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Finding Comfort In Jehovah's Approval-A Side Point For Our Watchtower Study

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I was looking back over this Watchtower study this morning...it kept calling my name. 


Over and over again I kept reading the paragraphs...allowing the words to wash over me and praying the whole time. In truth, this is actually a very special article...and I'm sure each one of us feels that it was written specifically with US in mind. (And the truth is...it was...Jehovah knows what each of us need...and gives it to us at the proper time.)


I was in the middle of thinking about the evidence of the fruitage of Jehovah's Holy Spirit in my life...when suddenly a thought occurred to me...how timely this article is for those who have made some serious errors and are coming back into the truth...or those who have recently recovered from some spiritual sickness. 


With those thoughts added to the mix...my mind started wandering over the landscape of the scriptures...and suddenly I grabbed my old worn out, chewed up silver sword and turned to a scripture I know very well...a scripture that was very profound for me personally as I came back into the truth. 


To be honest...I cannot read this verse...and my accompanying notes on it...without crying. 


I decided to share it, (I'm not sure if I have shared it in the past or not), because it dovetails so beautifully with our Watchtower study this weekend...and because I hope my little notes can help someone else who has been in my shoes...so here we go:


Isaiah 1:18: “Come, now, and let us set matters straight between us,” says Jehovah. “Though your sins are like scarlet, They will be made as white as snow; Though they are as red as crimson cloth, They will become like wool."


Simple verse...well known...its words have been quoted in many public talks...in so many different articles and videos...but years ago a brother pointed out a simple yet absolutely stunning point that made me have to physically sit down because it hit me so hard. 


He asked me if I understood the context of this verse...and then explained how the Jews had been so disobedient, so stiff necked...that Jehovah sent them this plea through his prophet Isaiah to try to reach their hearts. 


I knew that...but what I didn't know...what I had never heard before...was the International Standard Version of this scripture...and it absolutely FLOORED me.


"Please come, and let's reason together," implores the LORD. "Even though your sins are like scarlet, they'll be white like snow. Though they're like crimson, they'll become like wool."




Here is the creator of the universe...the greatest person to ever exist...saying please...and not even to righteous men like Noah or Moses...no, my friends...Jehovah said "please" to the disgusting, disobedient and disrespectful nation of Israel!!


"Please come...and let me show you why you are wrong...let me show you how to repair your relationship with me...and all these sins you've committed...all these disgusting deeds...don't worry about them!"


"Here, come with me."


"Here... please take a seat. There now...it's okay! Stop crying, it's all going to be okay. Stop looking back, my dear friends. I can wipe away all those sins...I can make it white as snow! Yes, that's right...you heard me! I will wipe all those horrible acts away; they won't even exist anymore!"


"It's going to be okay, friends. Here... just listen to my counsel...and allow me to guide your steps. I can see your burden is heavy...but don't worry...I've got you! I'm not going to let you fall...just listen...obey...and I promise you WILL be blessed."


Now, this is just my own personal thoughts and imagination regarding a conversation with Jehovah...but the mere fact that the Sovereign of the Universe said "please" to such a disobedient nation...helps me to find that much more comfort in Jehovah's approval of me...and I hope it will help you to find the same comfort.





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