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Wigs, wiglets, falls, hairpieces, rugs...

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When we managed two large townhouse complexes in Studio City, CA we had many renters that were very pretenious. One gentlemen lived across the hall from us. He was a prominent attorney in Beverly Hills and quite a proper gentlemen. When he would bring his rent check over he always wanted to come inside and set and talk about his "cases" for a while. We had to cats named Mr. Peepers and Opie. The attorney--Howard--wore a very bad hairpiece. You could tell it was a rug from a mile away. In fact everyone would comment that they saw Howard's hair before they ever saw him. You would think that since he was such a prominent attorney that he would have invested in a better looking hairpiece. But I digress. Opie would see Howard walk in the door and he would hunch down on his front paws as if ready to pounce. Howard would go in the living room and take a seat and Opie would circle the room planning his attack. It was very embrassing this cat. Anyway, he would get up on back of the sofa---Opie not Howard---and he would crawl slowly dow the length of the sofa and perch behind Howard's head. Then----Opie would take his paw and make very quick slapping motions to the back of Howard's head--Howard would take his hand and swat at the cat and we would holler at Opie to get down.. Howard would say "Oh, no. It's alright. I enjoy cats." Then Opie would start his antics all over again---swat-swat-swat. The hair piece was a side part rug and Howard would ever so gently reach up and strighten his hair. Then Opie would start again and Howard would continually readjust. Rick or I would get up and toss the cat off the sofa and he would jump right back up. By the tme Howard would leave the hairpiece with the side part was turned so that the part went from left ear to right ear--it had done a 180 on top of his head. I was so embrassed and Rick would try and act like we did not notice anything. This went on monthly for the 5 years that he lived there. We never could figure out why he would want to come and and sit through the abuse knowing what was in store for him. Rick would comment that Howards hairpiece was all over him like a cheap suit. Seriously, even when I lost all my hair I was nervous to be seen in a wig because it did not look natural. Why do you think he did this?

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It's vanity, simple as that.

I am 40, and dye my hair because of the grey. Deep down, I know there is nothing wrong with grey hair, but yet I am not ready to have grey showing, lol. I'm sure I'll get there one day. My mom stopped dying her hair at 50.

As far as hair pieces, I honestly just don't get those. My husband is bald on top, and I am glad he doesn't care and is ok with it. If he ever got a hairpiece, we will have problems, lol.

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I dye my hair also. If Jehovah had wanted me to have grey hair I would have been born with it! Actual hair color is auburn--but it is firey red now. It has been chestnut, bleached blonde, frosted, black, and black cherry. My husband loves it red so red it is. I would love for him to cut his hair but his rebelious nature comes out and he will not cut it. It is black and goes down to almost his waist. He is very handsome with it but I perfer it short--he looks much younger that way but he says he feels "old" without it. I just think Howard would have to know that the cat was slapping at his hair because it was so obvious it did not belong on his head that he would look for something different to wear--or hair plugs--he certainly had the money. I am at the age now where vanity is taking a back seat to comfort. I use to wear high heeels--the higher the better. Now I am wearing shoes that are so ugly I nevr would have dreamed I would wear them. I had a hospital bed run over my big toe at work and it made my toenail come off--turned my toe black and blue. I went out in service with a pair of sandals because I could not dawn a pair of closed toed shoes. My daughter questioned me "Mom you are not wearing those shoes where someone can SEE your toe are you?" That's when I knew I was old.

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I dye my hair also. If Jehovah had wanted me to have grey hair I would have been born with it! Actual hair color is auburn--but it is firey red now.

My hair had gray in it when I got into my 20's. I was born bald but when I got to be around 1 yr my hair was blond. Very light blond. When I started to go really gray about 25 I colored my hair black. Grumpy loved it. I colored it until I turned 45 and then I had so much gray and it grew so fast, I stopped. It has been the color in my picture for at least 25 years. I just can't be bothered with it any more. I stopped wearing heels on my shoes about 3 yrs ago. Comfort is the most important thing now. I agree, getting old is not for Sissies.

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