone was trying to take advantage of me and he would not stand idlly by and let them "pull one over on me". I am at a loss as to what to do. With him and the email. Now I am getting all sorts of hateful responses stating that "they hate the white man" and while we live high they live in poverty. Rick said that he knew this was a scam from Nigeria and has forwarded the information to the link about internet fraud.

I have received random emails from people as I am sure you all have too. But how did they know where I was searching for a pauppy? I see that there could be a nice discussion since there are many topics re: poverty, prejudice, nationality, etc that could be discussed but Rick said "NO! What do you think?

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The scammers put in a fake ad and when you answer it, that is how they got you. Had a fake pic up as you recognized it, wanted "shipping expenses" then once they get the money they are gone. You won't hear from them again unless they try to milk more money from you coming up with other "expenses". It is best not to keep contact, they might also be able to send a virus or malware or spam connected to your account, ect. I have reported some scammers on Craigslist. Put them in your spam folder and don't open any more of their e-mails, just delete them.

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Aside from that, I am very sorry to hear you finally had to put Hoobie down. I know that was a difficult decision, and difficult thing to do. I kind of feel the same way, at least we have hope of seeing our human loved ones again but not our beloved pets. It is very painful. Hugs to you ((((Leslie))))

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