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Fiji Times Reports DVD Creation Video by Jehovah's Witnesses

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This is a long news article but it talks about the Golden Angle/Fibonacci Numbers and it gives Jehovah much much praise.

Earth is no theory

Mary Evans

Sunday, April 01, 2012

There is so much controversy with weather the world came about by evolvement or was created.

Well to answer that question its best to go back to nature and how the world is so beautifully made and situated.

Recently I had a chance to watch an amazing DVD entitled the "Wonders of creation" produced by Jehovah's witnesses.

This DVD intrigued me and prompted me to do some research of my own and to see that everything in the world is made and designed exactly the way it was intended to be made.

Take for example the Golden Angle, if you have never heard of this, in geometry, the golden angle is the smaller of the two angles created by sectioning the circumference of a circle according to the golden section; that is, into two arcs such that the ratio of the length of the larger arc to the length of the smaller arc is the same as the ratio of the full circumference to the length of the larger arc. This angle, approximately 137.5 degrees.

In simple english it is an ideally compact arrangement with no wasted space and creates distinct spiral patterns. The spiral happens naturally because each new cell is formed after a turn. We can see this a lot in Nature, -from the cloud formations of a hurricane to tiny shells on the beach; from the arrangement of the stars in a galaxy to the seeds on a sunflower head.

If the sunflower grew, not at the golden angle, but at a different angle, for example, 140 degrees we would see radial "arms" instead, and the seed arrangement would not be as efficient. So this Golden Angle is not only sufficient for the beauty of the plant but the plant growth.

And as we look even closer, we can discern a fascinating mathematical relationship between this golden angle and a series of numbers called the Fibonacci sequence. In this progression, each number is determined by adding the previous two numbers together. So silently these plants spell out mathematics like most of us humans wouldn't be able to comprehend.

What do you think, did all this mathematics in plants just happen accidently or some genius designed it, most scientist learn from nature and most would have picked pointers from these Fibonacci numbers.

Lets look at another amazing example of this non-accidental existence, take for example the way our world is situated and its size, our earth is sitting 93,000,000 miles away from the sun, making our temperature perfect for life. If the earth were to be just 5% closer, the earth would be a furnace, everything would be scotched, no life. If the earth were to be just a snitch 1 percent further, freezing temperatures would have covered much of the globe with huge sheets of ice. So we are at a perfect distance, we also have a perfect size sphere, the earth is a certain size and has never changed, if were to be a little bigger, gravity would be stronger. Hydrogen, a light gas, would collect, being unable to escape the earth's pull and no living thing can live in a world filled more with Hydrogen. What if the earth was smaller, opposite effect, earth wouldn't have enough gravitational force to keep life- sustaining oxygen and surface water would escape.

Another major life sustaining object is the moon, stabilizing the earth with the axial tilt and rotation. If we didn't have the moon stabilizing the earth, it be wobbling all over the place and our climate would suffer and temperature would be either to hot on one side and too cold on another for long periods of time. So the moon gives us a consistency with our climates and seasons.

So did the earth just happen to have a perfect size or put in a particular distance by accident, or put at a particular angle to the moon so it could rotate at a life sustaining angle?

Another example is our water, it is designed in a way that when it gets colder it becomes dense then liquid water and floats and stays on the top of the ocean or lake, and the bottom its stays liquid allowing life to still go on underneath the ice.

To add on let's look at the circulatory system of the giraffe; it has several adaptations for its great height. Its heart, which can weigh more than 11 kg and measures about 2 ft long, must generate approximately double the blood pressure required for a human to maintain blood flow to the brain. In the upper neck, a complex pressure-regulation system called the rete mirabile prevents excess blood flow to the brain when the giraffe lowers its head to probably drink. The jugular veins also contain several valves to prevent blood flowing back into the head from the inferior vena cava and right atrium while the head is lowered. Conversely, the blood vessels in the lower legs are under great pressure because of the weight of fluid pressing down on them. To solve this problem, the giraffe's lower legs have a thick, tight layer of skin, which prevents too much blood from pouring into them.

Did the Giraffe system just involve to a perfect state to allow it to enjoy life without any problem in regards to its 6 to 7ft neck and then to a standstill, why isn't it still involving?

How about the relationships between creatures and how life is one big symphony and harmony in the nature world at least. For example the way Bees and flowers reciprocate each other's help; the bee pollinate the plant, the plant feed the bees. In the ocean we also have amazing nature relationships. The clown fish is the only fish that swims around and lives in an anemone, the other fishes a singed to death if the tentacles of the anemone touches them, the anemone is home to the clown fish and the clown fish may share food with the anemone and provide protection against anemone-eating

fish. Also a goby fish and a shrimp live together in the shrimps burrow. To protect its nearly-blind

host, the goby stands guard and taps the shrimp with its tail to warn of danger.

What about the diet of woodpeckers consists mainly of insects and their grubs taken from living and dead trees, and other arthropods, along with fruit from live trees, nuts and sap both from live trees. Ecologically, they help to keep trees healthy by keeping them from suffering mass infestations. All that pecking at word sounds dangerous for the bird, so to prevent brain damage from the rapid and repeated decelerations, woodpeckers have a number of adaptations to protect the brain. These include small brain size, the orientation of the brain within the skull, which maximises the area of contact between the brain and the skull and the short duration of contact. Just millisecond before contact with wood a thickened nictitating membrane closes, protecting the eye from flying debris. Even its nostrils are also protected; they are often slit-like and have special feathers to cover them.

How did these creatures know of their relationships, instinct?

Where does the instinct come from. DNA has recorded all this in each living creature. Yes, life is not just a random collection of individual creations but rather a marvelously orchestrated masterpiece of design.

What do you think after considering all these amazing creatures and creations did it just all happen with from a bang that amazingly grew to something so extra ordinary and amazing?

You all know that I am speaking of a great designer, who has made everything perfect and just the way he wanted them to be, true we believe in what the bible tells us about our creator, but you could also take a look at his creations to see that all this didn't just come about by accident, it has a mastermind behind it all.

There is a reason, Evolution is a theory, and those who believe in it are theoretic persons, with no evidence of their theories or most have empty gestures and lose ends. But as we look to nature we see facts of a creator.

Just like how a house comes about or machines, it didn't just shake its way to what it is, someone spent some time and effort to design it and help it get to its switch on state and function.

Likewise the earth and everything in it didn't just come about accidently or with the big-bang theory, it was designed and created by the genius and amazing Almighty.

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