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Theocratic Vocabulary

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Theocratic Vocabulary - Language of the Truth is Truly Unique

Sometimes we need a little laughter in our lives.

This is too funny...

In a rural area in the USA where telephone party-lines are still in use, a

nosey neighbor" habitually would listen in on the conversation of one of

Jehovah's Witnesses who had recently moved nearby. One day the witness

picked up the phone to make a call, heard her name spoken and just couldn't

resist listening in:

"... Well, no, Mabel, I can't really find any fault with her as a neighbor.

In fact, she came over to meet me soon after they moved in and brought some

cookies! But theyhave some prett-ty strange ideas! What? Well, like they

mean to take over the government! What? No, she didn't EXACTLY tell ME

that -- but I overheard her on the phone one day and she kept talking about

what it would be like under the NEW SYSTEM! Yes! -- even has a name for it

-- calls it a Theo -- Theok -- THEOCRACY, whatever THAT means!

How? BY MOB ACTION, Mabel! Yes! She said they have a GREAT CROWD! And

listen: They're going to make their move real soon, because she said

someone named Jehovah is SPEEDING IT UP! (Do you think he might be their

guru" or something?)

And, Mabel -- they have an international spy ring going! No! -- I'm not

joking! It's a system that are just putting into operation -- developed it

at their HEADQUARTERS, she said, and its called MEPS! And get this --- it's

in 200 languages!

Well, here's how it works Mabel: First they CHECK OUT A TERRITORY --- Yes!

They send in their very best workers! And they've even got code names ---

PIONEERS! And she said they SPEARHEAD THE WORK. Aren't they clever?

Well, these PIONEERS go and get their instructions every month. What? Well

I know because I heard her ask her friend if she had got her February KM

yet! (I think it stands for Keep Mum)

And Mabel, they KIDNAP people who don't listen to them! They do so. I've

heard her speak about THE RANSOM bold as you please, I don't know how many


Oh! I'm telling you Mabel, these people are SMART! Why, they can read

foreign languages! Yes, they can! She is always saying she read something

in the HEBREW or GREEK scriptures! Fancy that!

And you know, they must make slaves out of the people who don't get

ransomed? They must -- she refers to the SLAVE CLASS a lot! And this is

something, some are FAITHFUL SLAVES and then there are the EVIL SLAVES -- I

figure they're probably the ones who won't work.

Why? Well, because she was telling her friend about someone she said was

INACTIVE for about a year! (It's a wonder they let them live, isn't it?)

What's that Mabel? Oh, no, they get their money from the secular work --

they wouldn't stir up attention by making money off their books and stuff.

Yes, they're in all kinds of jobs. A few of them must run fabric shops,

because she mentions a REMNANT quite a bit. And some raise sheep. Yes,

some have only a LITTLE FLOCK and some raise OTHER SHEEP, but she didn't

mention what breed they were.

Then some of them are farmers, and get this Mabel: She said that THEIR

HARVEST IS GREAT! Now, you know how hard most of the farmers in this area

have been hit by the drought this year! Well, the Devil looks after his own

I always say! Now, where was I?

Oh yes! Some of them are even PUBLISHERS! You can imagine what sort of

stuff they print! And I think her husband is a medical man. What? No, I'm

not kidding. She said he had made several calls on some who were IRREGULAR

and had very good results!

Hope this gave you a lift.

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Well thanks, Teresa. I usually do good keeping up until my gypsie soul kicks in and I go out of town for a few days. Which I'm doing tomorrow so you keep things straight on here while I"m gone. Make sure Gloria behaves herself. She is always trying to cause trouble....:)

i appreciate your posts, too. You are a hoot girl!

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